Kids’ Tablets With the Best Value

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Check out these kids' tablets with the best value! Kids' tablets range in price, features, and options. Since many children are not careful with their devices, many parents look for tablets that are cost-effective but can also offer fun learning activities and educational games.

It can be a challenge to compare and contrast all of the features in order to decide which one is the best tablet for kids. Parental controls, safe browsing on the internet through wifi while using the tablet, and lightweight tablets for travel are important features.

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    nabi SE Tablet from Mattel

    Mattel nabiSE kids tablet

    At only $50 the nabi SE Tablet is an extremely versatile Android tablet with exceptional value. Complete with learning activities, animation software, a camera for photos and videos, and dozens of pre-loaded, popular Android apps, this inexpensive tablet has a lot of value.

    Parents can configure the tablet to also include their own favorite Google apps like YouTube and Gmail. Movie apps like Netflix and Hulu can also be used on this tablet. The nabi Tablet can also sync with the nabi Fitness Tracker. There are Hot Wheels and Barbie-themed tablets.

    This tablet is perfect for older elementary age students who want to play fun games and watch movies, but who may not be as responsible to have a more expensive tablet.

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    iPad/iPad mini

    child on iPad

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    At $399 the iPad mini is by far the most expensive tablet on this list. While it is not specifically designed for kids, many parents buy them as a device to be shared by all members of the family. Children become acquainted with iPads quickly.

    Not many people will argue the kind of value an iPad can offer in terms of music, photos, and entertainment for both kids and adults. Many companies create high-quality apps designed specifically for an iOS tablet.  An iPad also offers value to many children's toys like drones, robots, phonics games, and the smartest rubber ducky you'll ever meet! 

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    Kindle Fire for Kids

    Kindle Fire Tablet for Kids

    The Kindle Fire tablet for kids is an HD tablet under $100. The tablet includes 12 hours of battery life and an excellent worry-free warranty. The tablet arrives with one year of FreeTime Unlimited, which offers children access to 15,000 popular apps and games, videos, books, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, Netflix, YouTube, and Minecraft. The Kindle Fire tablet ships free with an Amazon Prime membership.

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    Kurio Extreme 2

    Kurio Tablet for Kids

    For parents who are worried about safety, the Kurio tablet for kids can filter 450 million sites and block inappropriate content. The Kurio offers parental controls on websites and apps. The tablet will connect to the television to allow kids to play 2 player motor based app games. The software allows 8 individual player profiles. The Kurio Extreme 2 costs less than $100.

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    Samsung Kids Tab E Lite

    Samsung Kids Tab E Lite

    With the Samsung Kids Tab E Lite tablet, has a 7-inch screen and 8 hours of battery life. The Samsung Kids service, which is an additional $5 per month subscription fee, offers access to hundreds of apps. Parents can also access their favorite apps from the Google Play store.

    Parental controls help monitor the child's tablet time and app use. The service does not allow for any unnecessary ads or in-app purchases. The Samsung tablet is $99.99.

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    LeapFrog Platinum

    LeapPad Platinum Learning Tablet

    Leapfrog learning tablets have been entertaining children with educational content since 2011. The tablet, with a 7-inch screen, can hold up to 100 educator-approved games. The Leapsearch function also allows children to safely access parent-approved websites and YouTube content. A 2-megapixel front and rear camera take photos and videos. The device includes a rechargeable battery with 5 hours of viewing time. The Leapfrog Platinum costs $129.

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    LeapFrog EPIC

    LeapFrog Epic Android Learning Tablet
    LeapFrog / Amazon

    The LeapFrog EPIC tablet is an educational tablet for kids ages 3-9. The EPIC has an android processor, a built-in rechargeable battery, blue-tooth compatibility and a 2-megapixel front and rear camera for photos and videos.

    The Leapsearch feature offers children the ability to browse parent-approved websites safely using a wifi connection. Parental controls include app and website restrictions. Learning games for kids of all ages can be downloaded from the Leapfrog App Center. The LeapFrog EPIC tablet costs $139 and is best for older preschoolers and early elementary age students.

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    PBS Kids Playtime Pad

    PBS Kids Playtime Pad
    PBS Kids

    The PBS Kids Playtime Pad is a tablet for kids that features a child's favorite PBS Kids characters. The tablet includes an Android processor, a 2-megapixel front and back camera, parental controls and wifi compatibility.

    Parents have access to Google Play. The content on the tablet includes 120 video clips, songs and music videos with favorite PBS characters like Daniel Tiger, Wild Kratts, Dinosaur Train, Super Why, and Peg + Cat. At $80 the PBS Kids Playtime Pad is a great first tablet for toddlers and preschoolers.