Top 10 Grinch Games for Kids' Parties

The grinch

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Feeling Grinchy this Christmas? Then pop on your Santa hat and meet us at the bottom of the mountain for the best Grinch party games in all of Whoville.

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    Strip the Tree

    Instead of trimming the tree, the Grinches in this party game strip it of its decorations. To play you will need two small Christmas trees. Decorate both trees and divide players into two teams. Have them line up and have a relay race, where players remove one decoration at a time from the tree. The first team to strip their tree bare wins.  

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    Steal the Presents

    Divide kids into two teams. Give each team a pile of gifts, a pair of antlers and a sled. The teams must race, one member at a time, to wear the antlers (like Max), load a gift on the sled and run it through an obstacle course (to represent the Grinch bringing the sled of gifts up​ to the mountain). If a gift falls off the sled in the process, that player has to start over. The first team to successfully “steal” all of the gifts and bring them to the finish line wins.  

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    Pin the Heart on the Grinch

    Hang up a large cutout of the Grinch. Your Grinch should have a small heart. Make a cutout of a heart that is three times larger than the one on the Grinch. Like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, kids have to try, while blindfolded, to pin the Grinch’s new, larger heart over his old, Grinchy heart. 

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    Silly Grinch Song

    Make copies of the Grinch song that have blank spaces in place of some of the lyrics. Print them out and pass them to the kids. Call out something for them to fill in each space (e.g., adjective, noun, verb). When done, have the kids sing their new versions of the song.

    For instance, in the line You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch, you really are a heel, replace the words mean and heel with blank spaces. Then ask players to fill in the blanks with an adjective and noun, so the new song will say something silly like You’re a pretty one, Mr. Grinch, you really are a shoe

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    Grinch Heart Hunt

    To play this game, make three hearts of different sizes per player (because his heart grew three sizes). Scatter them around the party room. Set a timer and tell players they have until the time is up to find one copy each of all three sizes of the hearts.  

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    Who's That Who?

    Create a dress-up space and fill it with hair, makeup, and clothing items, so kids can try and make themselves over to look like the residents of Whoville. (You may need to have an adult on hand to help with creating those Whoville hairdos.)  

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    Whoville Caroling

    Once your Grinch party guests are dressed up like Whos, have them gather in a circle and sing some of their favorite Christmas carols, just like the Whos do at the end of the story.

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    Put Cindy Lou Back to Bed

    In the story, Cindy Lou wakes up to find the Grinch stealing the Christmas decorations. He convinces her he is Santa, gets her a glass of water and brings her back to bed. To play this game, set up two doll beds (use boxes with baby blankets if you don’t have doll beds), two dolls, and two cups of water.

    Divide kids into two teams. Have them race, in relay fashion to carry the doll, get the glass of water and then tuck the doll into the bed. 

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    Grinch Ornament Stealing Race

    Blow up balloons and use colored markers and ribbon to decorate them to look like ornaments. Fill the room with them. Give each kid a large trash bag. Play the Grinch theme song and tell players they have until the song is over to fill their bags with as many ornaments as possible. 

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    Grinch Sled Races

    If you have snow on the ground and a small hill on which to sled, bundle the kids up and head outside for some Grinch sled races. Two at a time, have kids put on a Grinch hat and coat (or antlers like Max), hop on a sled and race to see who will be the first Grinch to make it to Whoville (to reach the bottom of the hill).