Get a Kids' CD Player for the Play Room

Girl with portable CD player
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In the world of iPods and MP3 players, kids' CD players may seem to techno savvy adults almost as quaint as cassette players or even turntables, but they still have a lot of uses for kids. A CD player can be a valuable tool for work-at-home moms. Keeping a full-size kids' CD player or boom box in your child's bedroom or playroom is a toy with a thousand uses for independent play.

And one advantage that they have over portable music devices are that those are, well, portable.

They can encourage kids to take their music with them rather than stay in the playroom where you may want them to be as you work from home. Below are4 ways that a CD player provides kids entertainment.

Music as Entertainment

Listening to music keeps kids focused on the play going on in the room rather than what's happening in the rest of the house (i.e. your home office). And though we know that kids may have their own personal listening devices, the act of listening together with other kids can give listening a little staying power as an activity. Plus it's more fun to dance that way too!

Audiobooks at Entertainment

Kids of all ages love audio books, and though audio books can be downloaded, the library--the cheapest source of audiobooks--typically has them on CDs. Plus some libraries may even have books on cassette tapes, and those are always available with no wait list. Be sure to have headphones available for kids to use when listening to audio books, if they are listening alone.

It will keep them a little more focused.

Themselves as Entertainment

If you have a boom box with a cassette player, all the better. Kids love to listen to themselves. They can record themselves singing or telling a story and play it for you later or as part of a performance. No uploading and downloading from device to device required!

Making CDs as Entertainment

Burn copies of CDs or make mix CDs and give the copies to the kids to use, so your favorites won't get mishandled. Better yet, teach older kids how to burn CDs and they can make gifts for friend and relatives.

It may seem like finding a CD player could be tricky but they are still around. In fact you can even find them with cassette players as well. Shop for Kids' CD and Cassette Player

And while a CD player is not a "toy" it ranks up there with these 7 Must-Have Toys for Independent Play.

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