Karaoke Party Games That Are Challenging and Fun

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Having a karaoke party? Kids will love the challenging fun these games add to the songfest. 

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    Name That Tune

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    This is a great game for any party, but it really fits the theme of a karaoke party. Players can be divided into teams, or they can take turns at one-on-one play.

    Choose one person to be the singer. The rest are competing to see who can name the tune first. Ask the singer to belt out a designated amount of the song, and then give a point to the player (or team) that calls out the title first.

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    Rewrite the Song

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    In this game, players will be divided into groups. Popular ​sing-along song titles are placed into a hat and shaken up before each team pulls one from the hat. Once each team has pulled out a song, they are given 15 minutes to rewrite the song with all new lyrics. When time is up, they must get up and perform their song with the new words.  

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    Song Lyric Musical Chairs

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    Set the chairs up just as you would for a game of musical chairs. Write down a variety of popular song lyrics, but leave out some of the words. Have someone take the karaoke microphone and sing, with his back turned to the game, as the players circle the chairs. The singer will stop at random intervals. When he stops singing, everyone must sit in a chair.

    The person left standing now has a chance to stay in the game. The singer will pull out one of the incomplete lyrics and sing it as it is written (leaving out the missing words).  If the standing player can complete the lyric correctly, she gets to stay in the game for another round. If she can’t complete the lyric, she is out of the game.  

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    Rock Star Sing Off

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    To set up for this game, you will need to select a few popular artists and supply items the kids can use to dress like those singers. You will need two sets of each rock star costumes. Place two copies of each of the names of those musicians in a hat and have kids draw the names of the artists they must imitate.

    When they are done drawing there should be two players per each artist. Those two players will both dress like the same artist and have a sing-off to one of that singer’s popular songs. The rest of the party guests will choose who is the winning player for each round. 

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    Misheard Lyrics

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    In this game, even if the kids know the correct lyrics, they are challenged to come up with an amusing alternative. To play the game, have someone sing a line from a song. Then give players 15 seconds to come up with a silly, “misheard version.”

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    Karaoke Roulette

    Names On Paper Slips
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    To play this game, write down the names of all of your party guests and place them in a hat or bowl. Scroll through the list of karaoke tunes, stopping at random. Then pull one of the names out of the hat. The person who is called must come up and sing the highlighted song.

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    Blind Auditions

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    Have four players sit with their chairs turned away from the stage. Give them each a pad and pen. Have random kids get up and sing in funny voices. While a player is singing, the four players with their chairs turned will write down the name of the party guest they think is singing. The first one to hold up the correct name wins.