10 Ice Cream-Themed Party Games

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Throwing an ice cream party? Check out these fun ideas for games and activities for kids and teens.

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    Ice Cream Sundae Scavenger Hunt

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    Hide all of the makings of an ice cream sundae (bowls, spoons, toppings, sauces and mix-ins, ice cream scoop) around the party space (except, of course, for the ice cream, which would melt if not kept in the freezer). Give the kids a list of the items you have hidden and send them on a hunt for the makings of their sundae. When they return with their findings, they get to make their own sundaes.

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    Ice Cream in a Bag Toss

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    This activity is part game, part homemade recipe, part science experiment—and all fun. Kids pair up, fill plastic bags with ingredients and toss them back and forth to make their very own servings of ice cream.

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    Blind Taste Test

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    Challenge their taste buds with this fun game. To play, blindfold participants and feed them samples of different ice cream flavors to see who can correctly identify the most flavors. Use a combination of easy, traditional flavors such as vanilla and chocolate with a few of the more rare selections your local grocery store offers—or make your own, unique flavors of ice cream.

    The fun doesn’t have to be limited to ice cream flavors. You can also have kids try a variety of toppings such as sprinkles, cookie dough, syrups and broken up pieces of ice cream cones. 

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    Ice Cream Sundae Dice Game

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    Use a plain wooden block to create the ice-cream-sundae die kids will need to play this game. On each side of the block, write one of the following: Add one topping, add syrup, add a cherry, add whipped cream, and, again, add one topping.

    Give each kid a bowl with a scoop of ice cream, and have them sit around a table that has been stocked with toppings. One at a time, they pass the die around, rolling it to see which component they get to add to their sundae first. The die keeps getting passed and rolled until kids complete their sundae. 

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    Ice Cream Truck Races

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    For this game, you will need several cardboard boxes that have the tops and bottoms removed. Have the kids decorate the boxes to look like ice cream trucks. When the trucks are ready, kids “wear” them by stepping into them and holding them up around their torsos. Have them line up at a starting place and race their trucks to the finish line. 

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    Cherry on a Spoon Race

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    Like the traditional egg on a spoon race, kids must race to carry a cherry, on a sundae spoon, from one spot to another without dropping it. If someone drops the cherry, she must go back and start again. 

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    Blind Scoop

    Bowl of cotton wool balls
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    For this game, give each player an empty bowl, an ice cream scooper, and a pile of cotton balls. Blindfold the participants and set a timer. Kids must use the time to scoop as many cotton balls into their bowls as they can. When time is up, players will remove their blindfolds and count how many cotton balls they managed to get into their bowls.

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    Ice Cream Eating Contest

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    For some messy—but delicious—fun, have your party guests sit around a table with their hands tied behind their backs. Place a bowl of ice cream in front of each player (with plenty of whipped cream on top) and see who can finish first.

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    Ice Cream Cone Brigade

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    For this game, you will need empty ice cream cones and plenty of sprinkles. Place a large bowl of sprinkles on one side of the play area and a slightly smaller, empty bowl at the other end. Have players line up between the two bowls. Give each player an empty ice cream cone.

    The player closest to the large bowl of sprinkles must scoop the cone into the bowl, picking up as many sprinkles as he can (but is only allowed to scoop once). He must then pour the sprinkles from his cone into the cone of the next player in line. That player has to pour them into the next player’s cone. This continues down the line until the last player, who must pour any sprinkles left into the empty bowl. Keep playing like this until the smaller bowl is full. 

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    Ice Cream Sundae Relay

    Ice cream sundae in big bowl
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    Place two sets of necessities for ice cream sundaes at one end of the party space. Have kids split into two teams and line up on the other side. Teams will race, relay-style to gather the ingredients, one at a time, and bring them back to their team. When all of the items are collected, the team needs to make a sundae. The first team to build a completed sundae that uses all of the ingredients wins.