Tea Party Games for Children

Two girls having a tea party

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Are you throwing a tea party for kids? Stir in a little extra fun with these fabulous tea party games!

I’m a Little Teapot Freeze Dance

This game is played almost the same as the traditional party game of Freeze Dance, but with a little twist. Instead of random music, play the I’m a Little Teapot song. As the song plays, kids will do the teapot dance that corresponds with the lyrics. At random points in the song, stop the music. When the music stops, players must freeze in the middle of whatever teapot motion they are doing. Anyone who doesn’t freeze, or breaks position is out of the game. The music continues and so does the game until only one player is left.

Pass the Sweet Pot

To play this game, fill a teapot with sweets. Have players sit on the floor in a circle. Play some music and have them pass the pot around. Whenever the music stops, the player holding it is out, but before leaving the circle, she gets to take a sweet from the pot. Keep playing until everyone has earned a sweet.

Musical Tea Cups

This game is similar to the traditional game of musical chairs. Instead of a row of chairs, however, players will circle a table that has been set with teacups (one less than you have players). When the music stops, players must reach for a teacup and pretend to take a sip of tea. The player left without a teacup must exit the game. Keep removing teacups as players are eliminated (one for each player). Play continues until only one player is left holding a cup.

Tea Bag Scavenger Hunt

Start with several different types of flavors or brands of tea bags. Or, use regular tea bags, but write different flavors or names on the labels. Create two sets of tea bags (each set should contain the same amount of tea bags, with a variety of flavors). Make a list of all of the flavors for each set. Hide the tea bags around the party space. Divide players into two teams. Give each team a list. The first team to return with all of the tea bags listed wins the scavenger hunt. You can reward them with a prize or make the losing team serve tea to the winning team.

Blind Tea Test

To play this game, brew a few different flavors of tea. Serve the tea to blindfolded players and see who can guess the flavors they are sipping. Score points for each correct guess, or eliminate players who guess incorrectly and keep playing until only one person remains. 

Tea Party Relay

Divide players into two teams. Give each team a teapot, a teacup, and a saucer. Have them line up behind a starting line. Several feet away from the starting line, place two teapots that have been filled with cold water. On the go, the teams must race, relay-style, balancing their cups on the saucers, to fill the cups from the full pot, then carry the cup on the saucer back to their teams and pour the water into the empty pot. Once all players have run in the relay, you measure which pot is the most full. That team wins the game.

Tea Bag Toss

Line up several cups on a table. Have players stand behind a line. Give them each a handful of tea bags and challenge them to toss the tea bags from the line into the cup. Award one point for each tea bag that lands in the cup. The player with the most points after all the tea bags have been thrown wins.

Sugar Cube on a Spoon

Play this game like the classic Egg on a Spoon Relay. Instead of an egg, however, kids have to carry a sugar cube on a spoon. Anytime a sugar cube falls, the player who dropped it must go back to the starting line and start over.

Pin the Cup on the Saucer

To play this tea party version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, draw a saucer on a piece of poster board. Blindfold players and hand them a cutout in the shape of a teacup. See who can pin their cup on the saucer (or who gets the closest to the saucer).

Sugar and Creamer Race

Divide players into two teams. Give each team a sugar bowl and creamer (empty). About 15 feet away from the starting line, place a sugar bowl full of sugar and a creamer full of water (one set for each team). Give each team a spoon. They must race, in relay fashion, to transfer the sugar and water to their empty bowls and creamers, using only the spoons to carry the fillings.

Sugar Cube Stacking Contest

Have players sit around a table. Give them each a box of sugar cubes. Set a timer for two minutes. See who can stack their sugar cubes the highest.


Lookabout is a traditional Victorian game that can be played at tea parties. To play, hold up a teapot for all players to see. Have them leave the room, and once they are gone “hide” it out in the open (where it can be seen but is not obvious). Have the players come back into the room and quietly look around for the teapot. When a player spots the teapot, they don’t say anything, but rather take a seat. The last player left standing must choose and hide the next item (such as a teacup, sugar bowl, creamer, etc.).