Kitchen Organizers To Help You Organize Your Kitchen

Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

Can you imagine having a clutter-free kitchen? With an eye towards the streamlined and simple, these kitchen organizers can help you to organize your kitchen and guard against clutter creep. And many can be re-purposed to fit your kitchen no matter how large or small.

Here are the best organization tips and tools that will restore order in your kitchen.

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    Use baskets in your pantry, fridge and freezer.

    Kitchen Organizers
    Fridge Bins. Crate and Barrel

    I love these storage baskets because they are specifically designed for kitchen storage... and they have handles, making them easier to move around.

    How great for grouping similar items in the pantry, fridge and freezer?

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    Move your linens out of the kitchen.

    Flowers in the Kitchen
    Flowers in the Kitchen. Photo / La Dolce Vita

    Table cloths, cloth napkins that are not used daily or weekly, and the leaf for your table can be stored outside of the kitchen, either in the linen closet or in your kitchen storage space.

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    Move flour, sugar, and grains into food storage containers.

    Pop Food Storage Containers from Stacks and Stacks
    Pop Food Storage Containers from Stacks and Stacks. Pop Food Storage Containers from Stacks and Stacks

    Place the grains you cook with the most at eye-level in the pantry. Overflow can be stored in their original bags in a plastic storage container that is easy-to-retrieve but not taking up valuable space. Try the back of the cabinet or pantry. I like these Pop Containers from The Container Store:

    • You can buy the whole set, or go for individual containers that fit your food:
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
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    Use as much vertical storage as you can, especially in a small kitchen.

    Meal Planning
    Easy meal planning tips from Ryan McGinn Allen. Photo / Home & Home

    I know what I'm talking about here: I once lived in an apartment with literally only 12 inches of counter space. I stored appliances in large basket above my cabinets. It didn't look quite as nice as this, but it was very effective. I used my trusty step stool to retrieve what I needed and put it back as soon as I was done so it didn't clutter up my tiny space.

    Here are 4 attractive options:

    • Date leaf rectangle basket
    • Harvest basket
    • Hogla bin
    • Jumbo dot bin
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    Walk-in pantry

    Walk-In elfa Pantry
    Walk-In elfa Pantry. Photo / The Container Store

     This Walk-in elfa pantry has plenty of storage: both shelving and drawers. 

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    Roll out storage for the win!

    Chrome roll out storage
    The Container Store

    Roll-out storage is so effective at creating additional space and making things easier to reach, it's my number one kitchen storage solution. The winning element is that rollout drawers allow you to use back-of-the-cabinet space more efficiently because it's easier to reach. This is a worthy time and monetary investment to install.

    These roll-out cabinet organizers are the gold standard. They slide out easily and will fit several different cabinet widths:

    • 11" Roll-Out Cabinet Drawer Chrome at 11" x 21" x 4" h
    • 14" Roll-Out Cabinet Drawer Chrome at 14" x 21" x 4" h
    • 17" Roll-Out Cabinet Drawer Chrome at 17" x 21" x 4" h
    • 20" Roll-Out Cabinet Drawer Chrome at 20" x 21" x 4" h
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    Hang kitchen towels.

    Blackboard in Kitchen
    Blackboard in Kitchen. Photo / Pinterest

    Hang towels on the refrigerator door rather than folding them into a drawer. Then you can easily grab and use them as needed, and wash them 1-3 times a week depending on how often you cook.

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    Move your appliances around according to use.

    Green kitchen with white shelves
    Green kitchen with white shelves. Photo / Domino

    Move your most-used appliances directly onto your counter top, or into the cabinet just above or below the counter top you use them on.

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    Create a kitchen storage space inside your home, but outside the kitchen.

    Blueprint Magazine Kitchen
    Blueprint Magazine Kitchen. Photo / Martha Stewart Living

    Use a simple shelving unit (something like this Workforce Shelving Unit from Home Depot) to store out-of-season or rarely-used kitchen items in the basement or attic, all stored together on a shelving unit.

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    Keep an inventory of your pantry supplies.

    Food Pantry in Home
    Raymond Forbes/age fotostock/Getty Images

    Tack up an inventory of your pantry and store it affixed to a clipboard and a pencil on a hook on the inside of your cabinet door so you can quickly scan before you grocery shop.

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    Keep your shopping list on a clipboard.

    Kitchen from Something's Gotta Give. Photo / Architectural Digest

    Keep a clipboard and pen attached to the fridge to jot down things you need as you are working in the kitchen: decluttering, tidying, and doing the dishes, cooking. This helps everyone in your household know exactly where the list is at all times, which means no one will tell you in passing "I need this."

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    Establish a user manual file box.

    Modern Pink Kitchen
    Modern Pink Kitchen. Photo / Pinterest

    No need to organize any further than throwing all user manuals for kitchen appliances into the same box. Think about it: do you really need to establish a file for each appliance? No, you don’t! So just toss them all into the same box and forget about them until you need them to fix something, order a new part or use your warranty.

    This way you only have to know where one box is and not 15-20 different user manuals. I keep this in my Household File.

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    Mesh pantry drawers

    Cabinet-sized elfa mesh pantry drawers
    Cabinet-sized elfa mesh pantry drawers. Photo / The Container Store

      The cabinet-sized elfa mesh pantry drawers are a very versatile kitchen storage option. 

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    Store pans, baking sheets and cutting boards on their sides.

    Pan Dividers
    Pan Dividers. Photo /The Container Store

    This one is such a no-brainer: use these dividers from The Container Store to both save space and make everything easier to reach in your kitchen cabinets:

    • Large 4-Sort Divider 10-3/4" x 10-1/4" x 7-1/2" h
    • Medium 4-Sort Divider 8-1/2" x 10-1/4" x 5-3/4" h
    • Small 4-Sort Divider 6-1/2" x 10-1/4" x 3-1/4" h
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    elfa's kitchen board solution

    Elfa board kitchen solutions
    Photo / The Container Store

    If you need some vertical kitchen tool storage and organization, Elfa board kitchen solution.

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    Utilize every nook and cranny.

    Wine Enthusiast Stemware Rack
    Wine Enthusiast Stemware Rack. Photo / Wine Enthusiast

    You are probably giving up 8-10 inches of storage space under your cabinets. Keep the space between the bottom of your cabinet and your counter tops clear in your work areas (the spaces you use to chop, knead and mix) but utilize the other areas for things like an under-cabinet clock radio, mugs on command hooks or this under cabinet stemware rack.

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    Move rarely-used appliances into storage.

    Kitchen Cabinets by Julian Wass
    Kitchen Cabinets by Julian Wass. Photo / Julian Wass

    When I say "storage" I don't' mean a storage unit outside of your home, I mean a space like the basement or attic so your items can be quickly located, cleaned and set up for the task at hand. (See #1 on this list: Establishing a kitchen stuff storage space in your home".)

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    Use a Lazy Suzan to store spices, jars, oils and vinegars.

    Black and White Kitchen
    Black and White Kitchen. Photo / Delikatissen

    Lazy Susans makes everything easier to reach, and, added-bonus, they are easier to clean than your wood cabinets.

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    Store seasonal and specialty items in your kitchen storage space.

    KB Home Kitchen
    Photo / KB Home

    Move large serving platters, special-occasion china, and dinnerware that you only use once or twice a year into your kitchen storage space. This way they can be easily retrieved when you need them for Thanksgiving or another holiday party.

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    Store small things together.

    Magnetic Clear Top Can from Stacks and Stacks
    Magnetic Clear Top Canfrom Stacks and Stacks. Magnetic Clear Top Canfrom Stacks and Stacks.

    Twist ties, rubber bands, paper clips, bag clips, batteries for tiny kitchen appliances: these should be stored together either in drawer dividers in your junk drawer, or, try these Magnetic Clear Top Canfrom Stacks and Stacks. I have these on the fridge to hold the above-mentioned items and other "smalls."

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    Sleek elfa Platinum kitchen shelving

    Platinum kitchen shelving from elfa
    Photo / The Container Store

    This is my favorite look: Platinum kitchen shelving from elfa just looks sleek and organized no matter what you put on it (half eaten bags of pretzels, perhaps?)

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    Shelve your cookbooks.

    Kitchen Organization
    Kitchen Organization. Photo / The Organizer Gals

    Establish a shelf for your cookbooks, and buy hardcover, which are easier to prop open while cooking.

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    All-purpose kitchen cubby storage unit.

    Kitchen Cubby Storage
    Kitchen Cubby Storage. Photo / The Examiner

    Use this cubby from Closetmaid to store awkward appliances, vases and kitchen towels. This is a great helper if you lack cabinet space and either rent, or own and don't want to pay for a pricey kitchen re-design.

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    Buy same-sized and same-colored dish ware.

    If you have open shelving, or glass door on your kitchen cabinet, you need to keep glasses, bowls and dishes very, very neat. The best way to do this si to purchase glass and china that:

    • Nest together in neat stacks.
    • Are the same color or in the same color palette so that they match.
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    Aspirational Baker's Pantry

    The best kitchen storage solutions from elfa
    The baker's pantry from elfa. Photo / The Container Store

      This aspirational baker's pantry pretty much tops my list (although, I have nowhere near this much space in my house!)

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    Install a kitchen pinboard to hang recipes, shopping lists, coupons and more.

    yellow kitchen cabinets
    Yellow Kitchen Cabinets. Photo / Solarnovo

    I like this cork board from The Container Store, because the size and scale (15-1/2" x 3/8" x 17-3/4" h) is large enough to hold a week’s worth of recipes, shopping list and coupons, but small enough that you won’t be tempted to use it to hoard clutter.

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    Use fruit in cooking and as decor.

    Lemon Recipes
    Lemon Recipes. Photo / Stuart Ovenden

    Nothing brighten ups a stuffy kitchen more than something that's alive. Instead of buying flowers to brighten your kitchen, store lemons and limes in vases. Not only are they eye-catching, and budget-friendly, lemons and limes can liven up most dishes.

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    Declutter the kitchen twice a week.

    Store Cleaning Supplies Under the Sink
    Store Cleaning Supplies Under the Sink. Photo / A Thousand Words

    Use the Weekly Organizing Routine to do a clutter sweep of your kitchen twice a week. This way when you need to do a re-org, you can start with a clutter-free kitchen.

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    Ventilated pantry

    How to be organized in a small kitchen
    White Elfa Ventilated Pantry. Photo / The Container Store

     This ventilated pantry would look great in a kitchen of any size or color, and offer more storage space for baking supplies, serving pieces and bulk items like paper towels. 

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    Do a menu plan each week.

    Recipe Journal from Rag & Bone
    Recipe Journal from Rag & Bone. Recipe Journal from Rag & Bone

    Once you begin repeating this habit, you won’t have to create a new plan each week, you can just adjust and edit every few days adding in new recipes, editing your grocery list and organizing coupons at the same time,

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    Install simple utility shelves.

    These shelves in jumbo and small from The Container Store are great for corralling items like cookbooks, potholders, vases and jars. They are simple enough to fade into the background and attractive enough to display things without looking like your college dorm room.

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    Every six months, organize your cabinets and pantry.

    August 2012
    Photo by Little Brown Pen from their Paris Calendar available at Etsy. Photo / Little Brown Pen

    By following the Month-by-Month Home Organization Routine, you will organize your kitchen in February, July and November. Or, you could do your own plan based on your schedule and lifestyle, but make sure you organize these ares at least every six months to give the spaces a good cleaning and decluttering

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    Hang pots and kitchen tools.

    Hanging Pots and Pans from
    Hanging Pots and Pans from Photo from

    A pot rack not only frees up drawer space, it makes pots and pans easier to retrieve on the fly. If you don't have the space for an entire pot rack, try hooks hanging from a grid system (see #14 below.)

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    Utilize stacking shelves.

    White Cabinet Stacking Shelf from Stacks and Stacks
    White Cabinet Stacking Shelf from Stacks and Stacks. White Cabinet Stacking Shelf from Stacks and Stacks

    I always thought these were a waste until I started using them in my own kitchen. They make things easier to reach and give your cabinets a more streamlined look. Try this simple white stacking shelf from Stacks & Stacks.

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    Storage "butler's" pantry setup

    Small Kitchen Storage Ideas
    Birch and White Elfa Kitchen Pantry. Photo / The Container Store

     The butler's pantry pretty much makes the ultimate kitchen storage space for linens, serving pieces and glassware.