Fun Zombie Games for Kids

A boy wearing zombie face paint

pixabay/Public Domain

Take advantage of the zombie trend by throwing a zombie-themed party. It's an ideal theme for a Halloween party, but it's also a fun birthday party idea for people who love all things creepy. Once you've figured out appropriate invitations, food and drinks, and decorations, turn your attention to zombie party games and activities.

Zombie Freeze

This game is very to freeze dance. Instead of dancing, however, have the party guests walk around like zombies as the music plays. When the music stops, instead of freezing, they have to lie down and play dead.

Zombie Crawl Race

Set up a starting line and a finish line. Have all the zombies lie down behind the starting line, flat on their tummies. Tell the zombies they have lost their legs and must crawl/drag themselves to the finish line. The first zombie to cross the finish line wins the race.

Brain Toss

Fill up a batch of pink water balloons, and then use a marker to draw lines—gently!—on the balloons to make them look like brains. Separate the players into pairs. Each pair of zombies has to toss a balloon back and forth, trying not to drop and splatter the brains. Have the pairs take a step back from one another as the game progresses, to make it more difficult to catch the brains. The last team of zombies left with an intact balloon wins the game.

Brain Relay

Use the same type of water balloons like the ones made for the brain toss game. Divide players into two teams. Give each team a bucket of brain-water-balloons. Players must race, relay-style, while walking like zombies to carry the brains from the bucket back to the team. The first team to gather all of their balloons wins.

Red Light, Walking Dead Light

It is a zombie twist on the classic schoolyard game of Red Light, Green Light. One player is the human. The human stands at the finish line with his back turned to others. The rest of the players are zombies. The zombies stand behind the starting line. When the human says “red light, walking dead light, one, two three!" the zombies move forward in zombie motions. When the human is done talking, they rapidly turn around, and the zombies freeze. Anyone who is caught moving when the human turns around is out. A zombie who can reach and tag the human while their back is turned is the winner.

Don’t Be a Zombie

Some suggestions for things players can’t do:

Before the party starts, make a list of things guests can’t do while playing this game. Assign one player to be the zombie. If the zombie catches a player doing one of the forbidden things, that player also becomes a zombie (and helps catch others as the game progresses).

  • Don’t say "zombie."
  • Don’t get caught eating brains (pick a party snack food at your party to be the brains).
  • Don’t use a certain colored napkin.
  • Don’t go into a certain room (pick a room or place such as the kitchen or the porch).
  • Don’t dance.
  • Don’t sing along to the music.

Celebrity Zombies

This game is similar to charades, but players can use words to play this game. The idea is that everyone in the world has been turned into a zombie. Place the names of several famous people into a hat or bowl. Players take turns pulling a name out of the hat and then imitating what that person might be like as a zombie. They may speak, but cannot say the name of the celebrity they are trying to describe.

Zombie Tag

In this game, one player is the zombie and the rest are humans. The zombie stands in the middle of the play area. Designate two safe zones on either side of the play area. The humans must start in one safe zone and make their way to the other safe zone without being tagged by the zombie. Any players who are tagged by the zombie must freeze in place. All of the humans who made it to the safe zone must try again to cross back to the original safe zone.

Along the way, a human can tag a frozen player to set her free but must be careful not to be tagged in the process. Free players can make their way back to the safe zone for the next round. Players who were not set free become zombies, too, and help the first zombie tag humans as they run across. Keep playing until everyone had been turned into a zombie.

Musical Zombies

It is a "Walking Dead" version of the classic game of musical chairs. Instead of chairs, however, set up a row of gravestones, which can be purchased from Halloween stores or you can make your own out of cardboard. Play some music and have the guests circle the row of grave markers, walking like zombies as they do. When the music stops, the zombies must lie down in front of a grave. The zombie left standing with no gravestone is out of the game. Remove a gravestone and start the music again. Play continues until one zombie remains and wins the game.

Body Part Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is always fun for party guests, but for a party full of zombies, what could be better than a hunt for body parts? Before the party, hide fake several body parts (like a faux skull) around the yard or play space. Give the zombies a list of body parts they must find. Set a timer and challenge them to find all of the body parts before time runs out.