Mother's Day Cards for Kids

A mom and her daughter together while opening a Mother's Day card.

svetikd / Getty Images

Every day should be a day to recognize a mother’s (or maternal figure’s) hard work, patience, and endless care. Mothers truly are one-of-a-kind. But the official day to celebrate moms is Mother’s Day, which is celebrated worldwide on the second sunday in May each year. It’s a day often marked by familial celebrations, card-giving, and genuine good gestures for moms.
Perhaps the most meaningful Mother’s Day card is one from her child. No matter the child’s age, they can show their mother just how much they love her with an adorable greeting, drawing, or even a messy collage. It doesn’t matter to what her child gives her to celebrate the holiday—the only thing that matters is the thought and care they put into it. Here are several ideas for Mother’s Day cards that can be utilized by parents, teachers, spouses, and others to help each child ensure their mom feels the love this holiday.

Write Simple Messages

Kids who aren’t eloquent writers yet can always opt to keep their messages simple. Luckily, expressing care for a loved one doesn’t take a lot of words. Just include key words like “love” or “appreciate” or “happy,” and you can get the point across.

  • Happy Mother’s Day!
  • I love you, Mom!
  • You are the best mom in the world.
  • I appreciate everything you do.
  • Happy day!
  • Moms rock.

Draw a Portrait

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. Kids can opt to draw a portrait of their mom instead of writing a complicated message. This is a great option for kids who haven’t learned to write yet or simply have trouble with the subject. Drawing a portrait is a great way for kids to express their true feelings without having to write words. Encourage them to depict their mother however they imagine her in their mind and watch the masterpiece unfold!

Kids can draw things like flowers, hearts and other accessories to amp up their Mother’s Day drawing. And coloring it will be a big plus in mom’s eyes. If you’re in a big artsy mood, you could get out the paint set or allow them to explore fingerpainting. Just prepare for a mess.

Express Gratitude

Moms often do a lot of work in a household. If they are a stay-at-home parent, they might do laundry and cook around the clock. If they’re a working mom, they may have a lot of business duties on their plate on top of making sure their children are happy and healthy. Maybe it’s a little of both. Parents are superheroes.

It also shouldn’t be forgotten that mothers, along with fathers, do a large part in raising a child. Whether or not she gave birth to the child, she still helped them grow and learn, likely through infancy and childhood. Ask any mother and she will tell you that raising a child is hard work. That alone deserves a mountain of gratitude. Mother’s Day cards should offer messages of thanks for all those hard-working moms out there.

  • Thanks for everything you do. I love you.
  • Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for everything.
  • I am so thankful you’re my mom.
  • You are the best. Thank you! 

Mother’s Day Worksheets

The internet is filled with all kinds of Mother’s Day activities and worksheets for children of all ages. Find an age-appropriate worksheet that will allow your favorite child to express their love for their mom this holiday. Some worksheets include both a drawing portion and a message, others are only drawings with a prompt or maybe even include an interactive activity. There are hundreds to choose from.

Children can give their completed sheet to their mom for Mother’s Day to show them their love. Their mom will be so thankful their child was thinking of them on their special day.

Get Crafty

It doesn’t matter how old you are, crafts are always a fun time. Get out the glue, scissors, construction paper, and anything else you need to make a beautiful card. If kids are involved, make sure to use kid-safe scissors and be there to supervise their crafting in case they need any help. Since Mother’s Day occurs in the spring, encourage them to use spring colors, like pink and yellow. They can also make flowers out of colored paper and glue them onto their card. 

A crafty Mother’s Day card is made even cuter with a handwritten note. Children can include any message they would like to send to their mom that will show them how much they love her. Include messages of thanks, love, and happiness.

  • I’m so happy we are a family.
  • Thanks for being my mom!
  • Happy Mother’s Day to you.
  • Have a lovely Mother’s Day!
  • I love you so much!
  • Hugs and kisses. XOXO!