8 Best Kids Karaoke Machines

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Kids love to hear themselves sing no matter what age they are. It is so much fun to watch and hear a bunch of kids singing away on a karaoke machine. Even as an adults it can be hard to resist singing your favorite tunes out loud. There are many different kinds of kids karaoke machines you can buy. Some are small and portable. Others, while they are big, will be sure to entertain a crowd during sleepovers, birthday parties and family events. 

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    Selfie Mic

    Selfie Mic
    Selfie Mic / Amazon

    Using an adjustable selfie-stick with an attached microphone, kids can sing songs and sing karaoke with their friends, wherever they want! Using an app, kids pick popular songs to sing. Players can change the backgrounds on the screen, and share their music videos with friends!

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    The Singing Machine Karaoke Machine with Disco Light

    The Singing Machine Karaoke Machine

    The Singing Machine Karaoke machine includes a top-loading cd player. Kids can sing duets with 2 separate microphone jacks. However, for those who really love to sing and dance, they will enjoy the built-in disco light.

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    Singing Machine Tabeoke Bluetooth Karaoke Player

    Singing Machine Tabeoke Tablet Karaoke Machine

    No need for a television, because your kid's tablet is a great tool to read the lyrics of their favorite songs while singing karaoke. This karaoke machine has built-in speakers with opportunities for 2 children to sing along at the same time. With this device, music streams wirelessly through a bluetooth connection but families will need their own tablet.

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    Trolls Karaoke Machine

    Trolls Karaoke machine
    eKids / Amazon

    This portable CDG karaoke machine allows kids to play their own CD's as well as their favorite Trolls movie songs through the microphone. The machine also includes flashing lights and sounds, and connectors to attach it to a home television.

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    Singing Machine Pedestal Karaoke Machine and Recording Studio

    Singing Machine Pedestal karaoke Machine

    While this particular item is a more expensive karaoke machine, it offers features that will appeal to older children and adults. It is the perfect choice for large events and family gatherings. This machine includes the ability to record music. In addition to playing CD's, a bluetooth connection allows for several devices to connect to the karaoke machine. The lyrics from the songs are also integrated into the display on the machine, without the need for a television.

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    VTech Kidi-Karaoke

    VTech Kidi Karaoke
    VTech / Amazon

    This is a karaoke machine for young children ages 3-6, where they can experiment with singing popular children's songs into a microphone. Their voice can be changed using the microphone and they will also be provided with exposure to educational activities.

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    Frozen Karaoke Machine

    Frozen Karakoe Machine

    After Disney's Frozen movie, children are always excited to break out in song and dance on cue to "Let it Go!"  One of the best Frozen toys is a portable karaoke machine. It includes a CD-G, which is a CD that includes many of the hit songs from the movie. Lyrics are also projected for children to read so they can sing-a-long. An LED light show occurs on the karaoke machine while kids are singing. The machine plays any CD, but is also compatible with iPhone, iPod, Tablet and iPhone for additional music. The toy can be attached to the television so that kids can read their lyrics on the television screen, too.

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    Hello Kitty Kid's Karaoke CD System

    Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine

    Hello Kitty toy fans will be delighted to see this wonderful CD Karaoke system. This kids karaoke machine has a built-in black and white monitor to read lyrics, offers a variety of vocal sound effects, 20 track programmable memory and a digital CD system with battery back-up for travel.