Knight, Princess and Castle Themed Party Games

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Hear ye! Hear ye! All knights, princesses and royal folk are hereby summoned, by order of the Queen, to the castle courtyard for a tournament of medieval merriment.
Translation: Hey kids, Mom wants you in the backyard to play some knight and princess party games!

Royal Relay

To have a royal relay race with your knights and princesses, have the girls line up on one team, and the boys line up on another team. Place a princess costume and a knight costume several feet away from the teams.

At the start of the race, the first players in line for each team must race to their respective costumes.put them on, and then race back to their teams. They will then remove the costumes and hand them to the second players in line. Those players will put on the costumes, run back to the spot where the first players picked up the costumes, take them off and leave them for the next players in line to put on and return to the team.

This relay race continues with the kids putting on and taking off the costumes. The first team to have everyone run wearing their costume wins the race.

Dragon Piñata

A piñata is always a fun activity for a kids’ party. A dragon piñata is an exciting addition to a knights and princesses party since the dragon can hang around the party space until it is time to “slay” it with the piñata stick.

Magic Potion

Tell your knights and princesses that the Evil Queen has cast a spell on the party space and the only way to set the village free is to create a magic potion to lift the spell. Have them venture on a scavenger-hunt type of quest for the items needed to mix up a batch of the potion. Once the ingredients have been collected, have them make their potion. You can make a potion that is edible out of fruit juice, or have them create their own, individual bottles of potion to take home as a decorative party favor.

Wicked Stepmother Freeze Tag

In this princess party game twist on freeze tag, the person who is “it” is called the Wicked Stepmother. She carries a wand that freezes the princesses and knights when tagged. Another player is called the Fairy Godmother. She also has a wand, but hers frees the frozen players. Any player who is tagged and frozen three times must become the Wicked Stepmother. The Wicked Stepmother and Fairy Godmother roles can also be interchanged with the Wicked Wizard and Prince Charming, to give the boys a chance to be one of the main players, too.

A Call to Arms

Gather all of the knights and princesses to stand in a circle. Arm them with foam swords and princess wands. Toss a few balloons into the air and challenge them to keep them afloat with their swords and wands. Every few seconds, have them step back to widen the circle and add more balloons into play to increase the challenge of the game.

Storm the Castle

If they dream of storming a castle, this knight party game is just for them! A trampoline or bouncy house works well as the castle for this game, but you can use a makeshift castle wall (think a sheet hung from a clothesline), a large cardboard box or some other structure, such as a playhouse, to serve as the castle. You can even use sidewalk chalk to draw a large castle outline on the ground.

To play, one-half of the players must stand outside while the other half are inside of the castle. The players on the outside must “storm” the castle with soft foam balls or balloons. The players inside must defend the castle by tossing out whatever comes in. Play for five minutes and when time is up, count how many balls are inside of the castle. Have players switch sides and play again. At the end of another five minutes, count how many balls are in the castle. The team that stormed the castle with the most balls wins.

Rescue the Princess

In this game, one player is assigned as the princess, another is the dragon, and the rest are the knights. Have the dragon sit between two chairs that have been placed a few feet apart from each other. It is the entrance to the tower. Have the princess stand a few feet behind the tower. Give the dragon a squirt gun.

One at a time, the Knights must try to get past the dragon to rescue the princess. As players try to pass through the tower’s entrance, the dragon will try to breathe fire onto them (hit them with the water from the squirt gun). If a Knight is hit, he must retreat. If a knight makes it through, he saves the princess. Players are then switched so that everyone gets a turn to be a princess or dragon.

Dragon Egg Hunt

Fill plastic, toy eggs with small treats such as candy, stickers, jewels, coins, or temporary tattoos. Hide them around the party space. Tell your princesses and knights that there are magical dragon eggs scattered around the land and that they must find the eggs and deliver the treasures to the queen. Once they have collected all of the eggs and brought the trinkets to the queen (Mom), she will divide them and hand them out to players as a reward. It allows everyone to get a fair share of the prizes.

Stick Horse Race

Knights and princesses both rely on their faithful steeds to carry them on their journeys. Have a relay race or obstacle course that the kids must run while riding their stick horses. They can even make their stick horses as one of the party activities.