Great Paint Colors You Can Use for Your Own Kitchen

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    Get Your Kitchen Color On

    Benjamin Moore - Yellow Brick Road kitchen
    Benjamin Moore

    Yellow has got to be the most popular kitchen color around, so it's only appropriate that we begin here. The Yellow Brick Road wall color is tempered greatly by the color wash finish. Trim of Halifax Cream sets off well with the strong wall colors. And the decidedly dark Cloudy Sky ceiling is a great counterpoint to all of that yellow.

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    Cool and Easy Kitchen Color

    Kitchen paint colors images
    Benjamin Moore

    The Buxton Blue walls evoke a modern feeling. Toss in the Malton trim and Brookline Beige, and you have a great kitchen color scheme worth copying note for note.

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    Craftsman for Today's Kitchen

    Kitchen paint pictures
    Benjamin Moore

    What do you notice first? That bowl of oranges?

    Of course not. It's that strikingly strong Burnt Peanut Red trim on the windows. One thing that works well with this kitchen color is the multiplicity of windows, the red creating a rhythm down the entire wall.

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    Lively and Vibrant Kitchen Color

    Vibrant kitchen color
    Benjamin Moore

    These kitchen colors are an experiment (as you will see in the next picture). In this picture, the kitchen evokes a warm, Mediterranean feeling with the quite strong Bronze Tone walls trimmed out with Mystic Beige.

    In any good kitchen paint scheme involving strong colors, you do need a darker balancing color, and here we find it in the accent wall painted Gentleman's Gray.

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    A Lesson in Kitchen Color: From Vibrant to Stately

    Kitchen paint schemes
    Benjamin Moore

    The toned-down walls of Dorset Gold, trimmed by Bordeaux Red, give this kitchen color scheme a grand, stately feeling--like a historic house. Of course, we need that accent wall of Iron Gate to keep things in check.