Vampire Party Games

Child disguised as vampire for Halloween
Click&Boo / Getty Images

Entertain the undead at your vampire-themed Halloween party with these unique and fun games that have a gothic twist for something a little different.

Blood Suckers

Give each player a baby bottle or sippy cup filled with red juice. See who can suck all of the blood out of the bottle first. Hint: Use the smallest size baby bottle nipples to make this game the most challenging.

Vampire, Slayer or Victim?

Make as many cards as you have party guests. On one card, write the word “vampire.” On another card, write the word “slayer.” On all the rest of the cards, write the word “victim.” Have each player draw a card and read it, but without letting anyone else know what it says. Now everyone goes off to hide, including the vampire. The vampire’s job is to find victims while avoiding the slayer. Since nobody knows who is who, this is a challenge. If the vampire tags a player and says “I’m the vampire,” and that player is a victim, the tagged player becomes a vampire, too, and must help seek out more victims. If a vampire tags the slayer, however, then the vampire is out of the game (without revealing who slayed him). The vampires keep trying to turn victims without being slain by the slayer.

Musical Coffins

Set up your party space with chairs the same way you would for an ordinary game of musical chairs. Print out photos of coffins and tape them to the backs of the chairs. As the music plays, vampires circle the “coffins.” When the music stops, they all sit, and the one left standing is out of the game. Remove a chair and start a new round. Keep playing until one vampire remains.

Bowl of Blood Race

To set up for this game, you will need a table and a seat for each player. Set a bowl of red gelatin and a set of vampire fangs at each place setting. Have players take a seat and put on their fangs. With their hands held behind their backs, the vampires must race to see who can be the first to finish his or her bowl of “blood.”

Vampire Costume Relay Race

Divide players into two teams. Give each team a set of items to be worn as a vampire costume. One at a time, players must put on the costume, run to a designated place, return to his team, and give the costume to the next player in line. The relay race continues until one team is the first to have all members complete the course while wearing the vampire costume.

Vampire or Not

Have one player leave the room. This player is the vampire slayer. For the remaining players, hand out an even number or wax lips and vampire fangs. Have the kids put on their lips or fangs and then cover their mouths. The vampire slayer returns to the room and has to guess which players are vampires and which are not. Once he or she has made his or her guesses, have the kids reveal their teeth. Score a point for each correct guess. Then choose a new slayer and play again (with new fangs and lips). Keep playing until everyone has had a turn as the slayer. The slayer who scored the highest number of points wins.