8 Terrific Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

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    Make Dinosaur Tails

    Image © Running With Scissors

    How cool would it be for the kids at your party to be able to wear their very own dino tails? Jessica of Running with Scissors shares her tutorial so you, too, can give these out and watch your little dinosaurs shake their tails.

    Another bonus is that kids can enjoy wearing them at the party, and then take them home as favors. 

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    Line the Party Path with Dinosaur Footprints

    Image © Learn With Play at Home

    For her son's 2nd birthday, Deborah from Learn With Play at Home went all-out with a dinosaur theme party that included these awesome dinosaur footprints. 

    With a little inspiration from Deborah, your party could also have dino footprints leading to your party's entrance, through a Jurassic obstacle course game, or to every dinosaur's favorite treat: the birthday cake!

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    Make Dinosaur Party Hats

    Image © Wants & Wishes

    Hats off to Wants & Wishes for creating these spiky party hats for a dinosaur birthday party. They say "Rawr means Happy Birthday in Dinosaur." Is that's so, then these hats are rawr-some, for sure. 

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    Create a Roar-some Backdrop

    Image © The Scrap Shoppe Blog

    Michele, of The Scrap Shoppe Blog created this cool balloons-and-cardboard-dinosaur display to serve as the Jurassic backdrop for the food table at her son's dinosaur birthday bash. Drop by to check out all of her dinosaur-themed food ideas, including dino-shaped sandiwches and a volcano topped birthday cake. 

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    Serve Dinner in the Dinosaur Jungle

    Image courtesy of Whimsically Detailed

    This spectacular dnosaur-jungle-themed dining table setting can be found as part of the Roar Dinosaur Party Feature at Whimsically Detailed. From the palm leaf trim to the bamboo backdrop to the giant T-Rex centerpiece, it's hard to deny that this table will give guests something to roar about. 

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    Dig for Dinos

    Image © Learn With Play at Home

    I'm not sure which is more fun; the dino dig activity, itself, or these cool tools Deb from Learn With Play at Home gave out for kids to use as they scoured the sandbox. 

    When it comes to dinosaur party games, it's hard to top the dino dig. Set up your own by burying toy bones, wrapped candy treats or a variety of trinkets in the sand, so kids can enjoy a little paleontology role-play. You could even have a few sandboxes placed around the yard and combine your dinosaur dig with a scavenger hunt game. 

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    Serve Molten Lava Cakes

    Image © Wants & Wishes

    Looking for a cool dinosaur-themed party dessert? These Molten Lava Volcano cakes from the Wants & Wishes dinosaur party can stand alone as the king of the dessert table, or you could use them to complement a dino birthday cake. Either way, they are sure to please all of the cake-i-vores at your event. 

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    Give Out Dino Jar Favors

    Image © Create Studio

    Sarah of Create Studio shares how to turn ordinary jars into extraordinary dinosaur party favors. You can use just about any size or type of jar to make these, and fill them with goodies such as candy, stickers, trinkets or little toy dinosaurs.