34 Kid's Storage Ideas for Any Room

Organization for a kid's play room

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It's not a matter of if your kid's bedroom or playroom will get messy, but when. When you put children in a room filled with toy trucks and Duplo sets, they won't leave the space better than they found it, and you can only tolerate so much chaos before threatening to donate every toy they love.

Not to worry—there are plenty of storage solutions and organizational tips available to help both you and your children keep the room clean. In fact, we've gathered practical ideas to help you start tidying up your kid's play space today, no matter what room it's in.

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    Install Adjustable Shelves

    Adjustable shelves for kids playroom

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    A collection of thrifted bookshelves is one way to organize your kid's playroom. This adjustable shelf system, however, is an effective alternative that allows you to customize drawers and shelf spaces to fit you children's personal collections.

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    Use Bins to Organize Accessories

    Little girl's bows accessories organization

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    For the parents who love dressing up their littles in pretty barrettes and bows, pick up some drawer organizers. This system makes each accessory easy to locate and prevents you from constantly digging for for the option you want.

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    Color-Coordinate Books

    Color-coordinated children's books

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    If you have more children's books than you know what to do with, consider a color-coordinated storage system. This is especially ideal for a nursery or older kids who can maintain the aesthetic.

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    Simplify With Cube Storage

    Cube storage cubbies for kid's playroom

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    Not sure which storage solution fits your preferences best? A simple set of cubbies may be the perfect fit. They're easy to find and easy to set up in any space. Teach your kids to play with one cubby at a time and put the contents away before moving onto another.

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    Select Some Stylish Built-Ins

    Built-in cabinets for kid's playroom

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    If you have more board games and Lego sets than you know what to do with, create a wall of built-in cabinets to keep the clutter contained. This is a great storage solution for families with several children in different age groups and/or with varying interests.

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    Use Fabric Bins for Toddlers

    Kid's playroom organization

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    Some toddlers take more pleasure in destroying their toys than playing with them. That's why fabric storage baskets can be so practical. Kiddos can gnaw on the rim and climb inside the cubby, then you can toss everything back in at the end of the day.

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    Add Picture Labels

    Kid's playroom storage with picture labels

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    Many professional home organizers suggest labeling storage bins throughout the home. For the kid's room, however, picture labels can be especially helpful. Fill a bin, snap a photo of the contents, then place that picture on the container so your child always knows what goes inside.

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    Put Stuffed Animals on Display

    Stuffed animals on display in kid's playroom

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    If stuffed animals are your child's pride and joy, create a storage system that lets them showcase the collection. A basic bookcase is easy for small kiddos to keep up with and gives every stuffed buddy a cozy home.

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    Choose Neutral Storage Solutions

    Little girl's playroom

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    Children's toys are rarely neutral shades of gray and beige. They're vibrant pinks and blues and greens, and the bold color palette can be overwhelming for some. A neutral storage system, however, creates a clean visual aesthetic in your kid's room.

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    Utilize Wall Space in the Closet

    Kid's storage system in closet

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    Your child's closet may already be stuffed to the brim, but what about the walls? This closet is not only neatly organized with labeled bins, but a set of wall hooks keep other toys from collecting on the floor.

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    Add Kid-Friendly 'Labels'

    American Girl dolls and animal storage cubbies for kids room

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    Labels are a great way to keep track of what toys go where, but find the system that works for you and your child. This adorable set of animal-themed storage baskets, for example, can be a fun alternative to written labels.

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    Choose Solid Bins for a Clean Look

    Storage cubbies with books and board games

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    Clear, plastic storage bins can certainly help kids spot the toy they want quickly, but solid bins and baskets provide a tidy look in an often untidy space. These storage baskets, for instance, hide the baskets' contents, giving the shelf a clean face.

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    Keep 80% of Your Kids' Toys Stored

    Storage bins with labels for kid's toys

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    An easy way to keep your kid's play space tidy is to store 80% of their toys out of sight. Rather than purchasing something new when they get bored of the accessible 20%, swap the toys out every couple of months.

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    Choose Shallow Bins for Easy Access

    Kid's closet storage with white baskets

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    Instead of buying baskets and cubbies tall enough to fill your child's shelves, consider some short bins. The benefit of shallow bins is that your child can access whatever toys they want without pulling out (and dumping) the entire bin.

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    Give Legos a Proper Home

    Lego storage in clear, labeled bins in drawer

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    Most adults have a love-hate relationship with Legos, but there are ways to improve your relationship with this timeless toy. This storage system, for instance, arranges Legos by color, in shallow and labeled file organizers, within a deep drawer.

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    Use Some Toys as Decor

    Kid's room storage system with toys on display

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    Storage baskets and bins may be the simplest method for tidying up your kid's play space quickly, but not every toy must be hidden. In fact, one way to "decorate" your kid's room is to put a couple of pretty toys on display. This shelf, for example, highlights a gorgeous toy boat and wooden rainbow.

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    Consider File Folders for Craft Supplies

    Craft supplies storage in labeled file folders in drawer

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    If you liked the previously mentioned storage system for Legos, you might enjoy this similar option for craft supplies. Sort your stickers, construction paper, markers, and other items in labeled bins within a deep drawer. Accessing these supplies and putting them away will be a breeze.

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    Hang Outdoor Equipment

    Garage storage system for kid's play equipment

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    Balls, scooters, and hula hoops can crowd your child's playroom, but storing these items in the garage is much more practical. Consider a slat wall like this one to make every toy and "tool" more accessible for your kiddos. As they grow into new and bigger toys, you can adjust your hooks as needed.

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    Tell Kids to "Park" Their Cars

    Baskets for kids storage in playroom

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    If your child is a big fan of little cars, here's a simple trick to help they clean up. Instead of simply telling your kid to put away their cars and trucks, ask them to "park" their vehicles. It will make cleaning more fun for your child, and the look of "parked cars" can be neat and tidy too.

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    Keep Craft Supplies in Bins

    Craft supplies in plastic bins

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    If you have a crafty kid, another effective storage system to consider is clear, plastic bins with picture labels. This option makes finding the right supplies easy, so your child won't have to dig through a box of glue sticks and pom poms to find what they want.

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    Face Books Forward

    Kid's room book storage

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    If you don't like the look of a crowded book shelf, this storage tip may be just right for you. Display children's books facing forward so your child can locate the book they want immediately. Layered books can also add a touch of color to a more neutral bedroom.

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    Avoid Over-Stuffing Bins

    Storage bins for kid's room

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    Just because there is more space in your storage container does not mean you should keep adding toys. Resist the urge to over-fill your kid's baskets and bins. You'll find the clean, open space across the tops of your storage containers to be much more pleasing to the eye.

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    Give Your Playroom a Theme

    Kid's playroom with storage

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    A simple way to make your kid's playroom seem less cluttered is to focus on one theme for the space. There might be toy trucks and stuffed animals competing for the spotlight, but highlighting one idea in the room can make the overall aesthetic more cohesive.

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    Teach Kids to Sort

    Organized children's bins with toys

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    No matter what storage solution appeals most to you, it's imperative that you involve your child in the process of organizing. Whether you opt for labeled bins or a collection of wicker baskets, help your kid understand what goes where, so you can work together to maintain a tidy space.

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    Keep Workspaces Tidy

    Children's workspace for homework

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    If there's any portion of your child's playroom or bedroom that must stay neat and tidy, it's the desk. Teach your child to clear their desktop when they're finished working. Add tools like a file organizer to remind them to stow homework and art projects before leaving the workspace.

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    Hide the Clutter With Cabinets

    Cabinets for kid's playroom storage

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    As mentioned, open shelving paired with bins and baskets makes for an excellent storage system. However, if you prefer an even cleaner look for your kid's playroom, select a set of fun cabinets to keep their toys completely out of sight.

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    Add Play Spaces Within the Room

    Kid's bedroom with bunk beds and play tent


    Just as labeled bins can help teach your child to put their toys away, "zones" within a bedroom can do the same. Extra pillows go in the toy fort. Stuffed animals belong under the loft. When you create spaces within a room for play, work, and rest, it will help your child remember what goes where.

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    Resist the Urge to Add More Storage

    Storage bins for kid's toys

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    As you organize, remember to create storage spaces for specific belongings, not the other way around. Before you add an extra bin to that open space on the shelf, take a moment to evaluate whether or not it needs to be filled. If you don't have an item or basket for the space, leave it be.

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    Use Matching Baskets

    Storage for kid's toys

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    Another way to keep your kid's room looking clean and organized is to purchase matching storage containers. This option depends on your own unique preferences. If you like a cohesive look, using the same set of bins or baskets can help create that aesthetic.

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    Customize Storage Containers to Toy Type

    Storage solutions for small toys

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    If your child has amassed a collection of tiny Legos, a storage container with dividers may be beneficial. If they prefer oversized stuffed animals, perhaps a basket by the bed would house the bunch best. As you begin organizing your kid's playroom, purchase storage solutions that best fit your child's toys and tastes.

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    Keep Surfaces Clear

    Kid's playroom with storage system

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    Just as with your child's desk, teach your kid to clear the tops of tables and even bookcases when they're finished playing. Simple tips like these can help your child understand clearly what your expectations are when it comes to cleanliness.

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    Add Bench Storage

    Storage for kid's toys under bench

    Kristin Mitchell

    Benches with built-in drawers and shelves for storage are an excellent solution for untidy play spaces. Not only can this piece of furniture keep clutter to a minimum, but you can use it for reading with your child, folding laundry, and much more.

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    Consider Tiered Storage for Visual Interest

    Storage cubbies for kid's toys

    Valentina Perfilyeva

    For some people, a collection of cubbies for storage or a set of bookcases won't be an appealing solution for their child's playroom. If that's you, consider a tiered look. This arrangement, plus the addition of some adorable stuffed animals, adds some visual interest to an otherwise boring storage system.

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    Arrange Board Games Vertically

    Storage system for kid's toys

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    For the kids who love intricate puzzles or classic board games like Operation and Trouble, consider storing the board game boxes sideways. When your child reaches for Monopoly, they won't topple a stack of games in the process. If you opt for this tip, be sure to keep the boxes closed with rubber bands.