Toddler's and Kid's Room Ideas

Creating Kid-Friendly Spaces for Toddlers to Teens

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Browse our ideas for great kid's rooms to help you put together the perfect place for your little one - and for your big one, too! From before they are born through their first days of college, our kid's room ideas will help you create a room that is perfect for your unique child.

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    Kid's bedroom
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    Furnishing and decorating a kid's bedroom shouldn't be labor intensive or expensive. Our decorating tips for creating any kid-friendly space can help you think long-term and still stay budget-friendly, and the tips are appropriate for any kid's room - from the bedroom to playroom.

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    Kids Theme & Color Ideas

    Kid's Bedroom
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    Picking out a kid's room theme or color palette can be a lot of fun, even for the adults. Our articles have great tips for choosing colors and themes for kid-friendly spaces, as well as the color palette and theme ideas.

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    Grandfather and granddaughters playing in playroom
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    Finding workable, quality storage for a kid's room can be a challenge. Our kid's room storage tips and ideas can help you choose and adapt storage for your growing child's needs.

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    Kid’s Furniture & Decor

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    With entire companies specializing in kid's rooms, choosing furniture and decor for your kid's room has never been more fun. If you are looking for a little inspiration for your child’s room, these online resources of kid's furniture and decor provide it.

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    Nursery interior
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    Our inspirational baby nursery photos and decorating ideas are proof that a beautiful nursery doesn't require deep pocketbooks. Create a beautiful place for a baby, whether bright or calming, and a beautiful place for you to be - even at 2 a.m.

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    Decorating a Boys Bedroom
    A Fun Boy's Bedroom. Photo: Galina Barskaya

    A photo gallery of boy's bedroom ideas, from themes to colors and more. From contemporary to casual, our inspirational photos and ideas can help you decorate your boy's bedroom on a dime.

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    Woodland themed girl bedroom.
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    An inspirational photo gallery of girl's bedrooms along with tips and ideas for decorating your girl's bedroom, from toddler to teen and all ages in between, plus tips for doing it all on a dime.

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    Kid's Playroom-Animal Theme
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    We've got great ideas for decorating a kid's playroom, from colors to DIY decor. Take a tour through our photo gallery of playroom ideas to inspire you on how to create a perfect space for kicking back and having fun!

    More Kid-Friendly Spaces

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    A young Asian American girl with a rubber ducky in the bathtub, January 30, 2011.
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    Decorating a kid's bathroom is not without its challenges, but there are inexpensive ways to make a child's bathroom so cheerful they will actually want to take a bath and brush their teeth.

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    All the information you need to set up your child's dorm room in style, from dorm room decorating ideas, lists and budget-friendly tips.

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