How to Throw a Color Powder Party for Kids

Holi powder festival concept with hipster girl
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Color Powder Races are 5k runs that celebrate happiness, health, and the spirit of the individual. Runners are showered with colored powder at "painting stations" along the way. With the color powder trend growing in popularity, you don’t have actually to run a race to join in on the fun. A color party theme allows kids to enjoy dousing each other in beautiful colors while celebrating their senses of health, happiness, and spirit.


At some point during the party, guests will douse each other with colored powder, so be sure to host your party in a location with an open space that can handle not only many guests but the inevitable mess this event will create. Consider the backyard, a sports field, or park as possible venues for a color powder party.

The Color Powder

You can purchase color powder through various online retailers (please check to make sure it is a non-toxic variety) or you can make your own using a solution of cornstarch, water, and icing color gel. Another homemade color powder method uses flour, water, and food coloring. Both homemade methods require allowing the mixtures to dry and then grinding them into a powder form. 

What to Wear

Unless you plan to supply t-shirts to all of your guests, ask them to come dressed in white or light colors that will best show off the color powder. Guests should also be informed ahead of time that their clothes may become stained so they should choose items they won’t mind being permanently altered with color streaks. Guests may also want to bring a change of clothes or an old towel on which to sit in the car for the drive back home.

Another accessory item guests will need is a pair of goggles or sunglasses. Again, you can choose to supply these or advise them to bring their own to protect their eyes during the powder fight.

Have a Color Powder Fight

At some point during your party, the kids will gather together and engage in a color powder “fight.” This means they will toss color powder all over one another. Naturally, the later in the party you do this, the less mess will be spread around, but keep in mind that part of the fun is in being able to walk around while sporting your new colors.

Decorate With Color

If you are planning to decorate your party space, use the same colors you have for the powder fight as the color scheme for your balloons, table coverings, streamers, and banners. A colorful mix of items will help enhance the idea of color as the overall theme.

More Colorful Activities

Before the color powder starts to fly, you can use some of these other color-rich activities to entertain guests:

  • Make tie-dye items such as shirts, hats, bags, pillowcases or scarves.
  • Set up an artist station with blank paper and non-toxic paints.
  • Sidewalk chalk: guests can create chalk art on suitable outdoor surfaces, or you can bring a chalkboard for them to use.

Colorful Food Ideas

Accent your main menu food table with pops of colorful, edible accents by adding some of these selections:

  • Cotton candy
  • Different colors of Jell-O
  • Bright-colored frosted cake and cupcakes
  • Rainbow sherbet
  • Jellybeans
  • Colored sprinkles or sugar crystals (sprinkle on everything from cookies to donut holes to marshmallows)
  • Party recipes by color


You’ll want to commit those colorful images to more than just memory, so don’t forget to not only bring along a camera but also perhaps even assign someone with the task of making sure each guest is photographed at some point during or after being doused in colors.

Another option for ensuring that everyone is captured by the lens is to set up a photo booth where guests can pose after the powder event to make their own colorful, lasting memories.