Monster Party Games for Kids

Children dressed as zombies for Halloween Night
Loop Images RF / Getty Images

If you're looking for some cool, kid-friendly monster party ideas, these games will keep the little zombies, vampires, and creepy creatures hopping at a birthday party or Halloween celebration. Gather your guests, have them practice their scowls, growls, and roars, and get them warmed up for some freakishly fabulous monster party fun!

Monster Makeup

Divide kids into pairs and supply them with face paint and a variety of props such as vampire fangs, colored hairspray, and werewolf ears. Have them make each other up into monsters, and then host a monster runway show. Award prizes for categories like scariest, silliest, funniest, and most creative monster.

Eyeball on a Spoon Relay

Divide party guests into two teams. Give each player a spoon and give each team a monster eyeball. On the word, “go!” the first players in line for each team must carry the eyeball, on the spoon, to the other end of the room and then back to their teams. The first player must then transfer the eyeball from his spoon to the spoon of the second player in line. That player then races to the other side of the room and back and transfers the eyeball to the spoon of the third player. This continues until all players in line have carried the eyeball on their spoons. The first team to have all its members complete this task is the winning group.

'Monster Mash' Dance

Play the "Monster Mash" and instruct the kids to dance like Frankenstein with stiff, extended arms and stiff legs. They cannot lower their arms, bend their knees or move their heads. Appoint someone to be the judge and watch the kids as they dance. Any player who is spotted moving his head or bending his body is tapped by the judge and must leave the dance floor. Dancing continues like this until only one Frankenstein dancer remains. That player is crowned the ultimate monster-masher. 

Monster Stomp

Blow up several balloons. Gather your party guests and give them craft supplies such as colored markers, glue, feathers, and monster fur. Have them decorate the balloons to look like monster faces. Place the balloons in the center of the party space. Set a timer and instruct the kids to stomp all the monsters they can before time runs out.

Monster Relay Races

Divide your party guests into two teams. Place two trick or treat buckets on the floor, several feet away from where the teams will line up for the race. In each bucket, place small notes on which you’ve written different monster commands. When the race begins, each player must run to the bucket, take out a note and then return to her team by walking, running, jumping, or creeping in the manner instructed on the note. Some suggestions for monster commands include stomp like bigfoot, walk like a mummy, crawl like a spider, and fly like a bat.

Mr. Monster

To play this game, assign one player to be the monster. Mr. Monster takes 10 steps away from the other kids and turns his back to them. The kids call out “Mr. Monster, Mr. Monster, what time is it?” as they try to sneak up and tag Mr. Monster before he can turn around and catch them. He can’t turn around to face them again until they have said those lines. When Mr. Monster turns around, he chases the other players back to the starting line. If he tags one before she makes it back to safety, that player becomes the new Mr. (or Miss) Monster.

Pin the Monster

Print and blow up an image of a monster or draw one and paint it onto a piece of poster board. Use this monster to play the classic “pin the tail” game at your monster party. Suggestions include pin the eyes on the mummy, pin the fangs on Dracula, and pin the bolts on Frankenstein.