Pictures of Hardwood, Vinyl, and More Kitchen Flooring

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When shopping for kitchen flooring, you will often be provided with samples and pictures of different materials available. These are usually presented out of context though, without any decorative or design elements to help inform your decision. To tell how a material is going to look, you need to be able to see it in an actual room. This picture gallery demonstrates how various flooring looks in different decorative kitchen schemes while illustrating the varieties within material choices.

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    Golden Teak Hardwood

    Golden teak hardwood kitchen flooring
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    This kitchen features an exquisite golden teak hardwood floor that stretches from the kitchen into the dining area to create a sense of cohesion. The complementary bamboo quartz granite countertops and Treyburn kitchen cabinets help create a room that has a sleek, sophisticated, contemporary feel that also manages to be warm and inviting.

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    Dark Walnut Hardwood

    Dark walnut kitchen flooring
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    Here's another kitchen featuring hardwood flooring, but the effect is dramatically different. A rich, dark walnut color, the floor in this picture gives the room a smoky, understated sense of dignity and authority. This allows the use of more formal accessories such as the steel oven vent and the scrollwork bar stools against the breakfast nook. All of this is then lightened by the abundant use of illumination.

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    Octagonal Cork Tiles

    Cork kitchen floors
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    Cork flooring has a whimsical quality to it that is apparent as soon as you put your foot down and feel it squish into the material. In this picture is a kitchen that has played to this effect, using bright pastel colors to create a room that seems almost magical. The use of unique, octagonal cut natural cork tiles helps to draw this playful attitude throughout the entire interior space.

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    Sleek, Modern Cork Flooring

    Dark cork kitchen floor image


    This kitchen features a different side of cork flooring in that it has been treated to give it a dark, smoky, uniform appearance. This is matched with cream- and steel-colored elements and contrasted by dark oak cabinetry. The result: a more dramatic and austere kitchen that banishes much of the material's inherent whimsy in favor of a bold, intriguing style.

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    Stained Concrete

    Stained concrete kitchen flooring

    Josh and Melanie Rosenthal

    Concrete is an extremely durable, low-maintenance, and low-cost kitchen floor surface option. Here, the acid staining gives the concrete floor a mottled brown appearance similar to a giant slab of natural marble. This is matched with elements of cream and gold to create a color scheme that supports the casual, country kitchen style being evoked.

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    Simple Bamboo Floor

    Bamboo kitchen floor
    Cali Bamboo Flooring

    Bamboo may look a lot like hardwood, but it has a unique flavor that lends a touch of excitement to any space. This kitchen is dominated by hardwood features, elements, and accessories. The slightly darker hues and more uniform patterns of these wood surfaces contrast beautifully with the wild features of the floor.

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    Vertical Bamboo Flooring

    Vertical bamboo kitchen flooring installation

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    This picture illustrates the beautiful pattern variations achievable with vertical-cut bamboo flooring. This creates a sense of visual interest that stretches across the entire kitchen while also contrasting sharply with the dark undertones found in the hardwood cabinets that surround the area. The decorative aesthetic continues to the sleek, polished gray granite countertops.

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    Whitewashed Brick Floor

    Whitewashed brick kitchen flooring


    Here, a lovely country rustic-style kitchen design is dominated by a whitewashed brick floor to create a faded, aged look. The interior is dominated by a white palette with cabinets and drawers that all contribute to the bright, shabby-chic appeal of the space. Light gray speckled granite tops it all while small accessories provide color and accent.

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    Herringbone Brick

    Classy brick kitchen flooring picture


    This image proves that brick flooring does not necessarily have to be part of a rustic design scheme. In some cases, it can be quite elegant as in this lovely golden-toned kitchen featuring a sleek brick floor, precisely placed in a herringbone pattern. Detailed woodworking on cabinets and drawers then elevates the scene to a new level of stylish sophistication.

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    Faux Hardwood Vinyl Planks

    Faux hardwood vinyl kitchen floor

    Vinyl is a resilient flooring material that can be cut and printed to take on almost any appearance. In this kitchen, faux hardwood vinyl has been installed to replicate the rich, patterned look of natural wood materials, including the placement of joints between the boards to achieve an accurate texture. Olive wall colors and cream-hued elements then formalize the style of this space.

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    Faux Stone Vinyl Tiles

    Faux stone vinyl kitchen floors
    © FloorMall

    In this kitchen, vinyl tiles have been cut into 16-inch squares and printed with a mottled, faux stone look that mimics the surface of natural slate materials. This is coupled with real grout line seams to create a truly convincing natural look. The rustic beauty of the printed stone surface has then been paired with reclaimed hardwood furnishings to create a casual, sophisticated space.