Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Kids

Heart Shaped Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies
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Celebrate all forms of love by hosting a Valentine's Day party ideas for children, whether at home or at school. A well-planned Valentine's Day party incorporates the theme into games, treats, and giving the gift of love to others in the community. These Valentine party ideas are sure to be a hit with kids and grownups alike.

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    Cookie Decorating Party

    Home made Valentine cookies

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    A sure-to-please Valentine's Day party mixes cookies with a child's creativity. You will need a batch of basic sugar cookies baked in Valentine shapes, such as hearts and "Xs" and "Os," as well as pastry bags filled with pink, white, and red icing, sprinkles, colored sugar, and other cookie adornments. Be sure to take photos of the decorated cookies, as these treats may not last long. Ask kids to vote on the prettiest, funniest, most colorful, or most classically decorated cookies, and offer prizes to the winner.


    The finished creations can be used as gifts for parents, grandparents, or siblings. Provide clear cellophane bags, curling ribbon, and gift tags.

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    Valentine Crafts Party

    Valentine crafts for kids
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    Put together a Valentine's Day craft-making party. The hardest part is deciding what type of crafts you want to make with the children, as there are so many options from which to choose. Some ideas include making a heart-shaped wreath, Valentine's Day cards, or tissue paper flowers. When selecting, consider the age of the children and their ability level. Once you've decided, purchase the necessary supplies and let the children's imagination run wild.

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    Bake-Your-Own-Treat Party

    Valentine's Cupcakes
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    Without a doubt, Valentine's Day is the holiday for those with a sweet tooth. Therefore, consider throwing a Valentine party entered around children helping you make the sweet treats from start to finish. Give everyone an apron—you can personalize them to make it extra-special—and a paper chef's hat, then assign them tasks to complete to make the treats. Ideas for baking include:

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    Games for a Valentine's Day Party

    Girl with Valentine
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    It's not really a party without games. Games with a Valentine's Day twist include Valentine's Day Pictionary, relay races, scavenger hunts, and variations on musical chairs. When selecting your games, consider how many children are participating, their ages, and how long will the party last, and then tailor your party games to those specifications. For example, Valentine's Day Pictionary probably works best with older kids when you have a little more time, but All Paired Up is appropriate for younger kids or if you don't have a lot of time for activities.

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    A Valentine's Day Party for a Cause

    care package
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    A great way to incorporate the feelings of love and compassion from the holiday into a party is to host a party with a charitable theme. Put together care packages for troops serving overseas, make toys or treats for pets in shelters, or fill backpacks with school supplies to deliver to homeless children, just to name a few. There is hardly a better way to teach kids about love than to host a Valentine party for a cause and show them how to give back to the community.

    You could also participate in the National Salute to Veteran Patients Program, marked annually on February 14. Contact your local VA and ask for the Voluntary Service to see how it is celebrated in your area. Make Valentine's cards and crafts to distribute to veterans in hospitals and care facilities.