Valentine Party Ideas for Kids

Sweets, Crafts, and a Whole Lot of Love

If you are looking for Valentine's Day party ideas for children, check out these great suggestions for celebrations at home and at school.

Think about incorporating fun valentine games for kids, yummy valentine treats, valentine crafts, and giving the gift of love for those in need of a friendly gesture of goodwill. These valentine party ideas are sure to be a hit with kids and grownups alike.

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    Cookie Decorating Party

    Home made Valentine cookies
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    A sure-to-please Valentine's Day party is one that mixes cookies and a child's creativity. All you need to get started are some basic sugar cookies baked into fun valentine shapes such as hearts and "Xs" and "Os," some pastry bags filled with pink, white, and red icing, and—the most important ingredient—a child's imagination.

    Kids will love getting creative and constructive as they strive to create edible works of art. Instead of making favors as treat bags, the finished creations become the goody bag. Make sure to get clear cellophane bags, some curling ribbon, and voila, children can even give their valentine cookies as a gift or treat for mom, dad, or a special someone.

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    Valentine Crafts Party

    Valentine crafts for kids
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    Another fun idea for a Valentine's Day celebration is a craft-making party. The hardest part is deciding what type of crafts you want to make with the children. There are virtually hundreds of crafts to choose from. Consider the age of the children, their ability level, then decide which crafts you want to make. Then, get some supplies, and let the children's imagination run wild. To get you started with a few ideas, check out these ideas for a heart wreath, Valentine's Day cards, or tissue paper flowers.

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    Bake-Your-Own-Treat Party

    Valentine's Cupcakes
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    Without a doubt, Valentine's Day is a sweet tooth's holiday. Consider throwing a valentine party that is centered around children helping you make the sweet treats from start-to-finish.

    And, an added benefit, you can make treats that are low fat and low in calories—good for the heart, too. Check out these sweet treat ideas, most sweet, a couple savory, that teach a valuable lesson about finding the way to a person's heart.

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    How to Throw a School Valentine's Party

    Girl with Valentine
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    If you are helping to set up a classroom party or are hosting a party for children at school, the main things you will need to think about are how many children will be there, what are their ages, and how long will the party be? Tailor your party to the children and the time you will have. It is always best to keep children busy. Some ideas to fill the time are valentine games for kids, hosting a valentine craft, and possibly making valentine treats for kids (or with them).

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    A Valentine's Day Party for a Cause

    care package
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    A great way to incorporate the feelings of love and compassion from the holiday into a party is to host a party with a charitable theme.

    You can put together care packages for troops serving overseas, make toys or treats for pets in shelters, or fill backpacks with school supplies to deliver to homeless children, just to name a few. There is hardly a better way to teach kids about love than to host a valentine party for a cause and show them how to give back to the community.