Christmas Tree Trimming Party Games

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A Christmas tree trimming party is an exciting way to kick off the holiday season. The kids will be especially excited—so much so that they might light up brighter than those string lights. Keep that excitement flowing in a merry way with some of these party games with a Christmas tree theme.

Blind Christmas Tree

Have the kids gather around a table. Give each kid a piece of paper and a pen, pencil, or crayon. Blindfold the children, or ask them to close their eyes. Once everyone is blindfolded call out the following instructions:

  1. Draw a line across the bottom of the page to make a floor.
  2. Draw a tree stump.
  3. Draw a Christmas tree on top of the stump.
  4. Draw six ornaments on the tree.
  5. Draw a star on top of the tree.
  6. Draw a present under the tree.

Remove the blindfolds and look at the drawings. Points are scored as follows:

  • One point for drawing a floor across the bottom of the page.
  • One point for a tree stump that touches the floor.
  • Three points for a Christmas tree that touches the stump.
  • Two points for each ornament that is on the tree.
  • Three points for a star on top.
  • Two points for a present that is actually under the tree.

The player with the most points wins a prize.

Ornament Hunt

This scavenger hunt-style game is a great way to kick off a tree trimming party. Before guests arrive, hide the Christmas tree ornaments around the house. Write down how many of each color ornament you’ve hidden, then divide the total into two lists.

Divide the kids into two teams and give each team a list of the ornaments they must find (for instance: 2 red balls, 1 blue star, 3 white snowflakes). The first group to return with all of their ornaments gets to choose something such as what kind of tree topper to place atop the tree or what Christmas songs to play while trimming the tree.

Living Christmas Tree

To play this game, you will need two sets of the following items:

Green crepe paper.


Ornaments (that have been cut out of colored paper).


A headband with a star attached to it.

Divide the kids into two teams and give each team a set of the items. The teams will then choose one member to be their Christmas tree. Play a Christmas Carol, such as Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. The kids will have until the end of the song to wrap their teammate in the crepe paper and use the remaining items to decorate their living tree. When the song is over, have someone judge the trees and declare a winner.

Christmas Ornament Relay

For this game, you will need two small Christmas trees, two bowls of ornaments and two tree toppers. Place the bowls of ornaments and tree toppers on one side of the room. Place the two trees on the other side of the room.

Divide the kids into two teams and have each time line up next to their Christmas tree. One at a time, the players must race to retrieve one of their ornaments and hang it on their trees. The last runner in line must retrieve the tree topper. The first team to have all of their ornaments hanging and their tree topper on their tree wins the race.

You can also play this game by drawing two Christmas trees on two pieces of poster board. Use cardstock cutouts of ornaments and tree toppers and have the kids tape their decorations onto the paper trees.

Christmas Tree Relay Race

Divide the players into two teams. Have them line up behind the starting line (Point A). Give each team a large green shirt, a long strand of silver garland and a Christmas themed headband. The first players in liner must dress up as a Christmas tree and race from point A to Point B, and then back again to Point A. Once back to Point A, players must remove the Christmas tree attire and pass it on to the next players in line, who must put it on and run the same course. The race continues in this manner until one team’s players have all completed the course while dressed as a Christmas tree. That team wins the race. 

Christmas Tree Dice Game

To play this game, kids need to sit around a table. Give each player a pack of crayons and a copy of a Christmas tree coloring page . Place a die on the table and have kids roll to see who will go first. Each player must roll the die once and then pass it to the next player.

When a player rolls the die, the number he rolls will determine what he can color on his tree.

1 = color the tree green.

2 = color the star on top yellow.

3 = color the garland blue.

4 = Color the ornaments red.

5 = color the stump brown.

6 = write your name on top in black.

Players keep passing the die around the table; coloring according to the number they roll until one player colors in her whole page. That player wins the game.

Lucky Ornament

To play this game, you’ll need to have one trinket gift per player. Wrap each trinket gift in a different color or pattern of wrapping paper. For each trinket gift, make a cardstock cutout of an ornament, wrapped in the same paper. Then make several additional ornaments, wrapped in paper that doesn’t match the gifts. Put the cardboard ornaments into an ornament box. Have kids close their eyes, reach in and draw an ornament. Anyone who draws a “lucky ornament” gets to claim the gift that matches the paper on the ornament. Kids who draw unlucky ornaments, may get back in line and wait for a turn to try again.