15 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Textured tile kitchen backsplash

Galina Zhigalova / Getty Images


A kitchen backsplash is a design opportunity to use color and pattern, experiment with materials and add a dose of personality to the most frequently used gathering space in the house. It's also a relatively small canvas that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to renovate if you change your mind and want to try something new.

Whether you are looking for a custom-designed pattern or a classic finishing touch, a backsplash can be more than just a practical piece of kitchen armor against unwanted splashes and spatters, but a crowning jewel that will create a focal point in the room. Check out these inspiring ideas to spark your own creativity and turn your kitchen into a conversation piece.

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    Opalescent Tile

    Opalescent tile backsplash
    Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    The gleaming opalescent tile backsplash of this gorgeous all-white kitchen from Tara Mangini and Percy Bright, the design duo at Jersey Ice Cream Co., adds dimension to the neutral color scheme and is the perfect backdrop for a show stopping oven. Gleaming metallic bronze sconces and copper cookware compliment the clean, pretty, timeless layered look.

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    Modern Graphics

    Graphic kitchen backsplash
    @dabito / Old Brand New

    This pink and green kitchen from Dabito at Old Brand New features a soft geometric black and white patterned tile backsplash that creates structure between the vivid color blocking and helps keep the design feeling airy and modern.

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    Blue and White Patterned Tile

    Blue and white tile kitchen backsplash
    Erin Williamson

    This pretty blue and white patterned backsplash in a kitchen from Austin, TX.-based interior designer Erin Williamson adds a decorative note to an otherwise streamlined white kitchen design. It's just the right dose of color and pattern to wake up the all-white cabinetry and walls and will never go out of style.

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    Rustic Copper

    Copper backsplash in a rustic kitchen.
    Jersey Ice Cream Company

    In this gorgeously rustic kitchen designed by Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of Jersey Ice Cream Co., a distressed dark wood wall is contrasted with a stunning roughly hammered sheet of warm bright copper to create contrast and a focal point above the stovetop. It's a great lesson in how to use bold, noble materials in small thoughtful doses for maximum effect.

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    Make It Custom

    Custom backsplash by Erin Williamson
    Erin Williamson

    Interior designer Erin Williamson used Fireclay brick tile with inset wood to create this distinctive custom backsplash that echoes the roof line of the house it's in, a 1950s A Frame cabin. "A minimal cooktop keeps the focus on the backsplash," Williamson says, adding that she chose copper plumbing fixtures to complement the wood tones. 

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    Integrated Wood Paneling

    Blue kitchenette Lokal Hotel
    Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    For this blue kitchen at the Lokal Hotel, interior designers Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of the Jersey Ice Cream Co. decided to extend the blue wood paneling of the kitchen cabinetry partially up the wall behind the appliances to create an integrated backsplash that works seamlessly with the woodwork in the kitchen. This is one way to go if you want to create a harmonious look that turns the backsplash into part of the architecture of the room.

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    Elegant Marble

    Marble backsplash in a blue gray kitchen
    Jersey Ice Cream Co.

    If you love the idea of splashing out on a beautiful stone or marble backsplash but don't want to blow your budget, focus your efforts on the wall behind the stove where most splashes and spatters will occur. The soft blue gray paint in this kitchen by interior designers Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of Jersey Ice Cream Co. creates a soothing backdrop that allows this stunning backsplash to shine, creating an elegant, timeless focal point in the kitchen.

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    Terrazzo kitchen backsplash
    ume illus / Getty Images

    The turquoise blue cabinetry in this cheerful kitchen is the perfect foil for a terrazzo backsplash that gives the room a fun and energetic vibe. A warm-toned copper faucet is the right amount of bling to set it off.

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    Backlit Black

    Black kitchen backsplash
    piovesempre / Getty Images

    There's nothing more on trend than a black kitchen, and this one takes the dark hue all the way to the backsplash, giving the kitchen a sleek polished look. To keep the wall of black cabinetry and backsplash from looking like a monolithic block, the backsplash is lit with a warm strip of LED light that creates ambiance and helps illuminate the counter for nighttime cooking.

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    Geometric Tiles

    Hexagonal tile backsplash
    archideaphoto / Getty Images

    You can't go wrong with large hexagonal tiles, seen in this kitchen in a deconstructed pattern for a note of insouciance in tasteful shades of gray, white and cream.

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    Subtle Geometric Pattern

    Subtle geometric kitchen backsplash
    huellabcn / Getty Images

    If you like the idea of a graphic geometric pattern but don't want anything too overbearing, try a white or otherwise neutral tile with a subtle geometric design that almost looks like it was drawn on in pencil. It will add the kind of subdued interest that you have to look a little bit closer to really notice, and is toned down enough to allow you to paint your cabinets in a fresh pastel color like this robin's egg blue.

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    Textured Tile

    Textured tile kitchen backsplash
    Galina Zhigalova / Getty Images

    If you are going for an ageless, charming, lived-in look, you can't go wrong with beautifully textured tiles that create interest while maintaining a neutral aesthetic. Keep in mind that depending on how you use your kitchen, this kind of 3D style will require a little more TLC in terms of maintenance than a flat backsplash, which is easier to clean.

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    Cement kitchen backsplash
    Jacek Kadaj / Getty Images

    To add a little industrial edge to your kitchen, a polished cement backsplash or cement-effect tile looks especially great with a mix of white and golden-toned oak cabinets, with clean soft white lighting to show it off and illuminate the countertop.

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    Minimalist Wood Backsplash

    Minimalist wood kitchen backsplash
    ismagilov / Getty Images

    A wood veneer or wood effect tile backsplash can create a seamless look that works with modern slab cabinetry or warms up an otherwise neutral space. Be sure to add some under cabinet lighting to highlight the wood.

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    Reflective Surfaces

    Reflective kitchen backsplash
    fiphoto / Getty Images

    One way to create depth and bounce the light around—particularly in a smaller kitchen—is to use a reflective backsplash that will create the illusion of space. This can mean using a mirrored backsplash in clear mirror or something a little more muted like a reflective bronze or copper finish. Using a painted glass backsplash will provide a shot of color with a shiny surface for subtle reflections. While reflective surfaces tend to highlight every speck of dust or splash of oil, the lack of grout on a smooth uniform surface makes cleaning it a breeze.