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The Art Pantry Kids Craft Blog
The Art Pantry

I love stumbling on a new and amazing kids craft blog. This week I found the blog The Art Pantry, run by Megan Schiller. It's full of ideas on how to craft with your kids, but especially focused on crafting in the right space. Not only do you need the craft idea and supplies, you need a space in your home to make the project. That's where The Art Pantry come in. 

Here's more about The Art Pantry: 

The name, The Art Pantry, comes from our belief that all children should have a dedicated creative space (even if it’s just a drawer or small container) that is organized and filled with quality supplies. Just like a healthy kitchen pantry is stocked with nutritious food and ingredients, a child’s home should be stocked with tools and materials for creative nourishment. This “art pantry” then becomes a child’s workshop, where they can access these tools and materials to work through ideas, tinker, discover, solve problems, learn techniques, and create anything they can imagine.  An art pantry is about going back to the basics and allowing children the opportunity to explore with open-ended materials. This encourages children to be creative thinkers and problem solvers while fostering self-confidence and independence.

7 Amazing Kids Craft Ideas from The Art Pantry: 

  1. Layered Canvas Family Project - get the whole family involved with this creative idea, so much fun.
  2. How to Clean Up Messy Art - tips and tricks for keeping up with the mess of crafting.
  3. Secret Message Gift Idea - this one is perfect for a Valentine's day card for your kids to make.
  4. Watercolor and Foam Exploration - let the kids get creative and messy with this exploration idea.
  5. Exploring Circles - help little ones explore the shape of a circle with all sorts of activities.
  6. Spider Web Printmaking - help kids make a spider web while they print their project as well.
  7. Holiday Card Making - kids will love to get messy with paint in this activity as well as making a kid-made card for the holidays!

Have fun crafting with your kids in your creative space at home!