20 Kitchen Curtain Ideas You'll Want to Copy


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When we think of shopping for curtains, outfitting the living room and bedroom often comes to mind, but curtains can shine in the kitchen, too. Many people opt for short, cafe-style curtains in the kitchen, but even within this subset of curtains, there are plenty of different styles to choose from. If you need a little bit of assistance before you begin shopping, we're here to help. Below, we've rounded up 20 beautiful kitchens with curtains that will inspire you as you prepare to tackle your own space. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily need to purchase your kitchen curtains, either—this may be the perfect opportunity for a curtain DIY project!

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    Try Sweet Stripes

    cafe curtains stripes

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    For a sweet, French country inspired touch, consider using striped curtains in your kitchen. They make a subtle statement while being timeless in style. Additional details like a vintage portrait and potted plant add sophistication to this kitchen.

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    Go For Simple Linen

    white cafe curtains

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    Not a color lover? No problem! Off-white curtains are great for a transitional space like this one. Rattan sconces add texture to the wall and pair nicely with the linen fabric. A space doesn't need to be ultra-vibrant to feel nice and warm.

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    Tie Curtains Up With a Bow

    bow tie valence curtains

    Ann Kittredge

    Say hello to bows! Tie your curtains up with adorable striped ribbons like these for a preppy look in the kitchen. A little elegance can go a long way.

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    Go Reversible

    yellow checkered curtains


    These checkered curtains remind us of a classic picnic blanket pattern and are reversible, too. If you wish to switch things up over time, simply turn the curtains inside out and enjoy a new look without having to spend a cent.

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    Say Yes to Subtly

    green and white curtains

    @msteffensinteriors / Instagram

    Simple green and white curtains add a dose of pattern to this kitchen without distracting from the beautiful marble countertops and gold hardware. Curtains don't need to be the star of the show; they can simply play a supporting role in your space.

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    Keep it Casual

    pattern on curtains

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    Knotting your curtains at the end as seen above helps to keep things casual— there's nothing wrong with embracing a laid-back, welcoming look!

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    Make Way for a Beautiful View

    patterned curtains

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    Keep your cafe curtains open to admire the lovely view of your backyard and bridge the gap between indoors and out. If you have florals right outside your window, you may wish to choose a floral patterned curtain to stay on theme.

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    Don't be Afraid of Beige

    beige and white striped curtains

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    Get the European farmhouse look with some beige and white striped curtains—and all of the vintage copper cookware. Coastal Grandmother enthusiasts, this space is calling your name.

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    Pick a Pattern, Any Pattern

    cafe curtains printed

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    As you can tell, patterned cafe curtains are a popular choice in kitchens of all kinds. There are truly so many fabric options to choose from, though—no two kitchens will look exactly alike!

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    Look to Your Wall Color

    blue patterned curtains

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    Not sure what color curtains to choose? Look at your wall color and then choose a curtain print that features a slightly different variation of that hue to keep things interesting. This blue valance adds some cottage-like whimsy to this sink area.

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    Make it Eclectic

    floral curtains

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    Why not have fun with florals in the kitchen—this eclectic space is cheerful and full of maximalist flair. Display your favorite ceramics, wall hangings, and other small accents that make your space feel personal and complete.

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    DIY Your Own Burlap Curtains

    diy burlap dinner


    Many people opt to DIY their kitchen curtains. If you're feeling crafty, try your hand at burlap curtains like these. They're perfect for rustic-themed spaces in particular.

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    Use Curtains Over a Cabinet

    bamboo blinds

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    Keep things simple with bamboo shades that allow light to shine in but still offer a bit of privacy. The woven and natural wooden accents used in this kitchen pair with this style of shade nicely. However, if you can't resist the look of fabric curtains, though, you can always hang some to cover an open under-cabinet area, as we see at play in this kitchen.

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    Play Off an Adjoining Room

    roman shades

    Lucas Duncan-He

    Many of today's homes feature open floor plans, so you will want to take neighboring spaces into account during the design process. Classic blue roman shades add a small dose of color to this neutral kitchen while complementing the longer blue curtains in the adjoining room. It's all in the details!

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    Say Hello to White and Yellow

    white and yellow curtains

    Carrie Waller

    Curtains are an excellent way to spruce up a rental kitchen that may be lacking color and personality. Pick a fabric color or fun print that speaks to you and get to hanging—sunny yellow and white will add tons of life to any space.

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    Embrace an Airy Aesthetic

    bamboo shades

    Chrissy Hunter

    Bamboo shades shine in this bright, airy kitchen. They make for a nice minimal option if you prefer to keep prints and patterns at bay.

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    Be Whimsical

    whimsical blue and white curtains

    Ashley Goldman

    Don't be afraid to opt for a whimsical kitchen curtain pattern if you wish. There's no reason you can't make this space feel fun and full of personality. A peppy blue and white print will make you smile as you wash the dishes.

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    Complement Curtains With Chic Accessories

    yellow and white curtains


    Why not match your kitchen accessories to your window shades? Complement your yellow and white curtains with a bowl full of fresh lemons and maybe even a yellow toaster and coffee pot. It's the little touches that will make all the difference in how you feel about your space.

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    Go Grandmillennial With Florals

    floral curtains

    Laura Nickelson

    Have fun with florals! These curtains lean grandmillennial with their charming flower print. Framed prints help to take this garden theme to the next level and add pizzazz to an empty, neutral wall.

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    Camouflage Blinds With a Valance

    curtains in kitchen

    Interior Impressions

    If you have blinds in your kitchen, consider hanging a valance to camouflage them and add a bit of charm to your space. You may be able to sew one of these on your own using some leftover fabric from a previous project!