14 Amazing (And Totally DIY-Able) Tree Houses for Kids

Ah, the tree house—a childhood dream we never entirely get over. Whether you want to share your experience of lording over a one-of-a-kind playhouse in the sky with your little ones or are keen to build them the tree fort you always wish you had, you’ll find plenty of inspiration among these amazing (and totally doable) DIY tree houses.

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    Layers of Fun

    Two-story tree house with cargo net
    Living Edge Tree Houses & Edible Landscapes / Houzz

    This two-story tree house, from Living Edge Treehouses & Edible Landscapes featured on Houzz, connects a simple tree platform to a raised shelter via a cargo net passage. It’s the perfect place to hang around and catch the breeze on a warm summer’s day. 

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    Toddler-Friendly Tree House

    Tree stump tree house
    Made With Happy

    Though it may sit a little lower to the ground than your average tree house, this pint-sized tree-stump palace spotted on Made With Happy, will leave your little one on cloud nine. With a cheery yellow interior, clean blue and white striped curtains and little more than a three-foot drop to the grassy ground below, it’s the perfect starter home for an adventuring toddler on the go.

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    Rustic Simplicity

    Rustic, natural wood tree house
    Whitney Lyons / Houzz

    This rustic tree house, featured on Houzz by Whitney Lyons, incorporates organic materials and scrap lumber into a simple, understated design that blends nicely into its picturesque garden surroundings. The piece de resistance? A bucket on a pulley—perfect for passing secret messages and other goodies to friends above.

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    Tree Fort

    Tree fort play yard
    Stout Design-Build / Houzz

    Spotted on Houzz, this beautiful custom-made tree house from Stout Design-Build is a childhood dream come true. What kid wouldn’t love a multi-decked tree fort featuring swings, a slide, and even a rock-climbing wall? And the hand-painted “Little Rascals” inspired signs? Too cute!

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    Pallet Wood Tree House

    Pallet wood tree house

    Looking for a childhood paradise that won’t break the bank? Made entirely of repurposed wooden pallets, this humble tree fort, featured on Homesthetics, cost only $30 to pull together. Add cushions, pillows, blankets, and a string or two of fairy lights, and you’ll have a comfortable hideaway that will entertain your kiddos all summer long.

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    Simple Slat House With Modern Appeal

    Contemporary tree house
    Austin Outdoor Design / Houzz

    This contemporary re-invention of the classic tree house, created by Austin Outdoor Designs and featured on Houzz, boasts beautiful tigerwood slats, floating stairs, and an elegant, modern steel frame.

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    Hammock Hangout

    Tree house with hammock hang out
    @ideiasdiferentes / Instagram

    This four-post platform tree house, spotted on ideiasdiferentes on Instagram, leaves plenty of room for a pair of comfy hammocks suspended below the main deck. It’s the perfect shady spot to curl up with a good summer read.

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    Modern Beauty

    Modern contemporary play house
    Studio 30 Architects / HomeDSGN

    With its clean lines, steel foundation, and corrugated plastic walls, this contemporary playhouse made by Studio 30 Architects, is almost sculptural in its beauty, offering everything a kid could hope for with plenty of adult appeal.

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    Double the Fun

    Tree house with separate platform.
    Barbara Butler

    A small platform on a neighboring tree connected by a cargo net bridge doubles the fun of this beautiful woodland tree house featured by Barbara Butler.

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    The Cube

    Cube contemporary tree house
    Naço Architectures / DUENDE

    Few tree houses, modern or otherwise, are as eye-catching as this wood-slat cube created by Naço Architectures featured on DUENDE. Working with a budget? Basic materials and a simple yet striking design make this statement-making tree-fort doable for contemporary design lovers everywhere.

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    Simple Chevron Tree House

    Chevron upcycled tree house
    Carrie Bloomston

    With its bold chevron walls and rustic, multi-toned woods, this simple and versatile tree house, created by blogger and super mom Carrie Bloomston, transforms reclaimed wood and upcycled furniture into an artful and visually interesting play space that’s as beautiful as it is fun.

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    Hobbit Hole Tree House

    Hobbit hole tree house
    ghettocottage / Instructables

    It may be tucked snugly against the ground, but this hobbit-inspired hide-away from ghettocottage on Instructables is a tree house nonetheless.

    Built around the base of a tree and covered with a rich and grassy roof, this sweet little fairy house offers a nod to the centuries-old tradition of the “cobb house” while creating a beautiful and unobtrusive play space for the little sprites in your life.

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    Texture-Rich Tree House

    cedar shake shingle tree house
    Dirt-Digging Sisters

    Cedar shake shingles and a corrugated metal roof add a rich textural dimension to this simple plywood playhouse created by Shannon of Dirt-Digging Sisters. With no tree house-worthy tree in sight, the family had to improvise, incorporating a sapling tree into their design that will hopefully grow into its new digs.

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    Natural Nest

    Natural treehouse using rustic, organic wood.
    Mark Rogers / Traditional Home

    Who needs a tree when you can build your own?

    Made almost entirely of rustic, organic materials and dripping with rich green ivy and hanging plants, this tree-like perch designed by Mark Rogers featured in Traditional Home, couldn’t look more like the real thing.