Monster Truck Party Games

Four-wheel drive remote controlled car
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A monster truck party theme is sure to get kids completely revved up. When you’re planning details like giant-tire-inspired decorations and a monster truck birthday cake, don’t forget to add a few party games and activities to the roster. These monster-truck-themed party games include a variety of activities that will help get their motors running and roll through the event while burning off any chance of excitement-induced overload.

Inflatable Tire Race

To play this game you will need at least two teams of four players each. Set up a starting line and a finish line. Have the teams stand behind the starting line. Give each team four inflatable tires (you can use simple, swimming pool rings as the tires). Wave a racing flag to signal the start of the game. When the flag is waved, each player must blow up a tire. When a team has all four tires inflated, they must line up in two rows of two, each one holding a tire, and roll the tires to the finish line. The first team to cross the finish line wins.

Monster Truck Pinata

A couple of shoe boxes, some crepe paper and a little bit of creativity can help you design a monster truck pinata for your child's party. Fill it with candy and let them "crush" the truck to expel the treats. In addition to candy, suggestions for monster truck pinata fillers include monster-truck-themed stickers, trading cards, and temporary tattoos.

Pin the License Plate on the Monster Truck

This game not only incorporates the monster truck theme into the traditional game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but it also adds a personal touch. To set up for this game, paint a large monster truck onto a sheet of poster board. Include a box for the license plate, but leave it blank. Makeup paper license plates that have the names of your party guests printed on them. When it is time to play, hang the poster and give each player his own personalized license plate. Then blindfold them and challenge them to pin their license plates in the correct spot.

Tabletop Monster Truck Races

To set up the raceway, tape a black tablecloth to a table. Use white tape on top of the black tablecloth to create dividing race track lines across the center of the table. Gameplay is simple: Have two players stand at one end of the table. Give each a toy monster truck. Have them push the trucks across the table. The first one to the finish line (or closest to it) wins. The winners from each pair of racers may then continue challenge each other until only one player remains.

Remote Control Monster Truck Races

If you have two remote control monster trucks, you can set up a race track or obstacle course in the yard and have kids take turns competing to complete the course.

Monster Truck Wall Crush

To play this game, first, build a wall out of toy blocks or cardboard boxes. Give each party guest a toy monster truck. Have them all stand behind a line and, at the same time, roll their trucks as hard as they can toward the wall. The object is to knock down the wall of blocks.

Monster Tire Obstacle Course

Set up an obstacle course of tires. To use inflatable swimming rings as the tires, simply inflate them and wrap them in black duct tape. You can make a course of side-by-side tires that the kids have to step through, stand them up so that kids have to crawl through them or create a course that is a combination of the two.

Monster Tire Ring Toss

For this game, you need a monster truck tire (again, inflatable ring wrapped in black duct tape works well) and an orange traffic cone. Place the cone in the middle of the party space. Have kids line up a few feet away and toss the tire at the cone. Give each player three turns. Score a point for each time a tire lands around the cone. Players with the most points at the end of play win the game.

Musical Monster Truck Tires

Set up for this game just as you would set up a traditional game of musical chairs. Use tires (or inflatable pool rings) instead of chairs. Play musical tires in the same way as musical chairs, removing one player and one tire after each round. The last child left in the game wins.

Build Your Own Cardboard Monster Trucks

To play this game, kids will build their own monster trucks out of cardboard boxes. They can create their own or design them after their favorite popular monster trucks.You will need as many of the same-sized boxes as you have party guests. Some of the items you may want to supply for turning the boxes into monster trucks include paint, markers, flame decals, stickers, and flags. Have adults on hand to help with things like glue, scissors or attaching tires to the trucks (you can use inflatable rings or cardboard circles for the tires.

Once the monster trucks are decorated to each child’s liking, they can show them off, race them or even have a contest to decide on categories such as coolest, wildest, most awesome, wickedest, funniest or silliest. You can come up with as many categories as there are players so that everyone wins a title.