Luau Party Games

Luau flower garland, lei.

Get those grass skirts moving with these fun and active luau party games for kids. 

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    Hula Hoop Chain Race

    Divide players into two teams. Have them form a line by holding hands. Hand the first player in each line a hula hoop. The hula hoop must be passed from the first person in line to the last person in line without anyone unlinking their hands (kids will need to step into and out of the hoop, while still holding hands, to move it along). The first team to get their hula hoop all the way across the line wins.  

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    Luau Scavenger Hunt

     Hide some luau-themed items around the party area. Give kids a list of the hidden items and send them on a scavenger hunt to find them.

    Suggestions for luau scavenger hunt items:

    Hula skirt.



    Leis (you can hide several of these in different colors and list how many of each color kids must find).

    Limbo stick.

    Tiki masks.


    Flip flops.

    Beach towels.

    Beach balls.

    Small (inflatable or plastic) palm trees. 

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    Tiki Torch Ring Toss

    Put a luau twist on the classic outdoor game of ring toss. To play, stake short tiki torches in the ground (unlit, of course). Have kids stand a few feet away and try to ring the torches with hula hoops.  

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    Hot Coconut

    Have the children sit on the ground to form a circle. Give them a coconut to pass around as Hawaiian music plays. When the music stops, the child caught holding the coconut is out of the game. Play continues until only one player is left. Since this game is most often played with small children, it’s a fun idea to give each player a trinket prize as they exit the game. 

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    Make Tiki Puppets

    Set up a craft station where kids can make their own tiki puppets out of brown paper bags. Simply supply plain, brown paper bags and an assortment of pre-cut craft foam, colored pape, colored feathers and other accessories that can be used to glue on as the facial features, hair and face paint of a tiki person.

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    Luau Bowling

    To make luau-themed bowling pins, simply decorate empty, two-liter soda bottles to look like tiki totems or hula dancers (use paint, glue, colored paper, etc. to create your own, unique luau bowling pins). Set the pins up on the lawn and use a coconut as the bowling ball.  

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    Sand Bucket Relay Race

    Fill two beach pails with sand. Place a shovel in each pail of sand, and place them at one end of the luau party space. Several feet away, divide players into two teams and have them line up behind a starting line. Give each team an empty beach pail that is identical to the one filled with sand. On “go!” kids will begin racing, relay style, to carry a shovel of sand from the full pail and dump it into the empty pail. They must try their best to spill as little sand as possible because when the...MORE race is over, the team who has added the most sand to their previously empty bucket wins the game.  

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    Flip Flop Toss

    Hang a hula hoop from a tree or someplace where it can be suspended slightly above the ground. Give each player a pair of flip flops to wear. Kids will line up and take turns kicking the flip flops off of their feet, attempting to send them flying through the hoop. Score points for players whose flip flops fly through the hoop, or play just for fun.  

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    Kabob Relay

    Divide guests into two teams. Give each team three skewers, a bowl and a spoon. Set the skewers and bowl aside on a table and have kids line up for a relay race. Several feet away from the starting place, set out two bowls of fruit that has been cut into cubes. The teams will race, one member at a time, to place one of the cubes on the spoon, and carry it back to dump in the bowl. The spoons are handed off to the next players who will also race to gather another piece of fruit. Once all the...MORE fruit has been carried back, kids must use it to assemble three kabobs on their skewers (leave the skewering part to the older kids, or have an adult assigned to do the skewering). The first team with three complete kabobs wins.  

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    Musical Leis

    This game is played just like musical chairs, but rather than chairs, leis are spread out on the ground. When the music stops, players must sit on the ground, in the circles formed by the leis.