Spy Games for a Secret Agent Birthday Party

A magnifying glass above a fingerprint document
Martin Diebel / Getty Images

Calling all super spies, secret agents, and undercover operatives! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is simple: Report to the party room and have fun playing these secret agent games

Between the Laser Beams

To play this game, you’ll need an area where you can string some yarn, ribbon or tape in a web-like pattern. Once you have set up the laser beam obstacle course, place a valuable item on one side. Have the kids line up on the other side. One at a time, players must weave their way through without touching any of the “laser beams.” When a player reaches the other side, she must grab the valuable item and return through the course to the starting place. If she hits a beam, she is out. Time players as they tackle the web of lasers. The player to complete the task in the least amount of time wins.

Find the Fingerprints

To play this game, have each player put his thumbprint (use an ink pad) onto two sticky notes. Place one set of the fingerprints aside. Take the remaining fingerprints and stick them in various locations around the house. Shuffle the other set of fingerprints and give one to each player. Set a timer and challenge them to go and find their matching fingerprints before time runs out.

Secret Missions

Before the party, write several secret missions on paper and place them in a hat. When guests arrive, have each one pick a mission from the hat. They must read it without telling anyone what it is. Guests have the duration of the party to complete the task they chose without being caught in the act by another player. Once they have successfully completed a mission, players may report to the adult in charge to collect a reward (trinket prize, candy bar, certificate, etc.)

Some ideas for secret missions:

  • Write a message on another guest’s paper plate or napkin.
  • Smuggle a roll of toilet paper out of the bathroom.
  • Deflate a party balloon.
  • Rearrange some table settings.
  • Hide one of the birthday gifts.
  • Swipe something from the fridge. 

Locate the Bomb

Set an alarm clock or a kitchen timer for 10-15 minutes. Place the ticking clock inside of a box and tape it up with several layers of tape. Hide the box. Tell the secret agents that there is a ticking bomb someplace in the party space that they must locate and dismantle before it “explodes” (before the alarm rings).

Crack the Code Clue Hunt

Hide something to do with the party such as the birthday cake, the presents or the party favors. Think of several locations to hide clues. Write the clues in code (for instance, number the letters of the alphabet 1 through 26, then use the corresponding numbers instead of letters to spell out the clues). Hide the clues (one clue should lead to the next clue and so on). Give the kids a pencil and a chart that matches the numbers to the letters. Give them the first clue to crack. Once they have figured it out, they will head to the next location to crack the next clue. When they crack the last clue, it will tell them the location of the mystery item.

Five Clue Who?

Place the names of all the party guests in a hat. Have one player leave the room. Pull one of the names out of the hat and read it to the remaining players. That is the name of the guilty party. Bring the other child back into the room. That player gets to ask five questions “yes or no” of any five players to try and determine who the culprit is. If he guesses incorrectly, he is out of the game, and a new player is chosen to leave the room. If he guesses correctly, he gets to choose the next guesser.