2015 Kitchen Countertop Cost Guide

Corian Countertop 1500 x 1000
Corian Countertop With Innovative Edge Lip. CC-Licensed; Flickr User Associated Fabrication

Ask a kitchen remodeling company or materials supplier for a rough kitchen countertop estimate, and you will get a lot of hemming and hawing.  Their response is usually, "We can't give you prices without coming to the site and doing a full write-up."

A valid response, but not the one you wanted.  Yes, estimates vary according to material, size, backsplashes, edge treatments.  But you're just looking for basic price ranges.

 These estimates are updated for 2015.  Note that some measurements are per square foot (sf) and some per linear foot (lf).

Quartz Countertops

Premium countertop material composed of a mix of minerals and mineral-like substances.  This very hard and stone-like counter material is represented by brands such as Caesarstone and Zodiaq.

  • $2,400 to $3,400 for 28 sf of countertop and 5 sf of backsplash made of the same material.  Based on Zodiaq cost estimates.
  • $95 to $105 per sf, based on estimates from Wilsonart, supplier of quartz counters.

Laminate Countertops

After struggling for respect for years, laminate counters are finally getting their due. Premium brands such as Formica and Wilsonart are making laminates that look nearly as good as quartz and natural stone.  At least from a distance.  Still, if you're looking to control costs, laminates are the way to go.

  • $8 to $20 per sf, estimated by laminate manufacturer Wilsonart.
  • $300 total for in-stock laminate counters, purchased from a home improvement store and self-installed.  Each leg of this L-shaped countertop is 10', has a rolled front edge, and integrated backsplash.

Solid-Surface Countertops

DuPont's Corian is the flagship brand for solid surface materials.  When the Corian patent expired, this sector was flooded with other brands such as Staron, Formica Solid Surface, Avonite, and Gibralter.

  • $2,200 to $3,300 for 28 sf of countertop with 5 sf of integrated backsplash, based on Corian cost estimates.

Natural Slab Granite Countertops

Real granite, quarried straight from the earth in slabs, still retains its popularity in kitchens.

  • About $3,500 total for black slab granite:  28 sf of counter with 5 sf of attached like-material backsplash, based on a cost of $100 per square foot installed.
  • $50 to $100 per sf, based on Wilsonart estimates.

Modular Engineered Granite Countertops

Modular cultured or engineered stone counters are an unusual hybrid.  These giant "tiles" are easily DIY-installed, but provide far fewer seams than 12" or even 16" tiles.  

  • $33/sq. ft. (intermediate pieces) to $35 (for special end pieces) for black slab cultured granite (28 sf of counter and 5 sf of backsplash).  This is based on Pedra's lower-end Desert Brown modular granite, uninstalled.  Double amount to +/- $66 per square foot for installed modular granite.