Dance Party Theme Ideas for Kids Events

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Sometimes the activities can be the hardest part of planning a party for a group of kids. If the party is a dance party, however, the entertainment portion is already built-in, as guests will spend most of the event showing off their moves on the dance floor. If you’re thinking about throwing a dance party for kids, but aren’t sure exactly where to begin, these ideas for dance party themes may get you into the groove. 

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    Disco Party Theme

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    Platform shoes, mirror balls, Donna Summer and The Bee Gees. These are just a few of the things that come to mind when recalling the disco era. And with so many tweens and teens looking to the past for retro-themed party ideas, these could also be items on a checklist for a disco dance party.

    If you’re looking to throw a kids’ dance party that’s all about funky fashion, sparkling lights and the cure for ‘Boogie Fever” this disco-themed bash has just what the doctor ordered. From the shiny invitations to the retro music to the disco ball birthday cake, these party ideas have everything you need to throw a bash that will have them dancing the night away. 

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    Sock Hop Party Theme for Kids

    Preschoolers at the Hop
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    “Come on baby, let’s do the twist!”—or the stroll, the mashed potato, and the hand jive. These are just a handful of the dance crazes you could teach the kids to do at a party inspired by the sock hops of the 1950s and ’60s. 

    These ideas for a sock hop party theme will help you transform your party space into a soda fountain shop complete with the color scheme and memorabilia of the era. Set up a place to dance, turn on some of that golden oldies music and watch them let those good times roll.

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    Ballerina Party Theme

    Cute Little Ballerinas Practicing in Dance Studio
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    Throw the perfect birthday bash for your little ballerina. Or, host an after-recital party to celebrate their performance. Whether you throw it at the studio, recital hall, or home, these ideas will help you put together a celebration fit for those prima ballerinas.

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    Square Dance Party

    Mixed race girl wearing cowboy costume in backyard
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    Gather all the cowboys and cowgirls to kick up some fun as they kick up those boot heels at this country hoedown. With a little bit of instruction, kids can enjoy a combination of old-fashioned square dancing and modern country line dancing at this fun and friendly western-themed party, complete with barn-style decorations, a cowboy boot cake and a cowboy hat for each guest.

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    Dance Party Games

    Playful children at Birthday party.
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    Whether you’re throwing a themed dance party or just hosting a celebration where you want to get kids up and moving to the music, these dance party games ideas include choices to suit all ages and occasions. Along with traditional favorites like Freeze Dance, choose from fun dance floor games such as Dance Hats, Elimination Dance and Spot Light.