How to Throw a Lovely Tea Party for Kids

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    Set the Tea Table

    Tea party table setting

    A tea party is one of those occasions where the table settings really do matter. No plastic tableware here, it's time to break out the fancy linens and pretty china. Each setting should have, at the very least, a teacup, saucer and bread plate. Don't forget to leave room on the table for the star of the show: the teapot. Place one in the center, or, if you have a lot of guests, set two or three of them along the table.

    Some ideas for tea party table accessories:

    • Lace Doilies.
    • Flowers.
    • Mini framed place cards.
    • Strings of faux pearls (fun to wrap around napkins).


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    Make it a Breakfast

    Tea Party Breakfast
    Happiness is Homemade

    Heidi of Happiness is Homemade shares her tips from a tea party breakfast she hosted for friends. What a great idea for a kids' party, as most youngsters much prefer breakfast food over traditional tea party food like scones and cucumber sandwiches. This idea would also be a special way to serve breakfast on the morning after a slumber party. 


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    Take it Outside

    Outdoor tea party

    If the weather is warm, why not host your tea party out in the garden, on the patio or on the lawn, picnic style? Set an outdoor table or spread a blanket on the lawn so the little ones can enjoy their very own tea party as a picnic.

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    Invite Your Teddy Bear

    Teddy bear tea party

    For little kids, make it a teddy bear (or any plush animal) tea party. Children will love to bring their favorite stuffed friends along with them to enjoy an afternoon of tea and games. You can even have them dress up their bears in tea time fashion as one of your party activities. 

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    Serve Tea Bag Biscuit Cookies

    Tea Party Cookies
    As Easy as Apple Pie

    Thank you, Elena, from As Easy as Apple Pie, for sharing these sweet snacks that are just the perfect snack for a tea party. Make these chocolate dipped shortbread cookies to serve to guests, or wrap them up as delightful little tea party favors. Adorable!

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    Serve Tea Sandwiches

    Finger sandwiches

    It's true that they may turn their noses up at sandwiches stiffened with watercress or arugula, but thankfully, there are many ideas for tea sandwiches for kids. You can stick with tradition, but change it up just enough to please your young guests. Ideas include simple fillings like peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, or turkey and mayonnaise. Simply by trimming off the crusts you will have made them fancy for your princess or rock star.

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    Play Tea Party Games

    Girls dancing outside
    Christine Gauvreau

    From "I'm a Little Teapot" Freeze Dance to a sugar cube stacking race to the traditional Victorian tea party game of Lookabout, ​playing games at a children's tea party will stir just the right amount of entertainment into your event.

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    Give Tea Party Favors

    Party favors and hat
    Westend61 / Getty Images

    Send your tea party guests home with a special keepsake. A tea cup is a lovely idea for a party favor. You can fill it with chocolate kisses or any kind of small, wrapped candies.

    Other ideas for tea party favors:

    • A box of tea, wrapped in pretty ribbon.
    • Play tea sets.
    • Cupcakes or cookies, packaged in decorative boxes.
    • Tea party hats.