Zombie Party Ideas

Zombie Party Signs


Marilyn Clark of 4 You With Love shares printable versions of these zombie warning signs. Print them out and attach them to stakes to decorate the yard or line the path to the party with these fun signs. Indoors, hang them all around the party space. You could even write on the backs to use them as invitations. 

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    Set the Table for a Zombie Sweets Feast

    Zombie Party Table

    When Marie Dannettelle of Sweets Indeed was asked to create a dessert table for a client, she spared no attention to detail. Fans of the show will appreciate the clever design and can read about how she created it all here. 

    Folks planning a zombie-themed party that isn't necessarily Walking Dead related can also find inspiration from her survivalist table design and dessert selections like chocolate-brain-topped cupcakes or cream puffs that ooze "green guts." Creeptastic!

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    Decorate with Body Parts

    Zombie Hands

    A fun idea for greeting those zombie party guests, these zombie planted hands were cultivated by Kate from Sew Woodsy. Easy to make from severed hands found at the dollar store, these can be planted and set anywhere from the front porch to the party table centerpiece. Check out Kate's tutorial to find out how to plant some zombie hands of your own. 

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    Play Zombie Games

    Zombie Party Games

    Zombies eat brains. Then they eat more brains. Then they—do they do anything other than eating brains? Well, at a zombie party, they play party games such as this Zombies Beware ball toss from Confetti Couture Events. 

    When they're done hitting the zombie targets, then you must gather your guests together to play a few rounds of zombie tag, compete in a zombie crawl race or set out on a body part scavenger hunt. These are just a few choices from this collection of zombie party games to "liven" up your party. 

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    Bake a Zombie Cake

    Zombie Birthday Cake

    When Sunny Duran of Sunny by Design threw a zombie-apocalypse birthday bash for her eight-year-old son, she served up this creepy (but cute) zombie cake. Because fighting zombies requires a kind of strength that can only be sustained with chocolate. Really. It says so in all of the zombie survival handbooks. Or at least it should. Either way, this cake with green hands sprouting out of the top is a clever way to satisfy any zombie hunter's sweet tooth. 

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    Serve Brain Cupcakes

    Zombie Brain Cupcakes

    Zombie slayers might enjoy chocolate birthday cake, but everyone knows a zombie's appetite craves only one thing: brains. These brain cupcakes from Sunny by Design's zombie apocalypse party are the perfect treat for the hungry dead. The themed signs are a bonus—and would make great favor tags if you wanted to wrap the cupcakes up and send them home as party favors. 

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    Make Zombie Virus

    Zombie Virus

    At My Mommy Style, they're not running from zombies, but rather lining up to become them. Check out their super cool zombie party for kids, where guests drink the virus to turn into zombies (complete with face paint to help the transformation).

    The marshmallow shooters are another fun idea, both for hunting zombies and for taking home as party favors!