8 Fun Snowman-Themed Party Snacks

The snowman is a fun and friendly character that is popular not only for winter holidays but all season long. Use these snowman food ideas to dress up your holiday buffet table, treat the kids to a snowman-themed birthday celebration or serve as edible winter party favors. No matter the occasion, a snowman is always a welcome guest!

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    Melting Snowman Cocoa

    Christine Gauvreau

    Melting snowmen have never been so delightful! Make the snowman marshmallows ahead of time so they’re ready to drop into a mug of hot cocoa just before serving. To make them, simply dot on some melted chocolate for the eyes and add any piece of candy you prefer as the nose. Kids will love warming up with this whimsical, cold weather treat. 

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    Snowman Cupcakes

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    These snowman cupcakes make a jolly addition to any wintertime occasion. Make them as the dessert for a winter party, wrap them up and give them out as party favors or let the kids make their own snowman cupcakes as a fun winter-themed activity.

    How to Make Snowman Cupcakes

    • Frost white cupcakes with a generous amount of white frosting, swirling high peaks on top of the cupcakes.
    • Dip a toothpick into chocolate frosting and use it to “poke” eyes into the marshmallows.
    • Cut a lengthwise slit into the...MORE center of the marshmallow. Stick an orange round candy piece, lengthwise into the slit to form the snowman’s nose.
    • Place the marshmallows on top of the cupcakes.
    • Dab a bit of frosting onto each Rolo candy. Stick the Rolo candy pieces to the round cookies to make snowman hats.
    • Dab a bit of frosting on top of each marshmallow. Stick the hats to the marshmallows.
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    Snowman Cake

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Dreary winter days may seem a little bit brighter with this friendly guy around. Make a snowman cake for your own party or bring it to a holiday gathering as a hostess gift.

    With boxed cake mix and some simple candy decorations, this snowman cake is easier to make than you may think, which makes it something that's also easy enough to whip up and serve for no occasion at all. Use two round cakes for the body and a square cake, cut into the shape of the hat. Candy and icing work to complete...MORE the cake.

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    Ice Cream Party Ideas

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Want to build a snowman that’s the envy of the neighborhood? How about inviting the neighborhood kids over to share a treat that’s truly frosty – and delicious!

    An impromptu ice cream party can become the highlight of a snow day at home when the sundaes resemble snowmen. With these guys, melting is actually a good thing – when it happens over your taste buds, that is. 

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    Snowman Candy Bars

    Christine Gauvreau

    Here’s a great idea for a snowman food that can be used as a party favor. Wrap your kids’ favorite candy bars in plain white paper and then decorate it in fun snowman fashion! 

    Better yet, have the kids decorate the plain white wrappers themselves as a cool party craft. 

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    Sledding Snowman Treats

    Christine Gauvreau

    These sledding snowmen are a fun, edible party craft for guests to make. Or, make them ahead of times and hand them out as game prizes or cute favors that kids can take home and enjoy later. It only takes minutes to transform a few simple treats into cute, sledding snowmen. 

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    Snowman Pizza

    Here’s a snowman you can put in the oven! Just mold your dough into the shape of a snowman and top with your favorite white sauce and mozzarella cheese. A combination of olives and pepperoni slices works well for the eyes, mouth, and buttons, and the best of all you can still use a carrot for the nose!

    Another option is to make individual snowman pizzas by arranging and decorating English muffin halves. 

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    Snowman Party Mix

    Use miniature marshmallows as the main ingredient in a party mix meant to resemble deconstructed snowmen. Pour the marshmallows into a large bowl and then add in thin pretzel sticks (snowman arms), mini chocolate chips(snowman eyes), candy corn (noses), mini peanut butter cups or Rolos (hats) and red string licorice (scarves). 

    Serve at your party, or bag it up and add labels that read: "Snowman Trail Mix" to send home as party favors.