5 Kids Crafts for Cinco de Mayo

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    5 Kids Crafts for Cinco de Mayo

    Cinco de Mayo is next week! This is such a fun holiday that my family and I look forward to every year. Any excuse to eat endless amounts of chips and salsa and craft cute things is a good excuse to me.

    Need a few fun Cinco de Mayo craft ideas for your kids to try? I've got 5 of them that are perfect. All of these projects require simple supplies and take almost no time at all to complete. Bust out the glue sticks, turn up the Mariacha Band music, and start creating. Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

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    Tissue Paper Flowers

    Tissue Paper Flowers
    Make and Takes

    These simple tissue paper flowers are perfect for many holidays! Craft them with your kids and display them for Cinco de Mayo. They would be so cute for a party. 

    Tissue Paper Flowers from Make and Takes

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    Piñata Suncatcher

    Piñata Suncatcher
    Inner Child Fun

    Your littles will love creating these colorful piñata suncatchers for Cinco de Mayo. Hang them in your windows and watch the sun show off their colors.

    Piñata Suncatcher from Inner Child Fun

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    Paper Bag Poncho

    Paper Bag Poncho
    Learn Create Love

    Kids can make their own ponchos for Cinco de Mayo celebrations with a plain old paper bag. Use paint to design it however you'd like! Don't these turn out super cute?

    Paper Bag Poncho from Learn Create Love

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    Mini Piñata Tutorial

    Mini Piñata Tutorial
    Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!

    How fun is this little Mariacha Band piñata craft? It's adorable! Plus it's made from toilet paper rolls!

    Mini Piñata Tutorial from Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!

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    Paper Plate Sombrero

    Paper Plate Sombrero
    Kid Friendly Things To Do

    Turn a paper plate and a plastic cup into a colorful sombrero. Add ribbon, yarn, and pom poms to complete the project. These are simple and super cute DIY hats for Cinco de Mayo. 

    Paper Plate Sombrero from Kid Friendly Things To Do