Top 10 Scarecrow Party Games

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    Scarecrow Relay Races

    Child scarecrow costume


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    There are a few ways to incorporate the scarecrow theme into traditional, relay-style races. One way is to provide each team with a scarecrow costume that the first player must put on, and then take off and hand to the next player. All the players have to put on and take off the costume in order, and the team that does it the quickest wins.

    Another idea is to use a miniature scarecrow as the thing players hand off to each other as they complete a relay, or section of an obstacle course. A race to collect the parts needed to put together a scarecrow is another fun game for your autumn party. To set up, sketch two scarecrows, one each on a different piece of poster board. Then sketch two additional outlines on two more pieces of poster board. Paint and decorate two of the scarecrows, if you wish, and once they are done, cut both of them into several, identical pieces (for instance: the feet, the legs, the arms, the face, and the hat). Hang the boards with the outlines at one end of the play space, and place each team’s scarecrow parts several feet in the opposite direction. To play, have teams line up and race, one member at a time, to grab a scarecrow part and hang it in the right place on the outline (use tape or Velcro). The first team to complete their scarecrow wins.

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    Scarecrow Bingo

    Scarecrow bingo
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    Create your own scarecrow-themed Bingo cards with autumn-themed clip art images. Arrange the images so that you have several different scarecrows on each sheet of paper (mix up the images on each sheet so that no identical versions are printed). Cut out copies of the images and place them in a scarecrow’s hat. Have the caller pull images out at random and hold them up for players to see. Players with a matching image on their sheet mark the spot with a piece of candy corn. The first player to get five in a row wins a prize.

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    Scarecrow in a Haystack

    Scarecrows sitting by fence
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    It may not be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack, but this game is a challenging and fun activity for your party. To set up for this scarecrow game you’ll need plenty of hay and several small scarecrows. Scarecrows can be made of things like cardstock, paper bags or even lollipops. Build a large haystack and bury the scarecrows inside. Set a timer for five minutes and see if players can find them all.

    Instead of building a haystack, you could fill a large basin, such as a baby pool or even a large cardboard box with hay. You might even make several hay piles and have kids race to find their scarecrows.

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    Musical Hay Bales

    Kids sitting on hay bales

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    Set up several hay bales (one less than there are players) in a row. Play some music and have kids circle the hay bales. Just like in the game of musical chairs, once the music stops, kids must sit on a hay bale and the one who is left standing is out. Remove a hay bale and continue in this way until only one player remains.

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    Scarecrow Word Finder

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    Print the word “SCARECROW” on a poster board or chalkboard. Give each player a piece of paper and a pen. Set a timer for three minutes and see who can come up with the most words using the letters in the word scarecrow. For instance, scare, crow, care, acre, cow and race are all words that are made up of letters in the word scarecrow.

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    Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt

    Scarecrow standing next to hay

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    If you are going to have a scarecrow making activity at your event, a fun idea is to hide the items needed to build it and have guests go on a scavenger hunt to find them. Once all of the materials have been collected, kids can use them to make their scarecrows.

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    Scarecrow Dress-Up

    Girl holding scarecrow materials

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    Divide kids into two teams. Provide each team with the items needed to dress one player like a scarecrow. Items to provide include a hat, flannel shirt, blue jeans, some straw and face paint. Make sure the clothing is slightly oversized to allow for some hay stuffing. Set a timer and have the teams race to dress up their scarecrow. Award a prize to the first team to finish, or forget the timer and have some adults on hand to judge the winning scarecrow.

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    Scarecrow's Hat

    Scarecrow Burlap Face With Country Hat
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    Make one scarecrow and four different colored hats. Take four pieces of poster board in corresponding colors and tape them to the floor in different corners of the party space.

    Have one player take the scarecrow out of the room and put one of the hats on it. The rest of the kids dance while music plays, and when the music stops, they go and stand on the color they think the scarecrow’s hat will be. The first player brings the scarecrow in and all of the kids who chose correctly win a prize.

    Assign another kid to change the scarecrow’s hat and continue playing this way until everyone has won a prize.

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    Scarecrow Tag

    Children running in a field
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    In this game, one player is the scarecrow and the rest are all crows. The scarecrow stands in the middle of the play space, with her arms stretched out like a scarecrow. Divide the crows into two equal groups and send each group to their fence (assigned place on opposite sides of the room). At the start signal, all of the crows must fly from their fence to the opposing fence. The scarecrow tags as many players as she can before they reach the safety of the fence. Anyone who is tagged is out and play continues in this manner until only one player is left. That player then gets to be the scarecrow.

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    Build a Scarecrow

    Close-up image of a Vibrant Coloured Scarecrow with long straw hair a deterrent against garden birds
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    This game has two teams build a scarecrow who then compete for prizes based on titles such as funniest or scariest creation.