Kids Crafts: Cute Thanksgiving Paper Turkey

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    Thanksgiving Paper Cone Turkey Decoration

    paper turkey kids craft
    Cute Paper Turkey. Rita Shehan

    Thanksgiving is a special holiday that focuses on gratitude and family. We celebrate the holiday here in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November. It is a beautiful day where families come together and enjoy a meal where turkey is the main course.

    We take the time to count our blessings and be grateful for all that has been given to us. It is a holiday that people of all religions or no religion celebrate because all of us have something to be thankful for!

    This paper turkey craft is a...MORE good way for children to learn about the traditions associated with the holiday. It is super simple to make. Moms or teachers may have to cut the pieces for very small children, but older kids should be able to cut out printed template pieces with scissors. There are digital die cut files included in the download if you want to cut the pieces on an electronic die cut machine. This craft is a good opportunity to have fun with your children, while teaching them about the history of Thanksgiving.

    Here are some links that you can look at to learn more about the history of Thanksgiving:

    Supplies Needed:

    • 12" x 12" sheet of brown card stock
    • 8.5" x 11" sheet of fall patterned scrapbook paper
    • leftover bits of red, white and black card stock for eyes and mouth
    • scissors
    • die cut machine (*optional)
    • scotch tape
    • glue runner
    • glue stick
    • hot glue gun (*optional)
    • project die cut files and pdf template
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    Thanksgiving Paper Cone Turkey Decoration: Step 1

    paper turkey kids craft template
    Template parts. Rita Shehan
    1. Download the die cuts files and templates.
    2. Cut the paper turkey parts either by hand using scissors or with an electronic die cut machine.
    3. The large half circle and large triangle piece should be cut from brown card stock. These pieces will form the body and tail of the bird.
    4. Cut a smaller triangle tail insert from fall patterned scrapbook paper.
    5. Cut two eyes from the leftover black and white scrap pieces of cardstock.
    6. Cut the mouth from leftover red card stock.
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    Thanksgiving Paper Cone Turkey Decoration: Step 3

    paper turkey kids craft
    Tape the back side. Rita Shehan

    Twist the larger half circle into a cone shape and secure on the back side with scotch tape.

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    Thanksgiving Paper Cone Turkey Decoration: Step 4

    paper turkey kids craft
    Rita Shehan
    1. Use a glue runner or glue stick to apply adhesive to the back perimeter of the turkey tail insert. Then run the glue in an X shape over the center part of the insert.
    2. Press the tail insert firmly onto the brown tail card stock leaving an approximately .25" border around the patterned paper piece.
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    Thanksgiving Paper Cone Turkey Decoration: Step 5

    paper turkey kids craft
    Rita Shehan

    Using your scissors cut a slit about 1.5" wide and about 1" from the base. This is where you will insert the turkey tail.

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    Thanksgiving Paper Cone Turkey Decoration: Step 6

    paper turkey kids craft back side of turkey
    Rita Shehan
    1. Insert the turkey tail into the slit and secure with scotch tape onto the inside of the paper cone body.
    2. You may also have to secure the tail to the body to the outside of section of the turkey body.
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    Thanksgiving Paper Cone Turkey Decoration: Step 7

    paper turkey kids craft
    Rita Shehan
    1. Glue on the eyes and mouth.
    2. You now have the cutest paper turkey, that your kids will love!

    The turkeys can be used as Thanksgiving dinner place cards. All you have to do is add a tag with the person to be seated name. They can also be incorporated into your fall themed craft projects.