How to Throw a Star Wars Party

Host a Birthday Bash for Jedis (or Sith) in Training

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Planning a Star Wars birthday party for your kid? May the force be with you.

Don’t get me wrong. Star Wars is a fantastic theme for kids’ parties. The challenge is that there are so many characters, so many plotlines … so many ideas that you might not know where to start.

Consider this article your Jedi master. Keep reading for instructions on how to throw the ultimate Star Wars soirée and click on the links throughout to see some of the ideas in action.

Party Invitations

Pre-made Star Wars party invitations are readily available in stores. If you’d prefer a custom creation, though, here are some ideas:

  • Imitate the opening crawl of the original trilogy, where the words disappear into the distance. You could write something like, “12 years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Mike was born. Today, he would like to invite you to his birthday party, which will be held on June 20. Until then, may the force be with you.”
  • If you’re sending digital invitations, you can even use a “crawl creator” to make the text.
  • Send everyone an inexpensive, inflatable lightsaber (compare prices) with the party information printed on a scroll of paper that’s wrapped around the saber. On the invitations, ask the guests to bring the lightsabers to the party.
  • Or make your own lightsaber invitations using empty paper-towel rolls, like these Star Wars party invitations from The Blackberry Vine. You can also make lightsabers from the foam insulation normally used around pipes, sold at home-improvement stores.
  • If you have a photo-editing program (and the skills to go with it), you could take an image of a popular character and superimpose a photo of your child’s face on top.
  • Take a photo of your junior Jedi and turn the picture into a postcard (using a service like Café Press or your own computer program), with the party information printed on the back.

Star Wars-Themed Snacks

The food you serve at a Star Wars-themed party should match the theme. Consider these ideas:

  • The blog JustJennRecipes offers a variety of recipes for everything from "Vader Taters" to "Yoda Soda".
  • You’ll also find a multitude of menu ideas in the official Star Wars cookbooks (compare prices). Wookiee cookies, anyone?
  • Here’s an easy snack idea: dip pretzel logs into melted candy chips to make them look like lightsabers.
  • Keep in mind, you can make almost any food fit a party theme with clever labeling. Serving veggies and dip, for example? Add a sign that calls it Vader Veggies and Droid Dip. Is it a slumber party? Serve Anakin Pancakes for breakfast. Make a gelatin mold called Jabba the Hutt Jelly. Or serve a crockpot of hot Chewbacca Chili, and top it with shredded cheese to resemble hair. The possibilities are endless.

Cakes and Other Desserts

You can have a lot of fun when it comes time to serve a Star Wars cake or dessert. Check out these ideas:

Party Decorations

When choosing a color scheme for a Star Wars party, start with black, gray, and white. You can add tan and blue accents, too. Check out Natalie Putnam’s Star Wars party on Frosted Events for inspiration.

Games and Activities

Here are some easy party games that fit the Star Wars theme:

  • Try this idea from Jessica Wise of VeryMom: "Jedi Training." Hand out lightsabers made from cardboard tubes and balloons (blown up with regular air, not helium), and then instruct your guests to see how long they can keep the balloons from touching the ground using their sabers.
  • Organize a “Race through the Galaxy” obstacle course, where the guests must jump through hula hoops (planet rings), crawl under low netting or tables, and find a hidden object that gives the contestants light speed racing power, allowing them to skip a station.
  • Play Star Wars bingo, as described on The Tip Junkie.
  • If you plan to have a piñata, make one following these basic piñata-making instructions. Decorate it to look like the Death Star, and then use a baseball bat or stick painted to look like a lightsaber to crack it open.
  • You could also purchase a Darth Vader piñata (compare prices) and let the kids take a swing at the ultimate bad guy.
  • What’s a party without pinning a “tail” on something? Pin the buns on Princess Leia’s head … Pin the lightsaber in Hans Solo’s hands … Pin the ears on Yoda. You get the picture.
  • Your guests might also enjoy making crafts. There’s a Star Wars Craft Book (compare prices) with a plethora of ideas.
  • Create a backdrop of Tatooine or another planet in the franchise where the kids can have their photo taken.

Party Favors

When it comes time to send everyone home with a token of your appreciation, consider these party favors and goodie bag fillers:

  • Flashlights
  • A package of gum labeled “Chewbacca Chewing Gum”
  • Franchise-themed Pez dispensers
  • Inflatable lightsabers
  • Lightsabers made from empty wrapping paper tubes or foam pipe insulation
  • Star Wars LEGOS
  • You’ll get an A+ for effort on this one, but consider sewing the guests Jedi robes as something they can wear during the bash and then take home as a reminder of the good times they had fighting the Dark Side.

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