62 Kitchen Island Ideas You'll Want to Copy

Kitchen island with marble countertop surrounded with green cabinets

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

The kitchen is oftentimes the heart of the home. It's where you and your family fuel up for the day, make memories during the holidays, entertain friends and family, and celebrate life's big moments during get-togethers.


Get Inspired by These Kitchen Island Ideas You'll Want to Copy

At the center of the kitchen is the kitchen island, the part of the room that provides an extra spot for meal prepping, cooking, gathering for casual meals or coffee breaks, and even extra storage space. Aside from all its practical uses, the island can also serve as a decorative focal point of the room. We've gathered our top kitchen island ideas, from big to small and simple to over-the-top to help inspire your kitchen design.

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    Wide Plank Wood Island

    Black wood kitchen island

    Design by Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    This black-painted wood island is clearly the contrasting point in this kitchen designed by Emily Henderson. The cabinets and flooring were made from reclaimed wood, and the island was made from fence boards stained in ebony. The wide planks of the island add texture and character while the black color paired with the lighter cabinets and flooring adds a modern touch to the room.

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    Seamless White Kitchen Island

    All white kitchen

    Alvin Wayne

    This sleek kitchen island fits seamlessly in this minimalist all-white kitchen with clean lines. The dark wood stools break up the white design and provide a place for the family to enjoy breakfast together.

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    Irregularly-Shaped Island

    Angled kitchen island

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    If you have a lot of kitchen space to work with, why not go with a unique asymmetrical island? Here, Amy Leferink of Interior Impressions made great use of this roomy two-tone kitchen with a large angled island. Irregularly shaped remnants of granite, marble and quartz are often offered at a discounted price, which could potentially help you save money.

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    Chic Black and White Design

    Black and white kitchen

    Charlie Interior Design

    A kitchen island can be just as functional as it is stylish. This high-end, chic black and white island has everything you'd need, from a sink with a beautiful antique brass faucet to an open shelving for extra storage space.

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    Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen

    Dark blue kitchen island

    Cathie Hong

    This kitchen effortlessly combines the old with the new: The owners of this home bought their grandparents' home and kept some original elements while adding modern touches. They opened up the kitchen with a new layout that displays the kitchen island that was updated with a coat of bright blue paint which gives an instant fresh, new look.

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    Pop of Color in an All-White Kitchen

    Blue kitchen island in a white kitchen

    Blue Copper Design

    If you prefer a neutral kitchen design but still want some color, the kitchen island is a great way to add that pop of color. The kitchen island is oftentimes the heart of the kitchen, so painting it in a bright color from the cabinetry is an easy, budget-friendly way to help it stand out from the rest of the space.

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    Embellished Island

    Blue patterned kitchen island

    Blue Copper Design

    Color isn't the only way you can help make a kitchen island stand out. Here, Blue Copper Design added decorative accent tiles to one side of this blue kitchen island which adds just the right amount of color and visual appeal throughout the entire home.

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    A Refreshing Neutral Curved Island

    All white kitchen island

    Design by House of Chais / Renovation by Majestic Construction Engrg

    To keep with the bright and airy theme of this home, this neutral dining island boasts light wood slats and curved edges for a subtle, soft look. The rest of the furnishings are neutral as well to add a cheery and clean vibe to the space.

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    Pretty in Pink

    Bubblegum pink kitchen island

    color_place_interior / Instagram

    Old furniture can be given new life as a makeshift kitchen island with a little flipping. An easy way to give old furniture a new look is with a fresh coat of cheerful paint like this bubblegum pink color that complements the Kelly green stools.

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    A Makeshift Pantry

    A blue kitchen island with shelving

    Design by Velinda Hellen Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    If your kitchen is lacking on pantry space, a kitchen island could be a good opportunity to create a makeshift pantry to store dry goods. This kitchen design by Velinda Hellen features a stunning, spacious island with shelving to house containers of dry goods you'd normally store in a pantry. Placing frequently-used items in this area makes cooking quicker and easier and frees up space in the pantry for items you don't need on hand.

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    Cool Blue Coastal Vibes

    A coastal inspired kitchen

    Britt Design Studio

    In this coastal-inspired kitchen, the island blends in seamlessly with its light blue color that perfectly matches the light blue tile backsplash while also highlighting the white quartz countertop and rattan bar stools.

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    Cozy Kitchen Design

    A small, cozy kitchen

    Herzen Stimme / Instagram

    A kitchen island can provide much-needed extra prep space especially in small kitchens where you have minimal countertop space. This homey kitchen features a small, farmhouse-style kitchen island for food prep and dining for two. The oversized knit throw and faux fur furnishings bring an extra cozy factor to the room.

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    Beach-Inspired Design

    A neutral kitchen with a large pendant light

    sunshine.beach.reno / Instagram

    An oversized pendant light provides plenty of lighting right above this large kitchen island featuring a beach-inspired, curved fluted design on one end that's surrounded by matching wooden stools that provides enough seating for the whole family.

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    A Live Edge Bar Top

    A black and wood kitchen

    Devon Grace Interiors / Instagram

    This kitchen island design by Devon Grace Interiors is the piece de resistance in this kitchen that's bold and daring, yet cozy and welcoming with its timeless black theme and distinct wooden accents of the heightened countertop and stools.

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    Curved Edge

    A curved kitchen island

    Britt Design Studio

    The island is the main hub of this kitchen with a sink, shelving for keeping favorite cookbooks at hand, and low wooden stools for the family around the curved countertop.

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    An Island and Dining Table in One

    A kitchen island with a curved wood table attached

    House 9 Interiors

    To differentiate the eating area from the prep and cook station, this kitchen island features two different countertop materials. The curved wood tabletop designates the area for the family to sit and enjoy a meal together while the quartz countertop houses a glass top stove and space for food prep.

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    A Spot for a Wine Break

    A kitchen island with a dining table

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    This kitchen island houses a dining table on one end and a food prep area on the other. The best part, though? It comes with a wine cooler and wine bottle storage shelving, making it the perfect place for a wine break.

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    Extra Countertop Space

    A kitchen island with an extended bar top

    Design by House of Chais / Renovation by Majestic Construction Engrg

    If you have a small kitchen island but want more room for prep, you can easily extend it with a simple wood bar top like House of Chais did in this kitchen. The extended bar top can be used for food prep, a quick morning breakfast, or a place for a small gathering.

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    A Spot for the Whole Family

    A kitchen island that seats six people

    Home Consultant

    This oversized white oak kitchen island is the centerpiece of an open home layout because it works cohesively with the merged rooms. Its large size seats six people and still has plenty of room on the other side.

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    An Extra Place for Food Prep

    A kitchen with blue cabinetry

    Erin Williamson Design

    With so many alluring elements in this kitchen, from the stunning blue cabinetry to the black and white tile flooring, the island in this kitchen is kept simple with its open wrought iron framework and white marble top. Even though the design is simple, it's versatile enough to provide extra space and easy-access storage on the bottom shelf to keep everyday items.

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    Farmhouse Charm

    A small farmhouse kitchen

    my.farmhouse. fanatic.life / Instagram

    This kitchen features farmhouse elements from the floor to the ceiling, including the wood range hood and brick backsplash. But the charming kitchen island steals the show with its shiplap detail and rustic wood countertop.

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    Island With a Curved Accent Wall

    A small kitchen with a fluted island

    House of Chais / Instagram

    What was once just a load-bearing wall that closed off the kitchen is transformed into an extra countertop space. Since the wall is a supporting wall, it was given new life as a beautiful curved design that creates a stunning entrance into the kitchen.

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    An Island With Cabinetry

    A kitchen island with cabinets

    afeliashome / Instagram

    Every part of this island is functional, from the large prep area to all the cabinet and drawer storage. There's even space to tuck in the bar stools so there's more room in the kitchen.

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    Breakfast for Two

    A small blue kitchen island

    Design by Christina Kim / Photo by Raquel Langworthy

    Even a small kitchen island can pack a lot of style and function. In this kitchen designed by Christina Kim, the simple, blue island adds character and a spot for a meal for two. The additional brass lighting fixtures illuminate the island when in use.

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    A Small Yet Functional Kitchen

    A small white kitchen island

    Design by Jessica Nelson Design / Photo by Carina Skrobecki

    What was once a small, dark kitchen is now the perfect place for cooking a meal for the family and a place to entertain family and friends. Jessica Nelson Design incorporated this island into the kitchen's design to either provide a place for dining or to display appetizers during intimate gatherings. The open leg design on the one side allows you to tuck in the chairs to maximize space in the kitchen.

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    A Show-Stopping Island

    A large kitchen island

    Dan Rak

    This grand island is not only the show-stopping piece of the kitchen but stands out in the rest of this home with its large dimension. The rich, dark wood base creates a beautiful contrast with the white quartz countertop, while the shelving is the perfect spot to store cookbooks for future meals.

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    A Plethora of Drawers

    A large kitchen island with drawers

    Home Consultant

    You don't need a lot of cabinet space if you have a large kitchen island. This large island has plenty of drawer space to store kitchen essentials. The brass and leather drawer pulls are the perfect accent in this modern Spanish-style home.

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    The Perfect Spot for a Home Office

    A kitchen island with an outlet

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    If you work from home, the kitchen island may be the only place for a makeshift home office. This kitchen island has everything you need to get your work done, from comfortable chairs to outlets for all your devices. (Plus, easy access to food for those much needed snack breaks.)

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    An Island With a Wine Cooler

    A large kitchen island with a wine cooler

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    A kitchen island with plenty of seating and countertop space is a dream, but why not take it up a notch and add a wine cooler to the mix? This stunning island features a wine cooler on the end, so whoever's in charge of cooking can easily open up a bottle while prepping food for the family.

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    A Place for Preparing and Cooking Food

    A large kitchen island

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    A family who loves to cook should have a kitchen that fits all their needs. This kitchen design combines natural elements with minimalist touches. The gray finish on the oversized island contrasts elegantly with the light oak cabinetry. The island features six gas burners, a griddle, and plenty of seating, so the whole family can help with dinner.

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    A Cohesive Design

    A white oak kitchen

    Home Consultant

    To make this kitchen feel open and airy, the Home Consultant replaced the stainless steel hood above the kitchen island with white oak to match the island and add a more aesthetically pleasing look to the space.

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    An Earthy Color Combo

    A wood kitchen island

    Home Consultant

    All the elements of this kitchen from the mismatched yet complementary cabinetry and island finish to the Carrara marble countertop— add an earthy, visually-appealing look to the kitchen. The wood island blends smoothly with the home's wood flooring for a natural look.

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    Wood Slat Kitchen Island

    Wood slat kitchen island

    Design by House of Chais / Renovation by Majestic Construction Engrg

    This minimalistic kitchen island, made with natural oak wood slats and a round marble countertop is a distinctive and functional piece while keeping with the simple and sleek design of the rest of the kitchen.

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    Patterned Tile Design

    Patterned kitchen island tile

    Blue Copper Design

    A kitchen backsplash isn't the only opportunity to incorporate pattern into a kitchen. This kitchen design by Blue Copper Design features an ornate tile pattern on the kitchen island that takes center stage. The understated wine cork style stools add a captivating element without taking too much away from the patterned island.

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    Pretty in Pink

    A pink marble tile kitchen island

    House of Harvee / Instagram

    If you plan on adding a custom kitchen island, then the world is your oyster. Why not add a design to the island in your favorite color? Here, House of Harvee dressed the front side of her kitchen island in pink marble tile for a one-of-a-kind look that's whimsical and bright.

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    Table for Five

    A blue kitchen island with seating

    Design by Blakely Interior Design / Photo by Andrea Pietrangeli

    With seating for five, this large kitchen island is a must-have for a big family. You can easily get the whole family involved with cooking dinner by creating small stations for food prep along the large prep space this island provides. A great way to bond on family night!

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    A Round Island Design

    A large round kitchen island

    M. Wilcox Design

    A round design can provide a better flow in the kitchen especially if you have multiple cooks in your home. This round island allows you to easily move from one side of the kitchen to the other while adding a unique look to the space.

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    Separating Two Spaces

    A large wood kitchen island

    Home Consultant

    The wall in this home was opened up to allow for a seamless flow from one room to another. The oversized island is not only functional in the kitchen but is a captivating way to display load bearing beams that differentiate the two spaces while still allowing for an open floor plan.

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    A Simple Addition

    A small kitchen island

    Dazey Den

    A kitchen island isn't always about large countertop space and storage. It can also be a cozy addition to your kitchen that gives you a spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning with a loved one or even an extra spot to display houseplants to add a homey feel to the kitchen.

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    Soothing Sage

    A small sage green kitchen island

    Becca Interiors

    If you love the clean, simple look of a neutral design but want a subtle touch of color, sage green is a great color choice. Here, Becca Interiors added a modest yet functional kitchen island in sage for some vibrance in this neutral kitchen.

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    Calming Blue Hues

    A soft blue curved kitchen island

    House of Chais / Instagram

    An island isn't just meant for the kitchen. An island in a home bar provides a spot to enjoy a Champagne brunch or a delicious breakfast. The curves of this soft blue fluted island are carried through to the arched brass and rattan wall shelving for a coordinated look.

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    Creating Different Work Zones

    A large kitchen with ceiling beams

    Home Consultant

    To create different work zones in the kitchen, the range was placed at the end of this kitchen island. This allows for food prepping, cooking, and washing dishes to have their own space to create a better flow, so multiple people can be in the kitchen at once.

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    Fluted in Teal

    A small teal kitchen island

    Design by kandhdesignltd / Photo by Paul Raeside

    This tiny but mighty kitchen island is the star of the kitchen with its teal green fluted base and matching countertop. The dark, moody color works well in this kitchen because it features large windows that allow plenty of natural light in.

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    A Subtle Touch

    A kitchen island with tile accent

    Finding Lovely

    Not only is a patterned tile design on the island a creative addition, but it's easier to clean dirt and grime that may build up over time. In this kitchen, Finding Lovely was inspired by a restaurant's tile design and implemented similar tile work into her kitchen island's design.

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    A Stunning Multipurpose Island

    A travertine kitchen island

    Home Consultant

    This honed travertine island serves multiple purposes in this minimalistic home. Not only does it serve as an island for food prep and a buffet bar, but it also serves as the dining room sideboard and a stunning centerpiece of these two areas of the home.

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    Two Islands Is Better Than One

    A kitchen with two islands

    Dan Rak

    What's better than one kitchen island? Two. This kitchen designed by Dan Rak features two wooden kitchen islands with marble countertops— both serve as a place to prep food while one also includes seating for breakfast or a coffee break.

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    Industrial Style Accents

    A neutral kitchen with two islands

    themddesignco / Instagram

    This nature-inspired kitchen features subtle nods to industrial style with a kitchen island with metal legs and metal bar stools that add color and texture to the otherwise neutral design.

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    An Open and Airy Look

    Neutral kitchen

    Home Consultant

    If a kitchen is small in size, an island can overcrowd it. To bring in more countertop and storage space without cluttering this cozy kitchen, Home Consultant added a custom island with open shelving that allows the kitchen to still feel open and airy. The combination of white oak wood and stone countertops creates the perfect balance of the natural elements.

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    A Two-Tiered Island

    A two level kitchen island

    Design by Grey Hunt Interiors; Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg; Build by sun_design_inc

    This two-tiered island provides the perfect heights for each purpose of a kitchen island. The lower height is great for food prep while the higher L-shaped level is at the perfect height to sit on bar stools to enjoy a meal.

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    Contrasting Materials

    A kitchen with a kitchen island

    corinnelson / Instagram

    The island in this cozy kitchen creates a beautiful contrast with the white cabinetry. The end of the island features a wood accent that separates the eating area from the food prep area.

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    Little Black Island

    A warm wood and black kitchen

    Design by Domm Dot Com / Photo by Tyler Hooks

    All the sleek black details in this kitchen, from the pantry door to the bottom cabinetry and kitchen island, are instantly warmed up with the wooden countertop on the kitchen island. Bright bar stool cushions create a striking contrast and tie the white cabinetry into the space.

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    Waterfall Marble Design

    A waterfall marble kitchen island

    Alvin Wayne

    This kitchen island is small in size but looks grand because of the waterfall countertop design. This design element brightens up the kitchen nook while adding a one-of-a-kind detail. Gold metal bar stools add a glam look to the kitchen.

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    Keeping It Classic

    A wood kitchen island

    Design by AE Designs / Photo by Madeline Tolle

    The natural wood elements in this kitchen instantly warm up the space, from the large wood island to the wood trim on the range hood. Rattan chairs enhance the nature-inspired look of this kitchen while the antique brass pendant lights add texture and color.

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    Sleek Wood Bar Top

    A kitchen island with a wooden bar top

    Design by AE Designs / Photo by Madeline Tolle

    A wood bar top separates the seating area from the food prep area on this sleek kitchen island. The earthy tones bring a neutral contemporary look to the kitchen designed by AE Designs.

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    Repurposed Furniture

    A kitchen with a wood table as an island

    Gold a la Mode

    If you need that extra countertop space in your kitchen but don't have the budget for one, don't forget to look for old furniture pieces online or at garage sales. Even the most simple furniture pieces can be repurposed into an island for the kitchen.

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    Warm Woven Accents

    A kitchen with a black island and cabinetry

    Home Consultant

    The sleek matte black kitchen island and cabinetry are modern and simple but warmed up with natural textured elements. The woven stools and wood flooring brings warmth and coziness that make the kitchen feel more inviting.

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    An Antique Addition

    A white table as a kitchen island

    Madison Clevenstine

    Antique furniture is a great makeshift kitchen island option when on a budget. This antique white table adds an elegant touch and is at the perfect height to make meal prep easier.

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    Nautical Design

    A bright blue kitchen island in a coastal kitchen

    Maite Granda

    The kitchen design by Maite Granda in this beach house features several nautical elements from the natural wood furniture to the rope pendant lighting above the kitchen island. The island itself blends with the nautical theme with its blue-and-white color palette— the colors you typically see in beach-inspired designs.

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    Tangerine and Copper Combo

    A bright orange kitchen island

    Mary Patton Design

    We don't know what we love more in this kitchen— the copper tile backsplash that contrasts beautifully with the sleek black cabinetry or the bold orange kitchen island. Either way, everything in this kitchen lends a high— end feel to the kitchen.

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    Rustic and Practical

    A wood kitchen island

    grainonthebrain / Instagram

    A kitchen island is simple to build as long as you have wood scraps and basic DIY skills. The benefit of creating your own is making it fit your exact needs. This rustic-style wood island includes a bottom shelf for storage and a towel rod to keep kitchen towels at hand.

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    Going for the Gold

    Gold hexagon tiles on a kitchen island and backsplash

    jhkitchencabinetsltd.gta / Instagram

    For a dramatic effect, gold-and-white colored stainless steel hexagon tiles were installed throughout the kitchen backsplash and carried over to the island that's accented with a wood trim and white marble countertop.

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    Festive Lighting

    A small kitchen island with lighting underneath

    _sumai_home_ / Instagram

    To add pizzazz to their kitchen island, _sumai_home_ installed a color-changing lighting system to illuminate underneath their kitchen island. The flashing lights are great to have up year-round, but they especially add an extra festive touch around the holidays.