Halloween Party Games With a Ghost Theme

Halloween lollipop ghosts on gray concrete background
InnaKalyuzhina / Getty Images

These Halloween party games feature one of the holiday’s favorite creatures: the ghost. Whether you're looking for ideas for your ghost-themed celebration or need some ideas for entertaining the kids at a Halloween party, these ghostly games are the perfect way to really get into the spirit of things.

Ghosts in the Graveyard

In this game, your backyard becomes the graveyard, which you can decorate with tombstone props if you wish. Before the game begins, choose a spot to serve as the safety base, such as the back porch, the patio, a specific tree or a section of fence.
To play, assign one player to be the ghost. The other players must cover their eyes and count to 100, as the player who is the ghost finds a hiding spot. When they have finished counting, the kids begin wandering around the graveyard, trying not to be caught by the ghost. When the ghost sneaks up on a player, that player must run to the safety zone before being tagged. Anyone the ghost tags before they reach the base is out of the game. Play continues until the ghost tags all but one player. That kid is the winner.

Goblin, Goblin, Ghost

For little kids at a Halloween party, this game can be played just like the traditional game of duck, duck goose. The only difference is that players will use the words “goblin, goblin ghost” to play instead.

Ghost Bottle Bowling

You can make ghostly bowling pins by painting ghost faces onto empty, half gallon milk jugs. Set them up like bowling pins and use a small pumpkin as the ball for some backyard, ghost bottle bowling. If playing at night, put a glow stick inside each bottle to give it a ghostly glow.

Ghosts Float

To play this game, blow up several white balloons. Use a black magic marker to draw ghost faces on the balloons. Have the kids gather to form a circle. Toss one ghost balloon into the circle and challenge the players to keep it from hitting the floor. After a minute or so, toss in a second ghost balloon. Keep increasing the number of balloons and watch players scramble as they try to keep all of the ghosts afloat.

Ghost Busters

To play this game, blow up as many white balloons as you have players. Draw ghost faces on them with a soft-tipped marker. Hang the balloons so that they dangle from the ceiling at a height where kids can reach them. Tie the ribbons loosely around the balloons so they can easily be untied.
On the word “Go!” kids will race to untie a ghost and then bust it by sitting on it. When a ghost balloon is popped, that player may collect a prize. Have enough trinket prizes on hand for everyone, but the fastest poppers get the first pick of the prizes.

Ghost Catcher

In this game, kids will gather around a table and make ghost lollipops. When the lollipops are done, tie equal lengths of ribbon to each one. Place the ghost pops in the center of a table, forming a circle with the heads facing in and the lengths of ribbon stretched out facing each player. One player is the ghost catcher, and he gets a paper cup instead of a lollipop.
Once everyone has their ghosts on the table and the ghost catcher has his cup in hand, play some music, and then stop it at random intervals. When the music stops, the kids must pull their ribbons as the ghost catcher thumps his cup, upside down onto the table in an attempt to catch a ghost inside. When a ghost is caught, the player whose ghost is trapped becomes the new ghost catcher.

Ghost with the Most

To play this game, give each kid a ghost-themed treat bag. You can draw ghost faces on white paper bags or purchase ghost trick-or-treat buckets from the party store. Before play begins, hide several ghost lollipops all around the party area. Set a timer and send kids on a hunt to retrieve as many ghost pops as possible before time runs out. When the timer rings, count the pops. The kid with the most in his ghost wins the game.

Tin Can Ghost Toss

If you're looking for Halloween carnival games, this one puts a ghost's face on the classic where you have to knock tin cans off of their shelf. Paint a few empty cans white and then paint black eyes and mouths onto them. Arrange the tin can ghosts on a tabletop. Have kids stand behind a line a few feet away from the table and toss a beanbag or softball to try and knock over the ghosts.

Musical Ghosts

This ghost-themed game is based on the classic children’s party activity of musical chairs. Instead of lining up chairs, however, scatter some sheets around the party space, leaving one less sheet than there are players. As the music plays, kids can dance in the middle of the room. Every time the music stops, the kids must race to grab a sheet and put it over their heads like a ghost costume. The player left standing who isn’t a ghost is out, a sheet is removed from the game, the music starts and plays continue like this until only one ghost is left wearing a sheet.

Ghost Costume Race

To play this Halloween party game, divide players into two teams. Provide each team with a ghost costume. On “go!” the first players in line for each team must put on the costume, make a spooky move and yell out, “Boo!” Each player must then remove the costume and pass it on to the next player in line, who must do the same thing as the first player. The first team whose players all put on the costume, move in a spooky way and yell out “boo!” and take the costume off again, is the team that wins the game.