20 Stunning Kitchen Accent Wall Ideas to Bring Life to Your Kitchen

black subway tile accent wall

Design: Sarah Storms / Photo: Aimee Ryan

Many people hear the phrase "accent wall" and a living room, dining room, or bedroom comes to mind. However, accent walls can shine in many other spaces, too—and that includes the kitchen.

While the kitchen is primarily a utilitarian space, you should of course focus on incorporating accents that speak to your preferred design aesthetic too. Adding an accent wall—whether by hanging wallpaper, painting a mural, or going another route entirely—is an excellent way to make your kitchen feel a little more custom, no matter your budget or whether you rent or own.

If you find yourself craving some accent wall inspiration, you'll want to keep scrolling to admire the 20 beautiful kitchen accent walls that we've rounded up below.

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    Install Luxe Looking Tile

    black subway tile wall

    Design: Sarah Storms / Photo: Aimee Ryan

    Say hello to moody tile. This black design is a fun twist on classic subway tile and is oh-so-sleek.

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    Install a Makeshift Backsplash Using Wallpaper

    accent wall above wine fridge

    @meghanraeperry / Instagram

    Install a makeshift backsplash using regular or removable wallpaper. It's ultra cost-effective, and if you opt for a peel and stick option, you can easily switch up your look as you wish.

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    Get a Bit Funky With Your Pattern

    whimsical hat wallpaper

    @s.e.w.athome / Instagram

    Why not get a bit whimsical? If you love eclectic design, this hat print wallpaper surely is for you. Who says your kitchen can't be a bit quirky?

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    Brighten Up Your Kitchen With Cheerful Florals

    floral wall in kitchen

    @jls.homeinteriors / Instagram

    Fresh flowers, anyone? Even during the darkest days of winter, your eyes will be treated to a gorgeous scene in the form of this cheerful wallpaper.

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    Don't Neglect Those Little Walls

    black and white accent wall above door

    @jenniferrizzodesigncompany / Instagram

    Even the smallest walls deserve a little attention. Here, a black and white floral design adds pizzazz to this kitchen doorway.

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    Use Wallpaper to Section Off Your Space

    accent wall with fruit theme

    @intentionalspace / Instagram

    A printed wallpaper featuring oranges couldn't be sweeter. It also helps create definition between the food prep area of the kitchen and the island and dining portion.

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    Paper the Wall Surrounding a Window

    wallpaper around window

    @interiorsbyvickielynn / Instagram

    Why not wallpaper around your window? Here, a fun blue and white print looks right at home among the other bold patterns in this breakfast nook.

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    Enhance Your Galley Kitchen in a Snap

    accent wall in gallery kitchen

    @7twentyrowland / Instagram

    If you have a galley kitchen, you may be wondering what exactly to do with that empty wall that stares at you all day long. Wallpaper is an excellent solution, and you can even jazz things up further with a mirror, as seen here, or a bit of art. Gallery wall, anyone?

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    Say Yes to Adorable Gingham

    gingham accent wall

    @yorklynhome / Instagram

    Gingham reminds us of picnic blankets and all things charming, and here it looks darling as an accent wall pattern in this large kitchen. Whether you paint your own pattern or find a wallpaper print you love, it's easy to recreate this look in your own home.

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    Add a Food-Themed Print to the Kitchen

    floral wall behind oven

    @barryspenceartist / Instagram

    When life gives you lemons, hang them in the kitchen. This citrusy wallpaper looks right at home in this transitional style cooking space.

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    Put Your DIY Skills to the Test With Board and Batten

    board and batten accent wall

    @becca_schwartzy / Instagram

    We commonly see board and batten accent walls in spaces like the living room, dining room, and bedroom, but that doesn't mean you can't install one in your kitchen if you'd like. This moody green color is majorly on trend too.

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    Make a Subtle Change With Gray Tones

    gray accent wall

    @simplyscandikatie / Instagram

    This dark gray accent wall is subtle and is ideal for those who are drawn to a simple aesthetic in the kitchen. Minimalists, this one is for you.

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    Let Your Kitchen Reflect Your Personality

    floral wallpaper accent wall

    @mollyandolivedesign / Instagram

    Bright pink floral wallpaper isn't just for kids' rooms; it can look right at home in the kitchen too. Given how much time you spend in your kitchen prepping meals and cleaning up, you should be surrounded by colors and patterns that make you happy.

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    Add Visual Interest to Your Dining Area

    accent wall behind table

    @mairihelena / Instagram

    If your kitchen table isn't positioned near a window, consider giving the wall behind it a bit of a makeover so that you'll have something beautiful to look at as you eat. A wallpaper mural or some pops of paint will do the trick in no time.

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    Say Goodbye to the All-White Kitchen

    accent wall by kitchen door

    @thefinishedproject / Instagram

    If most of your walls are covered in tile and you're not sure what to do with that little area covered in white paint, wallpaper it. This peppy floral print adds so much vibrance to this otherwise neutral kitchen.

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    Get Creative With Chalkboard Paint

    chalkboard accent wall

    @theresa_gromski / Instagram

    Chalkboard walls are fun for all ages. Kids will enjoy drawing on them and leaving notes to one another, and adults may use them to make grocery lists and write down important to dos. That said, you can also turn your chalkboard wall into an artist's canvas, as we see here.

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    Embrace Your Artistic Side

    sunshine wall mural

    @coloured.with.sunshine / Instagram

    Murals depicting inspirational phrases or favorite quotes aren't just for the outdoors. If you're looking for an impactful way to add a burst of energy to your kitchen, consider replicating a look like this one, which is totally attention-grabbing and unique.

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    Paint Some Geometric Shapes

    geometric shape accent wall

    @kazarusioux / Instagram

    If geometric shapes are calling your name, paint a few on your kitchen wall to add some character to an otherwise all-white room. There's really no right or wrong way to do this design wise, so don't be shy about grabbing that paintbrush and seeing where your inspiration takes you.

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    Go All in With a Stunning Mural

    vegetable themed mural

    @acidicsheep / Instagram

    Who needs backsplash tile when you can install a mural instead? If you're feeling crafty, you can even try to create a work of art all on your own. Here, a vegetable scene is perfectly fitting for this prep space within the kitchen.

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    Bring the Outdoors in With a Floral Design

    flower mural above sink

    @thewildrosefineart / Instagram

    Doing the dishes won't feel like such a drag when you can look up and admire a beautiful mural. This floral creation adds so much life and color into the kitchen and is truly a work of art.