Skeleton Party Games

Skeleton Halloween Decorations

When planning the theme, decorations, and your costume for your late-October party, don't forget the party games. Good games will keep the party going and make it a memorable event. These skeleton party games promise a bone-rattling good time for all the kids at your Halloween party.

Bone Bucket Toss

Line up a few trick-or-treat buckets. Fill a large bucket with fake skeleton bones (found in party stores). Mark a line a few feet away from the buckets. Have kids stand behind the line and try to toss the bones from the full bucket into the empty ones. When all the bones have been tossed, count how many are in each bucket. The child with the most in her bucket wins a prize.

Skeleton Bones Race

To play this game, print images of two identical skeletons. Cut the skeletons out and use them as templates to trace their outlines onto a poster board. Then, cut out the bones and place each set of bones in a separate pile on a table, in a bowl, or in a trick-or-treat sack. Divide players into two teams. Give each team a skeleton poster board and a glue stick. Have the teams form side-by-side lines and race, relay-style, to retrieve the bones and glue them onto the poster board. The first team to put their skeleton together wins the race.

Mr. Bones’ Bone

To play this game, appoint one player to be Mr. Bones. Have the kids form a circle around Mr. Bones. Give them a skeleton bone (cut out from a Halloween decoration). Put on some music and tell Mr. Bones to close his eyes. While his eyes are closed, have the kids pass the bone around the circle. At some point, stop the music. When the music stops, the kid holding the bone must hide it, and Mr. Bones has to try and guess who has his bone. If he guesses correctly, the kid holding the bone becomes the new Mr. Bones. If he guesses incorrectly, he has to be Mr. Bones again. If Mr. Bones can’t guess correctly after three rounds, switch out the players, so everyone gets a turn at being the skeleton.

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Print the image of a skeleton onto two different colors of cardstock paper. Cut all of the bones out, count them, and then hide them around the party area. Separate the party guests into two teams. Name each team after the colors of the hidden skeleton bones. Then give each team a trick-or-treat sack and tell them how many of their colored bones they need to find. The first team to bring back all of its bones wins the skeleton scavenger hunt.

Skeleton Making Race

Divide kids into two teams. Give each team a roll of white tape and a black trash bag from which you’ve cut a hole for putting over someone’s head. Set a timer. In the time before it buzzes, each team must choose a player to be their skeleton, then dress him in the black trash bag and use the white tape to decorate him with skeleton bones.

Pin the Bowtie on the Skeleton

This game puts a spooky twist on the classic “Pin the Tail” game. Print or draw a skeleton on a piece of poster board. Hang it up, blindfold players, and see who can tape a paper bowtie on the skeleton's neck. 

Lucky Bones

Paint the tips of some plastic bones with different colors of nail polish. When they dry, place them in a bucket. Gather some trinket prizes and divide them into piles, assigning a color to each pile. Have kids reach into the bone bucket without looking and pull out one bone each. When the color on the bone is revealed, a child may claim a prize from the matching color pile.

Silly Skeleton Hunt

To play this game, you will need several hanging skeleton decorations and a few cans of different colored silly string. In the yard, hang the skeletons from places such as tree branches, fences, and porch rails. Arm each kid with a different color of silly string. On the “go!” command, they have five minutes to “tag” as many skeletons with the silly string as possible before time runs out. When time is up, tally how many skeletons are tagged with each color of silly string. The player who tagged the most wins.

Pass the Bone

This game is played like the traditional kid's party game of hot potato. Instead of a potato, however, kids pass a fake skeleton‘s bone around the circle.