9 Indoor Winter Games and Activities for Kids

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When it's cold out and the kids are excited for the chance to get out and romp in the snow but the conditions are just too blustery, there's plenty that you can do to keep them busy indoors, like treating them to some indoor winter activities and games. Whether your kids like baking, a little competition, or imaginary play, there are plenty of ideas for festive, winter-themed things to do indoors that won't bore them after five minutes. From building an indoor snowman to having a delicious hot cocoa picnic, these ideas for indoor winter activities celebrate the cold and snowy weather inside the comfort of your home. 

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    Snowman Snacks

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    Gather the kids in the kitchen and warm up your oven to bake a batch of snowman cookies or cupcakes. If you don't want to bake, you can make snowman ice cream sundaes, sledding snowman graham cracker treats, or any other snowman party food ideas. 

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    Indoor Snowball Fight

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    There's something about a fresh snowfall that really revs up your kids’ energy levels. Help them work out some of that excitement with a little practice session for the snowball fight they’ll have later. Roll up balls of paper, white socks, or make your own fabric snowballs. Give each kid a bucket of these indoor snowballs and let them toss them at each other for fun. 

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    Winter Hot Cocoa Picnic

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    After the indoor snowball fight, the kids will want to warm up with some hot cocoa. Throw a white blanket on the floor and sprinkle it with cotton balls. Place it near your fireplace or build a faux fire and place it in the middle. Whip up a pot of hot cocoa, serve it with cookies or marshmallows, and let the kids gather for a warm winter picnic. 

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    Homemade Winter Cottage

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    If you have a large cardboard box and a few craft supplies, then you have the materials needed to help the kids build their own winter cottage. Cut the window and door holes out of the box and then let them decorate it with paint, glue, markers, ornaments, and, of course, fake snow for the roof. Don't forget to top it with a chimney! (You can make one out of the leftover cardboard from the door or window.)

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    Indoor Snowman

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    Think you need real snow and the outdoors to build a snowman? Think again. Stuff a bunch of large white pillowcases (with pillow stuffing, comfy clothes, or even crumpled-up paper) and you have the makings for an indoor snowman. Velcro can help to stack them as well as be used for affixing items such as buttons for eyes, nose, and mouth. 

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    Winter Bingo Game

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    Make your own bingo sheets using winter-themed clipart. Print an extra sheet to cut out the clipart images and place them in a bowl. Use these to call the game of Bingo. Snow-cap-style candies or mini marshmallows make fun, edible, winter-themed bingo card markers.

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    Winter Piñatas

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    Who says piñatas are only for birthday parties? A snow day sure feels like a holiday to kids, celebrate with this exciting game! You can make your own with supplies you probably have around the house, including a simple, paper bag. Fill it with treats. Clear a space inside where you can safely hang it and let the kids whack away until it spills out its goodies.

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    Winter Party Games

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    Party games are a great way to pass the time on a snow day. Choose a few games with a winter theme, such as snowman games, penguin games, or even reindeer games, during the holiday season. To make this activity even more exciting for your kids, create a few festive prizes for the winner of each game like holiday candy or cookie bags.

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    Winter-Themed Kids' Movies

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    When it’s cold outside, one of the best ways to keep warm and entertained is to snuggle up under the blankets and watch a winter-themed movie. Make sure to have hot cocoa and festive snacks on hand!

    Some suggestions for kids' movies with a winter theme include:

    • "Snow Buddies"
    • "Eight Below"
    • "Snow Dogs"
    • "Happy Feet"
    • "Mr. Popper's Penguins"