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Roll out the red carpet for award night fun with these Oscar party games for kids. 

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    Musical Walk of Fame

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    Play this Hollywood version of musical chairs at your Oscar night party! To set up, use cut-out stars to represent the stars on the Walk of Fame. If you have a red carpet at your party you can tape them to the carpet or else just stick them to the floor in a long row. Remember to place one less star than the number of players.

    To start the game, have the kids gather around your mock walk of fame. Play some music (Academy Award-winning songs would fit the theme!) As the songs play, kids circle the row of stars. When the music stops, they have to stand on a star. The player who doesn’t get on a star is out, another star is removed, and play continues until there is only one star and one player left standing. 

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    Paparazzi Dash

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    To play this game, one player is chosen to be the Hollywood star and the rest are the paparazzi. Give each paparazzi player a digital camera (you may have to borrow other parents’ cell phones for this to have enough to go around). Have the paparazzi surround the red carpet. The Hollywood star pretends to be camera shy and quickly makes her way down the red carpet. The paparazzi have to snap photos as she rushes by. Once she reaches the end of the red carpet, look at all of the photos. The player who snapped the best one wins.  

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    Seat-Filler Race

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    Have players pretend to be award show seat fillers. Set up a row of chairs and have half of your players sit in them. Have the other half stand nearby. Give each seated kid a number. When you call out a number, that player gets up and walks away. The standing kid's race to see who is the quickest to fill the empty spot. The player who gets to the seat first remains there. The player who vacated the seat becomes a seat-filler. Play enough rounds to give everyone a turn at being a seat-filler. 

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    Acceptance Speech Mad Libs

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    One way to have fun with acceptance speeches is to turn them into mad libs. Print some acceptance speeches with blanks in the place of select words. Prompt players to replace the blanks with another verb, noun, adjective, etc. Once all of the blanks have been filled in, read the speeches aloud.  

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    Best and Worst Dressed

    Dress Up!
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    Give the kids a variety of dress-up outfits and accessories, along with hair and makeup supplies, so they can dress up in their red-carpet best. Have them walk the red carpet in their outfits and have someone interview them about “who they are wearing.” Then, everyone can vote on the best and worst dressed among them. You can add more categories (most glamorous, best accessories, most mismatched, etc.) so that everyone can earn a title.

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    Oscar Party Awards

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    Make up a bunch of categories for which kids can compete for an award. Some ideas for things they can win include: best red carpet walk, best fake cry, best acceptance speech, best monologue, best fake congratulations from a loser, best angry loser, and best gloating winner.  

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    Costume Change Relay

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    To play this game, divide players into two teams and give each team a costume. Have them race, relay-style to be the first team to have all of its players put the costume on, remove it, and pass it on to the next player in line. 

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    Silly Ballots

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    Before the big show, print out ballots with silly categories. As the show airs, kids fill in who they think was the winner of each category. Collect the ballots and tally the votes to see who wins. Category ideas:

    • Most Boring Speech
    • Most Over-Dramatic Star
    • Worst Hairdo
    • Best Walk to Stage
    • Most Outrageous Gown
    • Funniest Joke
    • Best Flub
    • Best/Worst Presenter
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    Make Your Own Trophy

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    This is a fun craft to keep kids busy during the show. Set up a craft table in your viewing area and give the kids empty plastic bottles and a variety of items that they can use to turn them into award trophies. For instance, they can wrap the bottles in foil wrapping paper and decorate them with glitter. You can also give them sticky labels so they can write their names and the category of award they “won.”