Super Bowl Party Ideas for Kids

Are you ready for some football party ideas? Whenever the end of the NFL season comes around, it seems that even kids who aren’t fans can get caught up in the excitement of the Super Bowl. If you have kids who want to celebrate the big game day, these tips for everything from footballl fun foods to super bowl party games for kids can help you plan an awesome party.

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    Super Bowl Party Games for Kids

    Super Bowl Party at Home
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    Get ideas for entertaining the kids between quarters with this collection of fun football party games for kids. From a few rounds of Referee Balloon Pop to putting on their very own halftime show, this list of ideas features game ideas that are small on the prep work, but deliver big time fun for everyone.

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    Fun Football Party Food for Kids

    You've got the game on the big screen, the house is decorated with all of your fan-fare flair, and you've planned plenty of cool super bowl party games and activities. But everyone knows the thing that actually makes a super bowl party super is the food.

    From appetizers like peanut butter football dip, to football shaped pizza to super bowl (ice cream) sundaes, these ideas for fun party fare with a football theme will delight not only kids, but hungry guests of any age. 

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    How to Throw a Super Bowl Party for Kids

    Want to throw a kid-friendly, football-themed party for Super Bowl Sunday? These tips from Megan Cooley include plenty of ideas to please the kids at your Super Bowl bash.

    From invitation ideas that range from mock game programs to football shaped cards to decorating ideas that include serving food from overturned football helmets, you’ll find everything you need to throw a super cool, Super Bowl celebration for kids.

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    Throw a Tailgate Party for Kids

    Who says you have to be in the stadium parking lot to enjoy the excitement of tailgating? Ask friends and neighbors to park in your driveway or yard, pop their trunks and enjoy some pre-game bbq, snacks and fun with these super, stay-at-home tailgate party ideas. 

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    Super Bowl Commercial Games

    Let's face it; some of the best parts of watching the Super Bowl occur during the commercials. From rating the product promos to a round of commercial bingo, this collection of Super Bowl party games for kids revolves around the ads that air during the big game. 

    And there is no rule that says only the kids can play. Get the grown-ups in on the big game fun. It's likely to be the hit of your super bowl party. 

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    Super Bowl Party for Teens

    If you're hosting a group of teens at your house to watch the Super Bowl, chances are your own teen would like you to help with the supply of party necessities (a roof, tv, food) and then make yourself scarce. 

    Denise Witmer shares some great tips for throwing a Super Bowl party for a group of teenagers. Ideas for invitations, decorating and food along with party rules for teens are among the ways she suggests to help keep the event as happy and stress-free for everyone (especially Mom( as possible).

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    Super Bowl Snack Table

    Once you have that menu planned,  Donna Pilato shows you how to decorate your buffet table to look like a football field. This table is so adorable it may even make them forget all about the one on the television screen.

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    Super Bowl Party Crafts

    Those football party games for kids can be quite exciting, but even a Super Bowl party can sometimes use a little down time. Before they get over excited, gather the kids around a table to settle in and make some of these fun football-themed crafts.