Ice Cream Party Ideas


One favorite idea for an ice cream party invitation is this ice cream sandwich postcard from SheKnows. If you’re crafty and inclined to make these, they sure would be a fun way to kick-off your event, but any cutout image of ice cream (a cone, a sundae, an ice cream truck) would also serve as a sweet way to invite friends to your ice cream social.

Some text ideas for your invitations include headings that read, “Here’s the Scoop!” or “I Scream, You Scream for an Ice Cream Party!”


Ice Cream Sundae Bar

There are many ways to serve the frozen goodness at your ice-cream-themed bash, including the make-your-own-sundae bar. Kids love to line up and create their own combinations of flavors, toppings and mix-ins to create their ultimate ice cream sundaes, so consider this option for the actual ice cream eating activity.

Ice Cream Party Decorations

Why not spruce up your ice cream party space with a Neapolitan-flavored color scheme? Pink, white and brown tableware, paper products, banners and balloons keep your party decor simple, yet eye-pleasing. Of course, if your party’s guest of honor is a fan of mint chocolate chip, by all means, go with a green and black color scheme. Or, maybe you are throwing back to the old fashioned soda fountains and want to use red, white and black. Really, any color scheme is great, since it can be accessorized with some of the following decorations:

  • Ice cream cone balloons (roll brown craft paper into cones, top with colored balloon “scoops”).
  • Ice cream party banners (cardstock cutouts in the shapes of ice cream cones, sundaes, trucks, strung into banners, or ice-cream-themed clipart images printed on traditional pennant-style flags).
  • Ice-cream-cone place-markers (use gel icing to write the names on the front, allow the icing to harden, and then set them in front of the place settings).
  • Paper ice cream cones (filled with tissue paper “scoops” or painted craft foam balls). Hang them from the ceiling, string them into banners or wreaths, tie them to chairs as ice-cream-themed finials, or stake them in the ground to form an ice-cream-lined pathway.

Ice Cream Party Games and Activities

Roll the dice to see what kind of sundae you’ll make or go on a scavenger hunt for all of your toppings. These are just two of the choices from this collection of favorite ice-cream-themed party games!

More ice cream party activity ideas:

Ice Cream Party Food

Of course, ice cream is the featured food, but if your party takes place during a traditional meal time, you may have to serve additional food. You can go with simple basics like pizza or finger sandwiches to keep the menu focused on the ice cream and fixings, or make even the additional foods ice cream themed. For instance, you can serve “pizza in a cone” by rolling pizza dough into cone shapes and baking the ingredients inside. The finger sandwiches can be cut with ice-cream-shaped cookie cutters.

If you’re celebrating a birthday and want to include some cake, try ice cream cone cupcakes or an ice cream sandwich cake.

Ice Cream Party Favors

A simple take-home gift for an ice cream party is a cone filled with candy and wrapped in cellophane. You can add a tag that says something like, “thanks for making my party sweeter.”

More ice cream party favor ideas:

  • A basket of fixings for ice cream sundaes.
  • A jar of sprinkles.
  • A box of ice cream cones.
  • A gift card for free sundae at a local ice cream shop.
  • Ice cream sundae bowls and spoons.