Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchens get dirty: Learn how to cut grease, clean stainless steel surfaces, wash the dishes properly, and more with our articles on tidying up the kitchen.

Stovetop with cleaned grates next to glass container of baking soda and slide of lemon
How to Clean Stove Grates
Fruit flies on an orange
How to Prevent Fruit Flies
Black and stainless steel juicer next to glass jar with juice and celery stalk
How to Clean a Juicer
Glass shower door with houseplants in front of brightly-lit thin and vertical window
How to Clean Shower Doors
sponge in a ceramic skillet
How to Clean Ceramic Pans and Cookware
White microwave with door open and sliced lemons inside glass bowl in front
How to Clean a Microwave With Lemon
Silicone baking mats next to baked cookies and baking ingredients
How to Clean a Silicone Baking Mat
Dirty dutch oven from overhead
How to Clean a Dutch Oven the Right Way
Closeup of a cast iron griddle
How to Clean a Cast Iron Griddle
Reusable food storage bags with orange slices and almonds and sandwich with cilantro
How to Wash and Dry Reusable Food Storage Bags
Stainless steel sink with cleaning materials on kitchen counter
How to Clean a Stainless Steel Sink
Dishwasher filter laying in bottom of dishwashing machine
How to Clean a Dishwasher Filter
cleaning a glass cooktop
How to Clean a Glass Cooktop
items to use in place of dish detergent
Emergency Dishwasher Detergent Alternatives
Metal pot with burned marks in bottom next to dishwashing liquid bottle and yellow scrub brush
How to Clean a Burnt Pot
wooden cutting board
How to Sanitize and Care for Wooden Cutting Boards
dirtiest places in your kitchen
The 9 Dirtiest Places in Your Kitchen
Wooden range hood next to white cabinets with a small white tiled backsplash
How to Clean a Kitchen Range Hood Filter
a nonstick skillet filled with soapy water
How to Clean Nonstick Cookware and Bakeware
Stack of blue and white tea towels next to bowl of blackberries on white background
What Are Tea Towels and How Can You Use Them?
Large butcher block being wiped with cloth surrounded by cleaning materials
How to Clean a Butcher Block
Outdoor blackstone griddle being scraped next to cleaning materials
How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle
Stainless steel and black water cooler next to houseplant
How to Clean a Water Cooler
cast iron pan
How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet
toaster and toaster oven
How to Clean a Toaster and Toaster Oven Properly
Pizza with tomatoes and basil on pizza stone next to bottle of olive oil
How to Clean a Pizza Stone in 5 Easy Steps
electric kettle
How to Clean an Electric Kettle
White and wood food prep table to be sanitized
How to Sanitize a Food Prep Table
Quartz countertop with dark cabinets in kitchen
How to Clean and Care for Quartz Countertops
cast iron grill
How to Clean a Cast Iron Grill
Kitchen sink with copper lining in front of window
How to Clean a Copper Sink
Dirty dishes being washed by orange gloves in kitchen sink
9 Tips to Make Washing Dishes Easier
Stone countertop cleaning supplies
Cleaning Tips for 6 Types of Stone Countertops
person wiping a stainless steel dishwasher
How to Use Vinegar as an Effective Stainless Steel Cleaner
clean kitchen
How to Clean the Kitchen in 15 Minutes
cleaning a coffee maker
How to Clean a Coffee Maker With Vinegar
stainless steel pots and pans
How to Remove Stains From Stainless Steel (3 Ways)
Stainless steel counter
How to Clean Stainless Steel Countertops
woman putting jars back into cabinets
How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets to Remove Tough Messes
Old pieces of cutlery
Why Stainless Flatware Can Still Get Stained
person cleaning a marble surface
How to Polish Marble Countertops With Baking Soda
Man carefully scrubbing kitchen
How to Intensely Clean a Kitchen
How to Strip and Reseal Granite Countertops
using dryer sheets to combat trash can odors
How to Get Rid of Garbage Smells
Glass bottle of vinegar sitting on opened dishwasher door with tray of dishes behind
3 Household Items That Make Great Dishwasher Rinse Aids
ingredients for making scouring powder
How to Make Your Own Scouring Powder
cloudy glass coming out of the dishwasher
How to Prevent Cloudy Glassware After Dishwashing
person cleaning cabinets
Tips for Cleaning Food Grease From Wood Cabinets
metal straws and water bottle in the background
How to Clean Reusable Straws and Water Bottles
Copper Kitchen Utensils Arranged on Shelf In Kitchen
How to Remove Lacquer From Copper
blender in a kitchen
How to Clean a Blender in 6 Quick Steps
person pouring vinegar down a garbage disposal
How to Clean a Garbage Disposal
man looking in fridge
Easy Ways to Remove Refrigerator Odors
Kitchen granite countertop
Easy Ways to Clean Granite Countertops
burners on a stovetop
How to Clean the Burners on a Gas Stove
stainless steel pot
How to Clean Stainless Steel Cookware
dirty silicone baking cups
How to Clean Silicone
wooden rolling pin
How to Keep Wooden Rolling Pins in Good Condition
Cleaned metal drip pans under stove top coils
How to Clean Stove Drip Pans
Electric stove heat coils cleaned from burnt food
How to Get Burnt Food Off of an Electric Stove's Heat Coils