Kids' Craft Ideas for Mother's Day

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    Kid-Made Gifts to Give Mom!

    Make and Takes

    We're gearing up for Mother's Day in just over a week! You might be gifting mom or grandma, or that special mother in your life. Well, what to giver her? What does she want? I know what always brings on the smiles, and sometimes tears... kid-made crafts! Every time!

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    Spring Flower Yarn Art

    The Spruce

    We're crafting fun spring flower yarn art! Here's the step-by-step instructions to making yarn art shaped into pretty spring flowers. You can glue your yarn into all sorts of fun shapes to share with mom.

    Spring Flower Yarn Art from The Spruce

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    WOW Card for MOM

    Make and Takes

    Wow mom with this silly mother’s day card, perfect for the kids to help with. Kids will love making it as much as mom will love receiving it!

    WOW Card for MOM from Make and Takes

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    Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

    Make and Takes

    Print out these coloring pages to color and gift to mom or grandma. They'll love to see the handmade coloring with each flower on the page.

    Mother’s Day Coloring Pages from Make and Takes

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    Make Coffee Filter Flowers

    We're ready for spring with our brightly colored coffee filter flowers! This is a fabulous kids craft to help decorate your home for spring.

    Make Coffee Filter Flowers from The Spruce

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    Pipe Cleaner Flower Bouquet

    Make and Takes

    Curl up a few pipe cleaners to make this sweet flowers. Group up a whole bunch of these pipe cleaner flowers for a lovely bouquet.

    Pipe Cleaner Flower Bouquet from Make and Takes

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    Cupcake Liner Flower Bouquet

    Make and Takes

    Decorate a flower bouquet out of cupcake liners found in your kitchen cupboard. You can mix and match colors to come up with the right flower combination!

    Cupcake Liner Flower Bouquet from Make and Takes

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    Tissue Paper Flowers for Mom

    Make and Takes

    Craft these tissue paper circles into flowers for a fun gift. Add buttons to the centers, maybe even special buttons mom's been collecting!

    Tissue Paper Flowers for Mom from Make and Takes