Great Games to Play at a Christmas Party for Kids

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Whether you are hosting a Christmas party just for kids, searching for a seasonally-themed game to play in the classroom, or just want something to entertain the children at your holiday celebration, this collection of Christmas party games offers several options, sorted by theme.

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    Snowman Party Games

    Melted snowmans traditional Christmas ginger cookies
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    This collection of party games with a snowman theme includes opportunities for kids to pop snowman balloons, dress up like a snowman and even make and eat their own, little, delicious snow-people creations. Invite guests to play along at your holiday party, or incorporate these games into any winter gathering, such as a birthday party or when the neighborhood kids come by to hang out on a snowy day.

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    Gingerbread Party Games

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    If you’re hosting a gingerbread decorating party, you may want to toss a couple of party games into the mix. This collection of activities contain several sweet options, all with a gingerbread theme, that can not only raise the fun factor​ but also help pass the time between the baking and decorating of your gingerbread creations.

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    Reindeer Party Games

    Two girls hiding in bracken wearing reindeer antlers
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    Ever since they finally let Rudolph join in their games, all of the other reindeer realized that when it comes to playtime; the more the merrier. And so they have shared this list of reindeer games for kids all over the world to enjoy.

    Whether you are throwing a party with a reindeer theme, or just want to mix a little hoof-footed fun into any holiday event, the kids will love the chance to play games that feature their favorite antlered friends.

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    Tree Trimming Party Games

    Children decorating Christmas tree
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    Twinkling lights, colorful ornaments, sparkly tinsel and a star up on the top. What could be more exciting than decorating a Christmas tree? Doing it with friends, of course! And once you've gathered your children's friends for a tree trimming party, you might want to play these games to keep the mood merry and bright!

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    Fun Elf-Themed Party Games

    Child wearing Christmas elf novelty slippers with bells
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    Elves work hard throughout the year making all of those toys for Christmas. Everyone knows, however, that all work and no play can make the elves very mischievous. This is why playing these elf games top their to-do lists at break time!

    If you’re hosting a party with your own little elves, perhaps they would like to play some elf-inspired games, too. From wrapping gifts with one hand tied behind their backs, to racing to fill Santa’s sleigh, there are plenty of options to amuse even the most mischievous of little elves.

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    Top 10 Grinch Party Games

    Paper toy grinch for Happy new year Merry Christmas party. Easy crafts for kids on blue background, simple diy idea from toilet rool tube, recycle concept, copy space
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    He's a mean one, Mr. Grinch—but that doesn't mean he can't inspire a few fun party games. These games would be perfect for a Grinch-themed bash, or to play during commercial breaks during the annual viewing of the classic holiday special, How The Grinch Stole Christmas. And while we're not sure if playing these games will make their hearts grow three sizes, we can almost guarantee that their smiles will. 

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    8 Fabulously Unfashionable Ugly Sweater Party Games

    Holiday Sweaters

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    Ugly holiday sweaters seem to be all the rage at Christmastime. If you're throwing an ugly Christmas sweater party for kids, these games are just what you need to treat your worst dressed guests to the best of times. 

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    10 Fun Elf on the Shelf Party Games

    A picture of the Elf on the Shelf

    Different from traditional Christmas elves who spend their days working in The North Pole workshop, The Elf on the Shelf is sent to watch over kids in their own homes to make sure they aren't pouting or crying. Help make sure to keep those frowns turned upside down by adding some of these funny Elf on the Shelf party games to your to-do list this holiday season. 

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    Fun Games for Kids to Play on the Sledding Hill

    Mother and son playing in snow
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    If you're lucky enough to have some Christmas snow covering the ground on the day of your party, why not take the kids to the sledding hill for some outdoor fun? These fun games are a great way to add some friendly competition to the sledding activity.