10 Fun and Frosty Snowman Party Games

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These snowman-themed games are a delightful way to entertain the kids on a snow day, at a Christmas party, or winter holiday gathering. 

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    Make Sock Snowmen

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    Have kids gather around a table and give them the following supplies for a snowman craft:

    • White socks.
    • Pillow stuffing.
    • Buttons.
    • Scraps of fabric.
    • Glue (assist with the hot glue gun if needed).

    Challenge them to use the items to make snow people. Have them name their snow people and take them home as party favors.

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    Blind Snowman

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    To play the blind snowman game, have the kids sit around a table. Hand out a sheet of paper and a pencil to each child. Ask them to close their eyes and draw the following without looking at their papers:

    1. Draw a small circle at the top of the paper.
    2. Draw a bigger circle under the small one.
    3. Draw the biggest circle under the middle one.
    4. Draw three buttons in the middle circle.
    5. Draw two eyes, a mouth, and a carrot nose in the top circle.
    6. On top of the smallest circle, draw a hat.
    7. Draw stick arms coming out of the middle circle.
    8. Draw a broomstick attached to one of the stick arms.

    Have kids open their eyes and share their creations. They can have a laugh over the results, or you can award points to those who came close to drawing a complete snowman. For instance, give three points for any snowman with all three circles in the right place, two points for eyes, mouth, ​and nose in the top circle, and one point for each arm. You can determine the point values before playing the game, and the player who ends with the highest score wins.

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    Snowman Dress-Up Relay Race

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    Divide players into two teams. Have each team line up behind a starting line. Several feet away from the starting line, place two sets of the following items: a scarf, a pair of mittens, and a hat. Hand a broomstick to the first player in line for each team.

    When you signal the start of the race, the players holding the broomsticks must race to the apparel items, put them on and run back to the starting line. At the starting line, those players must then hand the broomsticks to the second players in line, remove the snowman clothing items and pass them to the next players as well. The second players put on the accessories and race back to return them to the place where the first players obtained them.

    After returning and handing off the broomsticks to the third players, those runners must repeat the actions of the first players. Play continues in this manner until one team has all of its members complete the relay. The first team to do so wins the game.

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    Pass the Snowman's Hat

    Top Hat
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    This wintery game is a fun way to incorporate some of your kids’ favorite snow-themed songs into playtime. Have kids sit on the floor in a circle. Play a popular snowy day song or carol. While the song plays, kids will pass a top hat around from player to player. When a child receives the hat, she must place it on her head, and then remove it and pass it to the person next to her. This continues until the music stops (at random intervals).

    When the music stops, the person wearing the hat must stand up, pretend to melt, and remove himself from the game. The last player left wearing the hat wins a prize. You may also award smaller prizes to kids as they “melt” away from the game, and then save one larger prize for the winner.

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    Snowman Stuffing

    Snow An Outdoors
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    This game is sure to provide many laughs as players race to “stuff” one of their friends as a snowman. To play you will need two white sweatsuits that are oversized for the kids, and several inflated, white balloons.

    Divide the players into two teams and have each team decide which player will be their snowman. The snowmen must put on their white suits as each team is given a bucket filled with the white balloons.

    Play a song such as Frosty the Snowman. The children have until the end of the song to stuff their snowman, by filling the extra space in the oversized sweatsuits with balloons. The team with the most balloons inside of their snowman at the end of the song wins, or you can simply play for the fun of it and let each child have a turn being the snowman.

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    Yummy Snowman

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    This is a fun activity where kids get to eat the snowman they build. Things could get messy, however, so make sure to set up a table with a plastic or disposable tablecloth. Set each place with a bowl of frozen non-dairy topping, an ice cream scooper, and candy with which to decorate their edible snowmen. Have kids use the ice cream scooper and dairy topping to build a snowman, decorate it with candy, and then eat it before it melts.

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    Snowman Toss

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    For this game, you'll need three sizes of foam balls (found in craft stores). Decorate the smallest ball with the face of a snowman. Add buttons to the medium foam ball and leave the largest ball as is. Draw a starting line and place a basket or pail a few feet away from the line (the amount of space will depend on the age group of the players). Have kids take turns standing at the start line and tossing the three parts of the snowman into the bucket. Award prizes to players who get all three balls in the basket.

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    Snowman Popping

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    To prepare for this game you’ll need to create several balloon snowmen. To make a balloon snowman, simply blow up three balloons, so that you have one small, one medium, and one large. Tape them together to form a snowman, and use a marker to draw a face on the top balloon.

    Make enough of these snowmen so that you have one for each party guest, then divide them equally into two sets and place each set in a large bucket or bag. Place a chair next to each set of balloons. Divide guests into two teams. On the word “go,” players will take turns placing a balloon-snowman on the chair and trying to pop it by sitting on it. Once a player pops his snowman, the next player on his team takes a turn. The first team to pop all of their balloons wins the race.

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    Build a Snowman

    Kids building snowmen on a winter day
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    If you happen to have snow outside, take advantage of it and have kids go out and build an actual snowman. You can even divide kids into teams and have a snowman-building contest.

    Some accessories to provide include food coloring (to paint the snow), kitchen tools (for sculpting), and a variety of clothes from old wardrobe pieces. With a fair amount of embellishments, kids can create anything from a rock star snowman to an alien. You can then award prizes for categories such as most creative, funniest, prettiest, and so on.

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    Classic Snowman Party Games

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    Add a snowman theme to some classic party games. For instance, kids can pass a plush snowman around a circle to play “Cold Snowman” instead of “Hot Potato,” or they can sit on cardboard cutouts of snowmen (taped to the floor) instead of chairs to play “Musical Snowmen.” Pin the carrot on the snowman is another idea for a snowy twist on a favorite party game.

You can't go wrong with these snowman-themed games. Read the descriptions to your child and decide on which one sounds like the most fun for your next winter party.